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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 815 there was no reason Read Novel

Chapter 815 there was no reason VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 815 there was no reason VERSATILE MAGE


Curse of the drowned man?, asked Nan Rongni Mu Ning Xue. She had a frightened face.

Based on what Mu Ning Xue had just said, similar cases have already occurred for some time. And there were many cases. However, since any death in Tokai fortress could be explained by monsters, no one undertook this complicated business. The hardest part was that the curse had no symptoms. Moreover, the body of the deceased also could not point to any clue. That is why no one has yet found an explanation for this curse.

It sounds ominous, said Jiang Shaoxuy.

That guy also told me that they already did a physical examination of a group of people, and that girl was among this group. They did not find anything, nothing at all unusual. And after that, the curse of the drowned man was wrong with her The most ominous thing was that there was no reason, it just happened, said Mu Ning Xue.

Well, even this the epidemic is both very scary and deadly, but then there must be reasons! Is there really no clue? said Nan Rongni.

Mu Ning Xue shook her head. She already asked many people, tried to find as much information as possible, but the result is the same: people die for no reason and without symptoms.

It’s strange, aren’t the Japanese really afraid? If something like this happened for us, the people would be immediately scared, said Jiang Shaoxuy.

This is Tokai fortress, here someone is constantly dying from the clutches of monsters. Moreover, not so many people die from the curse of the drowned man

They are people anyway, their deaths should not be neglected just because they are few! Moreover, if this is really an epidemic, then it is very dangerous. Have you heard of the Hangzhou epidemic? They, too, at first thought that it wasn’t so important, and then a lot of people began to die! Jiang Yu said.

But wasn’t the epidemic in Hangzhou almost immediately stopped? It seems like some young man named Wang Xiao Jun was able to quickly find the antidote, said Zhou Xu.

Do you think that everything is really that simple? There was also an uprising about which they could find out. I had to give the order for destruction. Many precious heavenly eagles perished, Jiang objected.

What, was that? Everyone listened attentively, it seems that such details were not advertised in the news.

Much has not been said in the news. Do you know that behind this epidemic there was someone on top who created the fake blood product? said Jiang Yu.

Fuck, what is the truth?

A fake blood product, how can this be faked?

The epidemic is much worse than the curse. A curse usually kills one person, while an epidemic knocks down entire families. It seems to me that the Japanese government needs to take up this matter as soon as possible, otherwise it may be too late, Jiang Yu said coldly, seeing that everyone was amazed.

Mu Ning Xue nodded in a sign consent. She saw with her own eyes how a young, full of energy girl in a couple of seconds turned into such. The worst thing was that she jumped herself. These crazy events made my heart beat in fear.

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This business does not concern us. No matter how much we talk about it, the sense is still zero. If the Japanese government is not worried about this, then we should not, said Guan Yu.

There are so many inexplicable diseases in this world. Who knows, maybe after fighting with monsters they took some sedative pills, after which they jumped into the water, Li Kaifeng also did not take this matter seriously.

Let’s concentrate at tomorrow. Today was a big ebb, which means that tomorrow there will be a big tide. Everyone should take their magical artifacts to stores, they need to be charged with magical energy. Remember to stock up emergency medicine. Definitely need to have a complete assortment of antidotes. The venom here is terribly strong, you shouldn’t carelessly approach the matter, Nan Jue addressed everyone.

Mo Fan is not going to come back? asked Jiang Yu Mu Ning Xue.

The girl did not answer. Is this guy coming back or not, how is this connected with her?



In the north of Tokyo, a mountain of seven wings.

A mountain of seven wings is a picturesque place in a suburb of Tokyo. There is also a wonderful monastery, a river convenient for campsite. Many beautiful, fiery red maples grow around.

Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun descended from the top of the mountain. There were tents all along the river, many families got into these places to rest. The atmosphere was very warm and comfortable.

Nowadays, many people like to get out on the weekend. Run away from the noisy city, enjoy the fresh air and delicious food

Let’s take this thing yourself, otherwise it’s just a waste of time for me

Even the most beautiful the species could not contain the dissatisfaction of Mo Fan.

They came to such a distance, only to find out that this old friend of Wanyue Mingjian had found eternal peace three days ago.

At this stage of the journey, Mo Fan already doubted that Wanyue Mingjian was his friend. Well, who would send him far away to take the pearl?

The teacher lived as a hermit. He did not use modern equipment. If we had not come here in person, we would not have known for six months that he had gone to the other world, said Wanyue Qianxun. She respected this old man.

However, Mo Fan was impatient.

Who will now give him souls as a reward? He needs to raise the level of his agile wolf! This old friend of Wanyue Mingjian could not wait a couple of days? This pearl needs to be sorted out.

You take it away, go down the mountain, I will call the teacher, Wanyue Qianxun was afraid of this pearl and didn’t want to hold it under any pretext.

They were slowly descending from the mountain, and Mo Fan was perplexed: is it really that Japanese communication catches so badly?

E * your mother! Something happened to my girlfriend!, Mo Fan picked up his phone and read a message from Zhao Man Yan.

Which of them is your girlfriend?

With silver hair. Take this little thing, I urgently need to Tokai fortress! said Mo Fan and immediately called for the agile wolf.

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