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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 824 The Searching Contracted Beast Read Novel

Chapter 824 The Searching Contracted Beast VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 824 The Searching Contracted Beast VERSATILE MAGE

Green bodies with nasty abscesses began to pop out of the water. Very soon, using their ability to jump high, they found themselves on the roofs, and with all this a rattle of their fangs was heard.

They did not reflect people, but cruelty and desire to kill.

Sea monsters in comparison with other magical creatures are distinguished by intelligence, because they belong to the highest order of magical animals.

It is not known since when the fame of the Pacific Ocean creatures began to spread as a killer of people. Yes, and the exact number of victims cannot be counted, sea creatures do not do the same as officers they do not have serifs on the body for every enemy killed.

Guan Yu noticed that among these creatures there was and the monster that Mu Ning Xue froze!

There were many monsters this time. Apparently, the toothy green monsters were at the head of this influx, as they had relatively greater fighting efficiency.

How many of them!!! How many are there?

If we wait until we can kill them all, Nan Rongni will die too! Zhao Man Yan was seized with impatience.

Recently, he managed to turn into a magician with tremendous destructive power, only now he could not kill monsters, all that was left for him was to use protective magic to prevent the creatures from approaching.

Mu Ning Xue is gone, alone! She is also in great danger she has not yet fully recovered! worried Jiang Shaoxuy.

This time she was much smarter: being a magician of the spirit element, she hurried to the roof on which were Zhao Man Yan, Nan Jue and Nan Rongni. Here she could be protected by Zhao Man Yan, because the killing of creatures is clearly not her strong side.

We will not break through this environment, said Zhou Xu.

Jiang Yu, can your night rakshas help us? Ai Jiang Tu asked. He understood that Mu Ning Xue, having recently used his murderous ice bow, was now very weak.

Maybe! answered Jiang Yu.

Tell your Rakshasa to find Mu Ning Xue, and yes, let him grab that whitish crying monster! said Ai Jiang Tu.

From the time they went on this internship, they were in danger for the first time. The breath of the element of the curse was already starting to flow from Ai Jiang Tu’s body as a high-level mage, dealing with these pack leaders was not a problem for him. There were so many toothy green monsters that, if he had gone alone in search of Mu Ning Xue, the guys would definitely not have managed here!

Feyfei, find her! And, of course, you need to take good care of her, okay? said Jiang Yu to his contracted beast.

The night rakshas was not really eager to go somewhere, but he nevertheless began to sniff out the traces of Mu Ning Xue.

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The body height of the night rakshasa is about one meter, and he has the grace of a ten-year-old girl: he cautiously stepped on air with his four paws.

At that moment, when he gained his maximum speed, his graceful body turned into a black silhouette, which even green teeth could not immediately react to.

* Squeal

The monster who was at the head of other sea creatures began to make strange noises, letting their wards understand that they should kill this rakshasa.

After this sound, about 7-8 toothy green monsters climbed out and began to hunt down this night rakshasa!

* Mayayayayauuuu

Night rakshasa was also smart: jumping from the edge of one roof to another, he calmly chopped into pieces the monsters that came in his way.

He was very agile, and, killing a toothy green monster, he soared into air.

His long claws seemed to be his wings as soon as he sat on another roof, another monster was chopped into pieces!

The night rakshasa was very fast, a poet the rest of the monsters couldn’t catch him!

It all happened so fast that even the rest of the team was surprised.

Does this mean the immense power of the contract beast of Jiang Yu, what with one wave cuts into pieces the monsters of the pack leader level?

He flew away. He will take care of Mu Ning Xue, and we must deal with the rest, Jiang Yu told the captain of the team.

Yeah, Ai Jiang Tu has already released the curse magic, directing the spider to three individuals of green teeth.

Jiang Yu, having temporarily lost his contract beast, began to create a constellation to call his summoning beast.

This summoning beast was also strong enough, although it was inferior a lot to a night Rakshasa.

The entire Tokai fortress was covered by sea fog, and therefore visibility was very poor.

Marine the guys rolled with renewed vigor for a long time the fortress had not seen such sea battles!

There were drops of water in the air, among which a gentle, deadly pale body was visible.

Nan Rongni hold on!

Mu Ning Xue was still wandering in this fog, looking for that same monster. She remembered that he had run away in this direction, only now could not find him.

Nan Rongni could help secret this particular monster, and in such chaos in which the entire fortress was in, it was doubly found hard.

She cannot find him, but she must!

The vile, dirty sea creature must not be allowed to take the life of such a kind-hearted girl!

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