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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 822 Highly Toxic Poison Acted Read Novel

Chapter 822 Highly Toxic Poison Acted VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 822 Highly Toxic Poison Acted VERSATILE MAGE

Mu Ning Xue didn’t invent this wind trap at all, she just saw that Gang Bensong used it in the western guard tower to confront Guan Yu.

Guan Yu was defeated, but this allowed Mu Ning Xue suddenly come up with a good plan of events.

The wind trap is a very useful magic to the wind element. Mu Ning Xue carefully studied how Gang Bensong used this magic, and she realized that the magician first used the wind disk heavenly nets, then applied suppression in the air. Therefore, after magic combined with the high speed of the body, and then the force of the wind reached a critical point, celestial networks immediately got out of control. Near him, the magician creates an even stronger wind barrier, so the monsters near him are carried away by the force of this wind stream.

Toothy green monsters were sea monsters. They felt the wave very well, but they had no perception of air currents and atmospheric pressure. These monsters thought that if they surrounded the magician girl, they would immediately tear her to pieces. But who knew that Mu Ning Xue’s wind trap would be activated? They surrounded Mu Ning Xue.

The paralyzing effect was immediately apparent, the faces of two toothy green monsters became paralyzed. The skin on the face relaxed and sagged. It was as if the monster had suddenly grown old. It was even a little ridiculous.

A toothy green monster was boiling with rage. These four boobs failed, in vain he tried and used his fighting power.

* The sound of the impact

A high wave rose up and hit Mu Ning Xue’s weak back.

Mu Ning Xue used ice chains, firmly tying them to her lower back. Controlling them, she managed to dodge the unexpected attack of a water sword. A water sword fell on a stone partition on the roof and it was visible how he cut through this stone!

I will help you! being in another building, Guan Yu used a wind path and flew a distance of 10 meters, gradually descending near Mu Ning Xue.

Guan Yu was very aggressive. As soon as there was a reason, he immediately stabbed a toothy green monster of the pack leader with chain claws.

In fact, even if Guan Yu had not come to the rescue, Mu Ning Xue would have managed to deal with it herself. She was a mage of ice level, and the advantage of such magic is that it becomes stronger with time the longer you use it, the thicker and stronger ice becomes and such a fight can be very long.

Freezing Power of Mu Ning Xue scattered. Toothy green monsters thought their skin was just a little frozen, they didn’t even notice that their movements were getting slower and slower.

Their flesh, bones, internal organs and blood vessels froze. Therefore, it was not necessary to apply too much effort, it was only necessary to wait until they finally froze, then it was possible to crush them into small pieces!

Apparently, Guan Yu came at the right time. Using his dexterity, he pierced the slow toothy green monsters with chain claws two at a time.

Seeing that his two subordinate monsters had come to an end, the second leader also fled. Obviously, this stupid monster felt something was wrong with his body.

The second leader and two other toothy green monsters tried to escape and hide in the warm sea water, but Mu Ning Xue managed to freeze them.

Guan Yu stepped on a toothy green monster, turning his frozen body into fragments, and then pierced his heart with chain claws.

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Most of his internal organs froze blood did not flow from the monster’s body when Guan Yu pierced it!

Stay here with me. These days you were very weak. If something unexpected happens, then I will be very worried. In public, Guan Yu was very arrogant, treating with contempt many things. But with Mu Ning Xue, he was very caring. The tone of his speech was very soft and affectionate.

Although Mu Ning Xue did not want others to interfere in her battle, if Guan Yu had not arrived in time, then that toothy green monster would still be on that roof.

She knew that it was useless to reject his help. But this Guan Yu began to spin around her forever, after he realized that the cheeky tactics of Mo Fan were successful.

You’ll be closer to Nan Jue, and I will follow Nan Rongni, said Mu Ning Xue.

Well, well Naturally, I will protect your friends as well. It was clear that Guan Yu hesitated for a while, but still nodded his head in agreement.

The guy thought that he needed to rub into the trust of her best friend in order for everything to work out.

After Mu Ning Xue deftly guarded against Guan Yu, she turned her gaze down to the streams of water.

The water level rose by about a meter and was supposed to rise even higher. This was clearly a bad sign! If the water level rises, the space in which the magicians of Tokaj fortress could act will become limited. Who dares to dive into the water populated by sea monsters?! the monster who wounded Nan Rongni so badly is still alive. He lay on a wide street, flooded with water, raising one tentacle up. The second tentacle has already grown almost half. It feels like a little more time will pass and the tentacles will grow from the place where they were broken off.

Its self-healing speed is fast enough! Mu Ning Xue said in surprise.

But the more Mu Ning Xue looked at the whitish crying monster, the more clearly she realized that this monster was not at all simple. A wound such as that of Nan Rongni could be healed only by the healing light of several magicians. After all, the girl still could not get up

Your mother! ..

At that moment, the voice of Nan Jue was heard.

Hearing her voice, everyone tensed. Nan Jue was such a person who never specifically exaggerated the facts.

What happened? Ai Jiang Tu asked quietly.

Nan Rongni was infected, and it seemed to be a highly toxic poison! The wound on her leg not only did not overgrow, but also began to fester The blood vessels on the whole leg crawled out And all these vessels are white! in the voice of Nan Jue heard anxiety.

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