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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 813 Contracting for Work in a Quarter (Part 2) Read Novel

Chapter 813 Contracting for Work in a Quarter (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 813 Contracting for Work in a Quarter (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

The rules of the alliance of hunters all magicians perfectly understood. Among all the wizards of the whole world there was probably not one who would never come to the league of hunters to take an order, after all, magic requires money. Whether it was hunting for monsters, escorting, rescuing, collecting anything, patrol magicians all over the world take on completely different tasks.

The orders in the Tokai fortress were extremely severe. The structure of the fortress very much resembled the process of farming. At the top of all was the landowner who hired people to cultivate and protect the land. After a successful harvest, the landowner paid a kind of salary to the peasants. It was about the same. One person hired a group or several groups of magicians who were supposed to protect the fortress at high tide. And after the sorcerers deal with numerous monsters, he reaped the benefits by selling the obtained values.

However, the fact that mages cannot be assigned animal remains does not mean that wages at this job are low. The mere look of an angry look Lai Henbao clearly hinted that the magicians were paid a lot of money.


After the explanations were over, Lai Henbao went about his business. Before leaving, he recalled that the day after tomorrow there will be a rush, and the magicians should have a good preparation of themselves and their artifacts.

And these Japanese are well settled. They built a fortress, put the right people in their posts, and they, in turn, give part of the proceeds from the sale of the remains of monsters to the state. I’m not talking about the fact that most of the time, many magical resources are immediately sold cheaply to the same state. And every magician who comes here to work part-time will instantly replenish the state’s wallet, Zhao Man Yan had a scent for such things. After all, his family knew about politics as well as business.

After hearing Zhao Man Yan’s dictum, the rest of the team nodded.

The guards did not spare their lives fighting monsters, eager for battle, for their own benefit. The Japanese government, however, is standing behind them and only does what it directs the process, but counts the revenue.

This does not concern us much. We were assigned to the twentieth quarter, which is extremely close to the nineteenth, in which today there was an invasion of monsters. Guess who owns this quarter? said Nan Jue.

And who is this? Ai Jiang Tu asked.

Yes, you take a look yourself. Nan Jue said, turning her computer screen to others.

On the computer was a photograph of a fat man with curly hair. Only his appearance was reminiscent of those magicians who managed to develop in their youth, acquire connections, and after that ceased to get involved in magic.

Usually such people achieve good success in magic while they are young. And after that they start selling artifacts for other sorcerers or take other magicians under their leadership. While young, they become hunters, carry out orders, and as soon as they become thirty years old, they cease to get involved in magic. The grease that appeared is clear evidence that their magical powers have long been rusted.

Do we know this person? Jiang asked with a lack of understanding in his voice.

We don’t know him, but do you think that red-haired man was a little like him? asked Nan Jue.

Jiang Shaoxuy looked at the monitor and hastily asked: Isn’t this the guy who saved Mu Ning Xue and tried to court her? It seems that he is the son of the owner of the twentieth quarter

Wow! Well, let’s send Mu Ning Xue to him and let her persuade him to ask his father to immediately assign us four stars, we will immediately complete the task, Jiang Yu said slightly enthusiastically.

Some cold looks instantly pierced the guy through and through.

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Jiang Yu’s enthusiasm immediately disappeared and he hastily turned to everyone else: Yes, I joked Do not take it seriously. By the way, the state of Mu Ning Xue after using that arrow leaves much to be desired. I don’t know if she will be able to take part in the defense the day after tomorrow.

Even if she can participate, what good will it be? Not to mention that she can die, and even die, fighting for resources that she will not get. It is possible that she will not want to get up, let alone take part in the battle, said Mu Tinyin right away.



Morning came, and the orange sun immediately illuminated the gray-white buildings with light. However, even these rays could not embellish the dull colors of the fortress

When the Japanese built this fortress, they did not think that it should be beautiful. Even though there is a beautiful sea near the fortress, this does not mean that slaughter cannot begin here. In addition, a strict, official, gray color helps to always be on the alert.

Through the unglazed window opening, through the black curtain, a little light came out. The rays of the sun fell on a charming, pale female face and silvery hair.


The sun woke Mu Ning Xue. As soon as she opened her eyes, the sun’s rays hit her in the eye, which is why the girl involuntarily covered her face with her palm.

At that moment she noticed that her hand was covered with ice. The cold immediately spread to the girl’s cheeks.

She immediately hid her hand under the covers. It is unclear whether she was frightened of her hand or if she wanted to warm her in this way, but immediately after that the ice covered the bed on which she was sitting.

Can I not wake up one day?, Mu Ning Xue asked herself, got out of bed and cringed from the cold.

At what point did she fall asleep? It was not like a dream, but rather an immersion in a half-frozen hole. How many blankets she didn’t take, no matter how much she warmed herself near the fire, her body still remained cold. It seemed that not only her skin, but also the blood in her body froze

Those who did not know about this would consider such a body temperature as a special magical gift, but Mu Ning Xue knew the truth.

The girl washed and brushed her teeth. None of the crew had woken up yet, so the girl decided to go to the sea.


The waves beat against the small walls of the fortress, raising the spray to a height of ten meters.

The Japanese military walked along the small wall of the Tokai fortress. They were dressed in tight clothes that protected well from the wind.

Mu Ning Xue found a secluded place and decided to stay in silence.

However, it’s difficult for a girl of such beauty to be completely alone because after some time there is always a daredevil who wants to talk.

Now such an event has just happened. Mu Ning Xue noticed that this guy was a little shy, worried when he spoke. However, he tried his best to look confident.

He looked like a guy who, for the first time, had the courage to speak with a girl. Although this was not easy for him, this does not mean that such an act can be considered a feat.

The fact that most people do not like loneliness does not mean that they would prefer to have a dialogue with such a person.

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