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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 814 The Curse of a Drowned Man in Tokaj Fortress Read Novel

Chapter 814 The Curse of a Drowned Man in Tokaj Fortress VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 814 The Curse of a Drowned Man in Tokaj Fortress VERSATILE MAGE

Mu Ning Xue never considered herself a beauty. It always seemed to her that such brainless behavior on the part of persons of the opposite sex was explained only by slightly distinguished hair and skin color.

In fact, she does not stand out in anything, and indeed, all these guys are somehow sick.

You are also a magician? a shy young man of about twenty asked quietly.

The man was dressed in a simple shirt, looked beautiful, neat, and a spark burned in his eyes. However, calling him sugary would not have turned his tongue.

Yes, Mu Ning Xue replied shortly.

Why did you come here so early? Did something happen to you? My my name is Jian Yesan. You’re here to practice, right? I myself am from Waseda University, Jian Yesan sat next to the girl, but not too close, did not want to disturb her.

Mu Ning Xue didn’t answer, she knew that she didn’t suppose to just say her name or give out any information that she is a member of the national team. Jian Yesan was smart, he immediately realized that the girl did not want to say anything about herself, so he immediately changed the subject.

He behaved a little unnaturally, looked at the waves beating against the walls of the fortress, after which he decided that the weather was a good topic and said: Waves here a so large, it means there will be a dangerous tide. I don’t know if the owners of the neighborhoods are well prepared for the battle with monsters

How are waves and monsters connected?, Asked Mu Ning Xue.

Jian Yesan’s eyes lit up, finally found the right topic for conversation. He tried to calm down and said: Most of the monsters live underwater, at least those that can attack the fortress. And as the water level rises, it becomes easier for monsters to attack the fortress. The higher the water level, the more monsters there will be.

When Lai Henbao talked about the features of these places, Mu Ning Xue already went to the room to go to bed. That is why she knew a little about this fortress.

So the next tide will be strong? Asked Mu Ning Xue, looking at the waves.

Yes. Many people think that the sea is mysterious and incomprehensible, but in fact even it has its own peculiarities and patterns. If you watch carefully, you can find out a lot of useful things Especially for sea monsters. All of them are subject to the characteristics of the sea. To study the sea means to study the monsters living in it, the man spoke very confidently, it was immediately clear that this topic was familiar to him.

Mu Ning Xue only nodded in response.

Only Jian Yesan felt that he had found an interesting topic for conversation, as some noise was heard nearby.

The soldiers began to scream, some of them started to run away.

Mu Ning Xue went to the sound, and almost immediately saw how a short girl, ignoring all warnings, rushed from the wall.

Water, water, water!

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The girl flew down, right into the water.

Save her! Save the man! Jiang called to the nearest soldiers as soon as he saw this scene.

Mu Ning Xue was very puzzled by this act. Right under the walls of the fortress was stranded, it seems like there are no monsters visible. Could it not be so dangerous there?

Jian Yesan immediately ran to save the girl.

Mu Ning Xue saw how many military men immediately ran to help. Doubt crept into her heart.

She used the path of the wind and instantly found herself next to Jian Yesan.

The man saw silver hair rush past him. Jian Yesan was dumbfounded, only after a moment he said: Do not let her get into the water, otherwise she will die!

Mu Ning Xue, having seen that the man is not joking, flew up to the girl.

What she saw was horrible, the girl immediately realized that she should not go into the water

There was no life in that girl!

For another quarter of an hour she was alive and full of strength, but now she was already dead. There was not a drop of blood on her body, but her skin was a purple hue.

The girl’s body very quickly began to stiffen. Usually this happens two hours after death, but it was obvious here: the girl was already numb.

By this time several soldiers arrived in time. One of them turned the girl’s body over, opened her eyes, and then opened her mouth. Blue blood vessels were visible all over the girl’s face. She looked like a drowned woman, one who had been in the water for some time.

Alas! It’s all the same, the soldier breathed in, who examined the girl.

It’s all my fault. I could not stop her. I thought that she was just walking along the wall, one of the soldiers said condemningly.

Meanwhile, Jian Yesan arrived at the scene of the tragedy. As soon as he saw the girl, anger and regret immediately appeared on his face.

He went to the corpse, sat down, then put on gloves and began to unbutton her clothes.

What are you what are you doing?

You moron, why are you dishonoring her and yourself? The fact that she died does not allow you, one of the soldiers cried out angrily.

Jian Yesan raised his head. There was no trace of his feeling of regret. He looked determined.

I knew her. By all means I’ll find out the reason for this strange epidemic! said Jian Yesan.

That soldier decided that it was inhumane anyway, and therefore wanted to stop Jian Yesan. However, as he moved forward, an older man standing next to him blocked his path.

He looked at the soldier and said sternly: Let him continue, there have been so many cases, but we still haven’t we know the reason.

Mu Ning Xue saw how Jian Yesan starts the autopsy and turned away right away.

Why don’t say it, but it’s hard to look at it.

What happened? Mu Ning Xue asked the senior soldier.

This is the curse of the drowned man. This is constantly happening in Tokai fortress. Once in a while, one appears who wants to jump into the sea, and after that instantly dies. The strangest thing is that the symptoms of a man who drowned many hours ago immediately appear on the corpse, the young soldier explained.

An older soldier looked at him and added: Now this is called an epidemic, but what is it about in fact, the devil knows him Since there are many times fewer deaths from this epidemic than from the claws of sea monsters, no one is investigating this.

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