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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 831 Killing a Monster Together Read Novel

Chapter 831 Killing a Monster Together VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 831 Killing a Monster Together VERSATILE MAGE

The ferocious blue monster raised its limb once more, a red glow appeared.

After that, the animal began to swing the limb in different directions, which made it impossible to determine the direction of attack

Mu Ning Xue!

Mo Fan was sick and he shouted out the girl’s name.

Mu Ning Xue already understood him. The girl screamed, and at that moment between her and the monster, the ice began to turn into ice mounds!

The ice mounds appeared majestically right in front of Mu Ning Xue.

However, it cost the monster attack again, as the icy hillocks immediately fell into two parts.

All three ice hillocks were destroyed one after another by the magic of a ferocious blue beast. Mu Ning Xue looked with horror at what was happening and did not try to dodge.

This happens when a person is driving a car quickly, and he does not even try to dodge the blow. Even the subconscious mind already knows that it makes no sense to avoid!

The same thing happened with Mu Ning Xue. She saw how a bloody spike had already destroyed two icy mounds. Its speed was simply astounding. The wind hit the girl in the face, she was completely unprepared for this

Mu Ning Xue froze, she watched the third icy hillock almost completely be destroyed by a bloody spike. However, the bloody spike disappeared. The girl’s heartbeat increased.

Quite a bit. If the bloody thorn could pass through the last icy hill, then she would die immediately, because there was no protection on the girl’s body!

This this, Guanglai was also scared.

This ferocious blue beast is much more dangerous than they imagined.

Mo Fan, we’re backing away soon, Mu Ning Xue said decisively. She realized that the three of them could not cope with such an opponent.

Mo Fan did not show off and ran to the girl.

It’s good that these two bloody spikes attacked in queues. If the monster releases another such spike, then among the three of them there will definitely be a victim.

We we can’t run away, there are malicious sharks everywhere! Said Guanglai, looking around.

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From the very beginning, the sharks were outside the ice sphere, but now, when the magicians entered the battle with a ferocious blue beast, the malicious sharks began to slowly take the magicians into the ring.

Damn bastards, they don’t have scales, they have a strong carapace! Mo Fan cursed.

This fierce blue monster is so strong. Mo Fan attacked him with such powerful spells, or even that.

Mu Ning Xue nodded and immediately remembered Ai Jiang Tu saying that they had a weak spot.

He has a weak spot! exclaimed Mu Ning Xue.

Before, you had to talk! Where? I thought he had a weak spot in the back, and I only found out that his limbs could bend in different directions, said Mo Fan.

The head is a weak spot. There is no scales on the head, said Mu Ning Xue.

The head of Guanlai who was standing next to her turned round. Instead of thinking about a plan of escape, they want to fight this monster

That’s it, part of his limbs still cannot move due to the magic of shadow. However, soon the effect should pass. The rest of his limbs seem to be unable to reach his head, so we should try now. The only thing is that we were surrounded by malicious snark sharks said Mo Fan.

Once you have decided on this, I will call on my friend and we will stop the malicious snark sharks. You’ll deal with the ferocious blue monster, said Guanglai.

Good, then leave them for you!


Since you decided not to run away, you have to fight like that!

Mu Ning Xue began to prepare for battle: she froze as much space as possible, took control of a hurricane that kept malicious catfish at a distance.

After that, the girl created a huge number of ice spikes that block the movement of the ferocious blue monster

*** Meow ***

I heard the sound coming from somewhere in the building. Mu Ning Xue began to turn her head in different directions, trying to find a source of noise. Soon she saw a nocturnal rakshasa standing in the midst of the wreckage of one of the buildings.


The girl was delighted, she did not hope to see the inviting animal Jiang Yu in this situation.

*** Meow ***

The night rakshas meowed again, saying that he figured out the whitish crying monster.

The night rakshas did not listen to what he was trying to say to him Mu Ning Xue. He came up, brought an antidote, but did not immediately leave. After all, the summoned animal was worried about the safety of Mu Ning Xue. Jiang Yu ordered to look after the girl.

What else is this? Asked Mo Fan, looking at the summoned animal.

This is the contract animal of Jiang Yu. It’s strong, Mu Ning Xue replied.

Is it strong in flirting?

*** Meow ***

Night Rakshas jumped down onto the ice. Then he went along the frozen surface so gracefully, as if he were not walking on the ice.

A contracted beast is good, it may come in handy. Kitten, you distract the ferocious blue beast, and I’ll attack him directly in a weak spot, said Mo Fan to rakshasa.

The night rakshas shook his head, after which he pawed at himself and then at the head of a ferocious blue beast.

Mo Fan faded. Where is it seen that a contract beast gives orders to a person? Yes, he’s not even cute, and in general, compared to a Little Flame Belle, he sucks!

Mo Fan, the draft beast is more dexterous than you, let him attack and you distract, said Mu Ning Xue.

Nocturnal Rakshas is a powerful animal. Even in a one-on-one fight with a fierce blue beast, he would have a chance of winning.

If you think about it, the very essence of night rakshasa implies sudden and powerful attacks, which can not be said about Mo Fan. Therefore, changing roles may not be such a bad idea.

Okay, just don’t have to bother me later so I can scratch you, said Mo Fan. He still did not recognize the beast.


Little Flame Belle, incarnate!

The ferocious blue beast was already ready to attack, so Mo Fan should unite with the Little Flame Belle!

The Little Flame Belle was ready for incarnation for a long time. She flew up to Mo Fan, after which everything was filled with flame

The nature of this fire was the exact opposite of the ice sphere. However, when Mo Fan and the Little Flame Belle became one, the guy vaguely felt that their common fire did not weaken due to ice, on the contrary, only stimulated to burn better!

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