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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 826 Echidna Shark Read Novel

Chapter 826 Echidna Shark VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 826 Echidna Shark VERSATILE MAGE

Nineteenth quarter, nineteenth quarter, where is he, where to turn?

Everywhere there was a sea fog that covered everything around like a cloud, and in the middle of this foggy curtain stood Mo Fan, who, swearing under his breath, he couldn’t decide where to go.

A swift wolf is a land animal, and in a similar area its coat is wet to the ends, turning it usually formidable into a kind of wet doggie, and the sea stench that filled the air hurt him.

Hey, hey, buddy, where’s the nineteenth quarter? Mo Fan saw a man standing on the roof, and full of joy ran to him with questions.

Of course, Mo Fan is brilliant, since he decided to find the way in the middle of the battlefield.

That man turned around and said something in a low voice in an incomprehensible language.

I don’t understand what you said, louder please Fuck! Mo Fan cursed loudly, and quickly dodged to the side.

A poisonous tongue passed him, his power was amazing, you could feel him cut the air. If he got into the skull, he would easily have split it.

Sea creatures were extremely insidious, before that he had already met a disguised monster, now this one, which had acquired the appearance of an adult.

This thing with a silhouette really really reminded a man, but only his whole body was completely covered with scales, on each bend: elbows, knees, a long bone blade flaunted, two-thirds of the head was occupied by a huge shark mouth, from which a poisonous tongue just flew out!

Mo Fan was definitely stunned by the one whom he had managed to ask for directions.

The echidna shark was one of the most brutal sea creatures, at the usual time, Mo Fan happily beat the shark’s teeth on a beautiful necklace, but today he has no time for change!

The mouth of the catfish was full of blood, and the cloth from the clothes got stuck between her teeth, apparently she just ate tightly, and since there were no bones left, it is not clear whether it was a magician

I won’t touch you, so just don’t bother me, let’s just everyone go about their business, Mo Fan carefully watched the malicious shark, and said this as if addressing a real person.

Mo Fan was slowly moving away from her in order to move on as soon as possible.

The echidna shark grabbed his eyes, according to the strange game of muscles on her face it seemed if she was taunting, and she does it more maliciously nowhere to match her name, fiercely and creepy!

Try my fist!

Mo Fan did not wait for understanding a malicious shark and struck, and a raging flame burst from his fist!

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This snide shark wasn’t ready to strike, and Mo Fan’s flaming fist flew into the distance, and still overtook his target.

Fortunately, there was water everywhere, but even so, thanks to the fiery rose, the flame made her pretty torment.

Having finished the obstacle, Mo Fan immediately moved on.

There were sea creatures everywhere, damn he knows whether this shark managed to call one of his own for help, because these creatures are extremely vindictive!

Mo Fan’s decision was determined wise, only he left the place as from water one by one by the fanged mouths of sharks appeared.

They looked around, hoping to find a vile magician, and saw in the distance the silhouette of Mo Fan

Mo Fan was extremely surprised at how did they manage to fill the city so quickly.

I probably got lost? Mo Fan could no longer understand which direction he was heading, everything was foggy around, visibility no more than two meters away.

In each quarter the buildings were very similar, without any distinctive signs.

Ahead, there seems to be someone Mo Fan finally saw a faint light in the fog, defined by magic.

And since it was definitely magical light, it’s there certainly couldn’t be a sea creature, and therefore you need to run there as soon as possible.

** boom ** ** boom **

A multi-storey building stumbled, and felt the vibrations, pr walking on the ground.

Continuing to run forward, Mo Fan noticed that the fog became more transparent, like a magician of the element of light accelerates it.

After visibility increased slightly, Mo Fan immediately rushed to the place where people were.

** boom ** ** boom **** boom **

The rumble rang in ears. Mu Ning Xue hunched over on one of the floors.

The floor was empty, there were no windows, but they were not needed, because it had an excellent panoramic view of the city.

The main road was more than wide, about a hundred meters, but now there was not a single mage on it, and all because a monster of the level of ruler appeared here!

A fierce blue beast!

Mu Ning Xue knew this beast, it was he who they met him the nineteenth quarter.

And the ferocious blue beast also recognized Mu Ning Xue, five minutes ago she barely discovered there were traces of a whitish crying monster, and just around the corner there was a fierce blue beast, fortunately, the night rakshas arrived in time, which grabbed the eye of the fierce blue monster, otherwise Mu Ning Xue would be in serious danger.

Night rakshas was wounded, there was a deep wound on his stomach, from which thick blood flowed.

How are you? Mu Ning Xue blamed herself, because if she had not thought about the whitish crying monster, then the night rakshas would not have been injured.

The fierce blue beast smelled the smell, and was preparing for battle.

The last time he was in the nineteenth quarter, and now here, it’s not clear why.


Night rakshas stuck out his tongue, ran a paw over it, and then over the wound

After a few moments, the blood from his wound stopped.

It looks like the wound is not deep, with breathing a sigh of relief, said Mu Ning Xue, seeing that everything was in order with the kitten.

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