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Chapter 823 Surrounded VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 823 Surrounded VERSATILE MAGE

Zhao Man Yan’s heart was bleeding when he saw the tormented face of Nan Rongni.

As a healing magician, Nan Rongni could not heal herself. Now that the poison had already penetrated her body, she didn’t even know what to do.

Zu Jimin, Zu Jimin, hurry here! Cried Zhao Man Yan, recalling that he is a magician of the poison element.

I cannot be of any use here, I can produce poison, I can speed up its action, but I can’t neutralize it. Didn’t you bring a whole bunch of antidotes with you? Does not one of them really work? said Zu Jiming.

Get her out of the battlefield faster, there is very high toxicity her life can be in danger! said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan and Nan Jue were engaged in a confrontation with green toothy monsters, so by the time they noticed Nan Rongni, who was no longer making any sounds, they found that her leg was already completely covered in poison. The poison continued to spread throughout her body, heading towards the waist.

If the poison touches the stomach, the girl can still be saved, but if he touches the heart, it will be impossible to help Nan Rongni.

That won’t do. We are already at the epicenter, surrounded by sea creatures, if even one of us suffers, then the risk will increase significantly! said Ai Jiang Tu.

The number of monsters increased with a surge of waves, the wounded from the team could no longer attack at full strength, and they only had the role of defense.

Whitish crying monsters amaze! We cannot calculate at what point their venomous tentacles may appear nearby, and even upon arrival to a safe place it is not so easy to find a person who can destroy the action of the poison. I think we need to ask teams from other quarters faster, maybe they know how to find an antidote, said Jiang Yu.

With the appearance of the injured member on the team, who was also a magician excitement began to heal, all the rest of the guys.

I have a drug that prolongs life. I’ll take care of her, and you make sure that the toothy creatures do not come near us, said Zhao Man Yan Nan Jue.

Nan Jue nodded.

Ay Jiang Tu also went to other quarters in search of an antidote. He was calm, since he was a magician of an element of space.

The state of Nan Rongni did not let anyone relax.

Sea animals were very insidious, and their number was constantly increasing from a rush of water. And although on some streets the green toothy monsters mostly fought in close combat, on the other streets they already filled almost all of the space this picture could make anyone crazy!

Ai Jiang Tu, using the magic of space, has already reached the main street of the neighboring block.

Upon arrival here he noticed that not a single wave touched the local buildings, but countless hordes of monsters were destroyed with a crash!

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Beware! a mature female voice was heard among all this turmoil. Ai Jiang Tu glanced in that direction, an element system appeared around the woman, and she immediately disappeared underground.

From this blow, the stones around turned to sand!

The woman drew attention to the fact that Ai Jiang Tu was not at all wet, but did not notice how another silhouette appeared behind her Ai Jiang Tu slapped her on the shoulder.

How how are you ended up behind me? the woman got scared, but soon again became very calm and balanced.

I am a magician of the element of space, said Ai Jiang Tu.

No wonder. Very impressed with you, you must be the captain of the seventh team. How did you appear within our second team? We have all the high-level magicians here and so you are also a high-level magician. Nevertheless, you should better look after your quarter so as not to cause unnecessary problems to other teams, sea monsters are not very tender, the woman spoke for a very long time.

There is a person in our team, who was poisoned by the poison of a whitish crying monster, Ai Jiang Tu did not beat around the bush and immediately said how it was.

Whitish crying monster??? How did you happen to meet such you have not yet taken the victim from the field? a pale fear was visible on the woman’s face, which appeared at the mention of a whitish creature.

Not yet, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Well, it’s strictly forbidden to move the wounded, in the opposite case, the poison can spread through the body even faster. Even in Tokyo’s magical association, they cannot help with the poison of a whitish crying monster. The antidote against the secretion of the monster is very specific, so it can not be tolerated in ordinary vessels.

What then should be done?

If you saw a whitish crying monster, then surely noticed that there is a white growth on his head it is very smooth and delicate, and in some ways even looks like the forehead of a baby. The content of this growth is the antidote you need. The fact is that as soon as the contents leave the limits of the growth, it immediately dries, turning into powder. The monster must be caught immediately after poisoning, otherwise it will be impossible to save the victim. Did you catch or kill him? the woman said.

It disappeared Ai Jiang Tu answered gloomily.

Then what are you doing here? Go faster and look for him! The poison of the whitish crying monster is very specific, only the secretion of the growth of this particular individual can work! In general, such creatures are extremely rare, and you are very unlucky to stumble upon it, the woman added.

Ai Jiang Tu took out the radio and immediately informed the guys about the method to get the antidote.

Although now everyone knew what to do, no one knew where to look for this escaped monster.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the team was surrounded by toothy green monsters, and they could not do anything in such conditions.

What should I do? Asked Zhou Xu.

How to do this??? First you need to deal with toothy green monsters, the whitish crying monster has already gone into the water, who knows where he is now.

Well she’s a magician of the healing element, how could she throw herself into such a dangerous a place? Even hearing a baby cry, you could send someone else someone was already beginning to panic.

At this moment, no one could relax dealing with all toothy creatures would not be easy, but they you also need to find that whitish monster.

Mu Ning Xue strange, did anyone see her?

I seem to have seen her moved towards the nineteenth quarter

She went alone in search of a whitish crying monster.

Don’t move, all stay in their places! the voice of Nan Jue was heard in the headphones of each team member.

She said so because she heard even more toothy green critters!

We we are surrounded, the girl sounded again.

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