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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 819 Rare Night Rakshasa Read Novel

Chapter 819 Rare Night Rakshasa VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 819 Rare Night Rakshasa VERSATILE MAGE

Who will help me? It is not so easy to deal with this handsome man, came the voice of Guan Yu, who knew that he was in a difficult situation.

Feyfei, up! pointed finger Jiang Yu. It was not clear to whom he was saying this.

Guan Yu came down and noticed that the whitish crying monster was already rushing after him, turning into a pale tip.

As soon as the monster began to gain height, a silhouette flew from behind Jiang Yu.

This creature had four limbs, and it flew as smoothly and gracefully as a night owl, and also silently.

The speed of this animal was like that of an arrow after a moment it was already at the edge of the roof and rushed towards the whitish monster!

* Mayayayayau

The voice of this creature is like l on feline, only he was more atrocious!

In the air sparkled claws sharp as blades, which reached half the length of the paws

* Whistle

A feline creature attacked a whitish crying monster from the air. The monster himself was only aimed at destroying Guan Yu, so he paid no attention to the fact that another creature was flying at him. The moment he reacted, a wound had already opened on his body, which was now oozing blood.

The wound consisted of crossed cuts that looked like a cross. After this attack, the creature paws with all its strength hit the body of the monster.

Despite the small dimensions of this beast, he had what he needed: from hitting the whitish monster with his limbs he was first thrown to the wall, and then into the water!

Guan Yu landed. His face pale with fear looked at the attacked monster.

A small black creature swirled in the air, then sank to the edge of the roof and put its bloodied claws next to its fluffy little body.

These claws were so sharp and perfectly smooth that after a few moments all the blood finally rolled off, and they again began to pour with a metallic luster.

* Mayayayayau

Small the creature made a sound and stood on its hind legs now it clearly looked like a cat standing on its paws. The body of the beast was completely covered with black fur, only his mustache was white, and his eyes sparkled with a cooling soul light!

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If this animal wouldn’t attack the whitish crying monster at all, then everyone present would take him just for home pet.

Feifei, to me, said Jiang Yu, carefully looking at his contract beast. He had already begun to be embarrassed, so he hurried to call him back.

E * at! Jiang Yu, and you, it turns out, are also a magician of call! How did you not introduce your pet to us from the very beginning, he’s so cute! And why didn’t you buy a pair of boots for him, there would be a spilled cat in boots! Haha, this is a beast! Cried Zhao Man Yan.

Really so cute, I really want to cuddle him, added Jiang Shaoxuy.

Haha, you better not just touch my little beast! This animal does not like it when it begins to be pawed. Even I can’t just pat him on the head, Jiang Yu warned everyone.

What kind of beast is this? Why did he grow so cute? Yes, and his fighting ability is powerful. That whitish crying monster belongs to the animals of the pack leader level, and your little animal just shredded it! Guan Yu said in surprise.

This is nocturnal rakshas * (from Sanskrit translates as demon devouring people), the unsociable beast that lives in dense forests. I myself accidentally happened to conclude a contract with this beast. You don’t look at his appearance his character is clearly not so cute, he’s completely crazy in battles Jiang Yu explained.

Night rakshas a very rare and valuable beast. So, like Mo Fan, you had to sign a contract with a rare beast, concluded Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan??? Does he also have a contract beast? surprised Jiang Shaoxuy.

Um I shook it, said Zhao Man Yan. Only now he remembered that no one in the team knew about the existence of a Little Flame Belle, except Nan Jue.

By the way, the Little Flame Belle was very capricious, so Mo Fan did not call her, because she could incinerate all the district with its flame. She was in the contract space, not seeing people from the very moment Mo Fan arrived in Japan.

Stop talking! Enough sea monsters! said Ai Jiang Tu.

Sea water continued to arrive.

Some time after the whitish crying monster disappeared into the sea water, animals began to appear in the lower part with fan-shaped dorsal fins. Their bodies were green, their skin was rough, and their lower parts were like whitish crying monsters they were like frogs, this gave them a huge advantage in the water they could swim freely, and on land they could stand on their feet!

They rolled forward like gears, giving forth their sharp fangs that could easily grind even bones!

They don’t have scales, so it should be easier to kill them! said Nan Jue.

Sea monsters were also at different levels. So, servant-level monsters had scales, which was their only defense, they didn’t have brains to attack deliberately.

The body of a monster of a pack leader level is already formed more complicated: as a rule, the whole body is covered with abscesses, and the body itself is a kind of weapon that is doubly dangerous in close combat.

Monsters of the commander-in-chief level already have shells, and their bodies are as if cast from metal even mid-level mages should In this case, try hard!

By the constitution of the bodies of these monsters it was possible to judge that they belonged to the level of the leader of the pack.

Confronting the monsters of the level of the leader of the pack did not seem to be something difficult for magicians only one thing depressed them: before they had time to rest, the whole street was already awash with a new portion of animals. Since they had fan-shaped dorsal fins on their backs, they looked like prickly sea urchins.

Their whole team was responsible for guarding this street, and as attacks from sea monsters became more frequent, faces the members of the team also became more and more serious.

So far, only Nan Rongni, the magician of the healing element, has suffered from the whole team, and since the monsters are very poisonous, the slightest wrong move and death is inevitable. Who would have thought that such an internship would be waiting for them. The incident with Nan Rongni once again reminded them that they should be extremely careful.

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