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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 821 Wind Trap Read Novel

Chapter 821 Wind Trap VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 821 Wind Trap VERSATILE MAGE

Music of death: an explosion!

Nan Jue did not need to turn the body to know: there was a monster behind her.

This toothy green monster was already in the air and brought his paws to attack!

Nan Jue issued a note, after which the note was imprinted on the monster’s chest. A moment later, the note exploded with amazing power. A bloody hole has formed in the massive chest of the toothy green monster!

Such amazingly powerful magic almost instantly killed the monster!

After the note exploded, in all directions hit the sound wave! The next monster climbing the building was immediately affected by the spell!

Such sound waves very badly damage the internal organs of creatures. If the creature is not lucky enough to evade the wave, the body will immediately be dealt a serious blow.

Mu Ning Xue, monsters have appeared around you! Exclaimed Nan Jue.

Mu Ning Xue was on the opposite side of the street, it looked like monsters surrounded her.

The building was covered with hoarfrost. Mu Ning Xue did not have to spend a lot of time forming an entry-level spell, so the whole building was instantly covered with ice. In addition, the girl’s freezing power was higher than that of an ordinary magician of the ice element!

After a moment, the ice began to form ice chains!

Grinding the bones!

Mu Ning Xue did not wait for the monsters to attack first and used the spell.

One of the animals did not yet have time to see the girl, and chains were already flying around him.

The monster had the reaction, what he needed, he was immediately able to jump to another place. However, this creature did not realize that Mu Ning Xue’s chains were free to change their flight path. After a couple of moments, the spell overtook a toothy green monster.

The chains quickly forged the beast and began to shrink!

The forces of the chains were enough to kill even such a strong creature as a toothy green monster.

The body of the monster quickly froze, which made it very weak. After such chains, it will not be difficult to kill a monster!

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Mu Ning Xue calmly watched the spell take the monster’s life

The chains began to weaken, and now it was possible better see a numb corpse of a monster. Other animals that climbed onto the roof saw this scene and froze in horror.

They thought they could kill the mage girl who had separated from the group. Which of them could have suggested that this seemingly fragile girl would immediately kill their commander!

There was a shrill, angry howl of one of the creatures, which frightened the rest of the monsters. This beast’s body was five meters, no less, it would seem that it would be their leader.

This monster decided to attack Mu Ning Xue first. In one jump he overcame the entire distance between himself and the girl. Serrated paws have already swung at the girl.

Mu Ning Xue used a wind element and avoided the monster’s attack.

The beast was not much slower than the girl, so he immediately reacted and lowered his paws to the ground

Mu Ning Xue noticed that this monster wants to attack again and made her way to the wind to the right.

The crouched, toothy green monster gathered enough strength to attack, and then bowed his head and jumped. The monster was about to hit the girl with fan-shaped spikes.

Mu Ning Xue immediately remembered Jiang Yu’s words about this beast. Its fan-shaped spikes on the head have a paralyzing effect. If he injures a person, he will not be able to move.

The monster flew very quickly towards the girl, if she had not created the wind path before, then she would definitely not have been able to dodge.

In such a deadly battle, being paralyzed even for a couple of seconds will mean death. Moreover, if you recall how sharp the limbs of these toothy green monsters are.


Mu Ning Xue evaded the attack of the beast, and then immediately decided counterattack! Ice powder formed in the girl’s hand, which she immediately threw at the monster. As soon as this powder hit the body of a toothy green monster, each granule began to increase in size and form dense ice!

The animal managed to react and jumped to the side, but several granules nevertheless fell on the lower extremities of the beast.

Frog-like limbs began to freeze. After a couple of seconds, they were already frozen to the ground and the animal lost any ability to move. The monster croaked loudly, ordering the rest of the toothy green monsters to attack this sorceress!

The other four animals were just waiting for the command to attack. Two more monsters jumped from above, one after the other. Two more monsters decided to attack from two flanks. They all wanted to tear Mu Ning Xue to shreds!


Mu Ning Xue did not shy away, on the contrary, she remained in her original place.

Four toothy green monsters attacked simultaneously, cutting off the escape routes. However, this did not mean that the girl would not be able to use her minor element.

In fact, while Mu Ning Xue evaded the attacks of that leader, she was able to prepare a wind trap.

A wind trap is a special trap based on the wind disc: celestial net spell. The essence of the trap is that the magician squeezes the force of the wind under his feet, and does not allow it to free itself ahead of time. As soon as the magician stops compressing the wind, he is freed and forms a tornado. Such a wind barrier not only prevents anyone from reaching the mage, but also discards anyone who tries to attack!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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