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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 820 Music of Death: Bow Read Novel

Chapter 820 Music of Death: Bow VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 820 Music of Death: Bow VERSATILE MAGE


Toothy green monsters were remarkable for amazing jumping ability. As soon as they got out of the water, they immediately filled the balconies on the buildings. These balconies were originally built so that mages could take short breaks during the battle. However, now the balconies were completely occupied by monsters. Their gray eyes were filled with the urge to kill!

Keep in order! Nan Jue called out loudly as she watched the monsters come out of the water.

The members of the team right there dispersed over several neighboring roofs. The distance was not too great, but there was plenty of room for battle.

The street was five hundred meters long. The distance between the buildings was different, but most often did not exceed ten meters. The streets were allocated some forty meters. All of this was flooded with water. The water level was no less than eight meters.

Toothy green monsters were amphibians, so they could easily climb onto the roofs of houses and start killing magicians.

Toothy green monsters. Very strong in close combat. Not poisonous, but you should beware of spikes on the head, they have a paralyzing effect. Once they pierce a person at least once and the body will no longer move, Jiang Yu quickly gave out all the information about these creatures.

There are no obvious weaknesses?, asked Ai Jiang Tu inspecting monsters.


Are they able to do magic?

They can walk on water, spit water, no unusual magic, replied Jiang Yu.

Nan Jue closed her eyes and listened.

After three seconds, she opened her eyes and told Ai Jiang Tu: Those who climbed to the surface, thirty-seven, can’t count the number of monsters under water.

Stay here, guard Nan Rongni. Keep listening and don’t let the whitish crying monsters appear here. Report everything immediately. I give you the right to command, said Ai Jiang Tu to Nan Jue.

The girl nodded.

So you are the magician of the element of sound, Zhao Man Yan suddenly realized and said to Nan Jue.

Among the elements of the magic of change, sound is the rarest. Most people do not know much about this element. However, Zhao Man Yan was smart, he knew some features of the element of sound.

Each magician has a magical perception. This is the ability to feel all unusual things a few tens of meters around. The higher the level of the magician, the better his perception.

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Only compared to the magicians of the sound element, the other magicians have no magical perception at all.

All actions, what any creatures do, make sounds. If a mage with this element listens carefully, he will immediately be able to notice anyone and anything.

Even magicians of the shadow element cannot hide from the element of sound. If Nan Rongni didn’t fall into the trap of a whitish crying monster herself, then Nan Jue would never have allowed the latter to deliver a sudden blow to the team!

From you for six hours, Nan Jue began to comment on the words of Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan did not understand anything, but still looked in that direction. A toothy green monster just climbed onto the roof immediately appeared in this place.

The guy showed the girl a thumbs up and immediately accumulated the magical energy of the light element in his hand. After which he released this energy directly into the monster.

A bunch of light collided with the monster, after which it issued a hoarse cry.

In most cases, this magic is enough to scare off monsters. After a few seconds, the beast calmed down and jumped toward Zhao Man Yan. The animal landed less than ten meters from the guy. Only now could one see that the light burned out the eyes of this monster.

They are sea monsters! Their eyes are so hard to see. Your blinding them practically doesn’t work!, Nan Jue Zhao Man Yan hastened to remind.

Zhao Man Yan was discouraged right away.

His main element was light, and secondary water. Of the offensive spells, he has only blinding. And even if it doesn’t work, then consider everything, it’s suxx.

Of course, there is a storm wave spell in the magic of a medium-level water element, however, it is completely pointless to use it on sea monsters: many of them can ward it back. It’s like doing self-killing.

Nan Jue was shocked by what this Zhao Man Yan was doing. Has he really decided that blinding is an attacking magic?

Get out! Nan Jue said loudly. She realized that she did not have to count on this guy.

Zhao Man Yan decided not to argue and just stepped back.

Music of death: bow!

The girl opened her mouth and issued a note. After which the note, like an arrow fired from a bow, quickly flew into a toothy green monster.

The monster did not have time to do anything, a sound wave immediately overtook him.

The strength of this spell was crazy! The body of the monster was thrown to a neighboring building. The sound of broken bones was clearly heard.

It was also striking that after using the spell, a trace of twenty meters remained on the neighboring building!

Fucking! exclaimed Zhao Man Yan. He first saw the magic of the element of sound.

Protect me and Nan Rongni Nan Jue did not have time to laugh it off in the direction of Zhao Man Yan. She heard how many monsters were heading here.

As long as I’m here, these sea monsters will not hurt you! Zhao Man Yan said with confidence.

As for the defense, no one in the team could defend better than Zhao Man Yan did.

Nan Rongni was not so optimistic. Her face was still writhing in pain. It seems that this was also one of the properties of the white-skinned crying monster. He not only hurt, but also prevented healing with magic.

Can we send you to a safe place? Asked Nan Jue, seeing that Nan Rongni was no better.

Don’t it’s not worthwhile, sea monsters are now everywhere so if you send me to a safe place, we will separate everything is fine, I’ll just rest a bit, Nan Rongni was weakened, but not in spirit.

Nan Jue did not force her, in the end, in such a difficult battle, her help may be needed.

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