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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 827 The Persecution of a Ferocious Blue Beast! Read Novel

Chapter 827 The Persecution of a Ferocious Blue Beast! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 827 The Persecution of a Ferocious Blue Beast! VERSATILE MAGE

*Wist whistle

The sniff of a ferocious blue beast created its own airflow, causing droplets of fog in the air to rotate in a certain order.

Mu Ning Xue was inside the building, therefore, she could feel this cold stream.

She and the night rakshas held their breath it is too likely that the blue fierce beast from the street can reappear. Now it was clearly not the right time to fight such an enemy, because the trick was that around such a monster there must necessarily be a crowd of other sea creatures, which moved like an entire human battalion.

Voice of the malevolent shark sounded very quietly.

The night rakshas stuck tightly to the base of the structure only his furry ears were on the alert, he was like one big fluffy locator.

* Meow meow

He made Mu Ning Xue understand in a very quiet voice that two furry ones were approaching them from two sides sharks.

We need to get out of here, said Mu Ning Xue.

The whitish crying monster was also nearby, and if they linger here for even a moment, Nan Rongni will be doomed.

In addition, Mu Ning Xue did not have enough strength to release the deadly ice bow again, otherwise she would definitely do something!

* Meow-meow, meow-meow

Rakshas at night explained something to the girl.

You want to say that I have to deal with him, and you can find a whitish monster? asked Mu Ning Xue.

Nocturnal Rakshas nodded his face.

Fighting the ferocious blue beasts now was unrealistic, the main task at this stage for them was to grab the whitish crying monster and get out of here as soon as possible.

Rakshas nocturnal refers to highly intelligent animals. Seeing that Mu Ning Xue provoked the discontent of the ferocious blue beast, he realized that now he certainly would not let her leave here just like that. The only way out was that Mu Ning Xue would divert the attention of the nearest monster, and Rakshas himself would seize the whitish weeping monster.

Well just don’t come here after me after you kill the whitish monster, grab it and immediately return to the team. Need to save a man! Monster secretion loses its effect very quickly, we may not be in time Mu Ning Xue nodded her head.

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Night rakshas could easily smell the breath of a whitish crying monster. Using his abilities to hide, he waited for the opportunity to slip in and looked out for two malicious sharks that were approaching here, so Mu Ning Xue was supposed to help here.

Seeing that the night rakshas was ready, the girl took a deep breath.

This smart little animal, Jiang Yu, already helped her very much, without her help she would certainly not have done it.


Mu Ning Xue didn’t even know how long she could survive, trying to divert the attention of this blue monster.

She has no way to use the killer ice bow, and she’s not yet completely recovered the confrontation with the monster at the level of the ruler will be a huge problem.


The wind began to rise around Mu Ning Xue, she tried to control it and not to attract sharks nearby.

Suddenly the silhouette of the girl darted to the other side. One of the sharks at first simply went nuts, and then the second informed that this girl was here!

At some point, all the malicious sharks that were in the area began to gather here!

* Ringing

The blue ferocious beast also turned around with a metallic sound. Half of his body was in the water, and the second above it! In this form, he went to pursue Mu Ning Xue.

The beast felt that Mu Ning Xue’s breathing was very weak now he can take revenge on her! And he was no longer bothered by the other magicians of the quarter only she!

The magicians themselves would never fight alone with the monster of the commander-in-chief level, let alone try to distract him in such extreme conditions!

Where did the blue ferocious beast go? Asked the elderly magician of the nineteenth quarter, confusedly, peering attentively at the district.

He seems to be heading towards Guanglai.

Guanglai, Guanglai, be careful, the blue fierce the beast headed in your direction, hurry to take cover!

The magicians of the nineteenth quarter had their own rational equipment, so the news of the movement of the monster of the commander-in-chief quickly reached the ears of the other magicians.

He took hmm this beast is chasing a girl with silver hair, this is she! Guanlai spoke, but he did not believe his words.

Guanlai, unlike other magicians, was at that moment aboard a dilapidated boat that could turn over at any moment. Only his leather robe could somehow save him from the brutal sea water.

He was very strong and well-built, and if you took a good look, you could see that he stood on the water with one foot!

Guanlai’s expression immediately changed after he saw that the huge carcass of the beast was rushing behind a fragile girl.

Silver hair, of course, was something distinctive, but in the fog they actually couldn’t be discerned, but even so Guanlai saw that this girl was very beautiful.

Guanlai, gritting her teeth, wave, then headed toward the girl

-. This way! jumping to the roof of one of the buildings, he cried out.

Mu Ning Xue changed her position after hearing these words.

She didn’t forget what powerful water splashes and waves a fierce blue beast can send, so she did not dare climb the building, staying in the water.

Guanglai! Do not go there, you have no reinforcements! A voice came from the walkie-talkie.

Guanlai stood dumbfounded. Due to the powerful explosive waves of the beast, several buildings in front of him were destroyed the empty space that was now in this place opened his eyes to the huge blue face of the beast, from which one glance began to cool the soul.

But it’s not clear why, he was bleeding from his sockets, but nothing was left of his eyes.

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