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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 832 New Ability Read Novel

Chapter 832 New Ability VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 832 New Ability VERSATILE MAGE

The Little Flame Belle made a sound, informing the owner that she had learned a new ability. Naturally, she asked Mo Fan whether he wants to test this ability?

Mo Fan was delighted. Recently, the Little Flame Belle has pleased him more and more. She was so zealous, maybe after that, he could buy more seeds of the element of fire? Maybe she will soon be able to increase her level?

Mo Fan and Flame Belle are connected. As soon as Mo Fan thinks about how to control the flame, the Little Flame Belle will immediately help him.

The flame began to gradually concentrate behind Mo Fan. After some time, the fire began to take the form of feathers, forming wings

These are multi-layer fiery wings! Exclaimed Mo Fan, not believing his eyes.

Multilayer fire wings were familiar to Mo Fan. He used them more than once. With the power of thought alone, you can control the feathers and send them flying somewhere. At the same time, each feather can be blown up, which is very convenient when you need to effectively and spectacularly crush a group of enemies. However, the flaming sword is much stronger if you need to attack one target.

Speak of a new trump card?

Only Mo Fan wanted to doubt how the two wings behind him immediately swung open and waved.

As soon as the wings moved, many feathers exploded, and the force of the explosions was enough to lift Mo Fan into the air.

Mo Fan immediately flew towards the fierce blue monster, like a bullet fired from a gun.


Mo Fan was not ready for such a turn of events, he flew forward and the skin on his face vibrated.

Next time warn me!!

After a moment, Mo Fan hit the stomach of a ferocious blue monster. It’s good that the guy’s body was protected by the flame of a fiery rose and Little Flame Belle. Otherwise, the monster would have immediately dealt a crushing blow.

He what is he doing? Asked Guanglai, looking stunned at Mo Fan.

To tell you the truth, It looked very epic. Behind Mo Fan there appeared beautiful fiery wings that exploded and shot the guy right at the monster. There was no doubt about the power of this flame, but why hit the monster of the level of the Commander-in-Chief with a blow to his own head? he released his claws, but his confidence in the success of the operation fell greatly. His meow could be translated something like this: your mother, are you sick or something?

What can we say about the rest. No one was ready for such a turn of events, no one, not even the ferocious blue monster himself.

It’s good that after such an unusual attack, the monster did not manage to counterattack. Mo Fan immediately merged with the shadow, avoiding any damage.

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When the fierce blue monster came to his senses after what happened, he immediately thought that people were mocking him and waved his sharp limb.

In an instant, the limb hit to the place where Mo Fan had just been.

The second limb was aiming right at the head, but the guy deftly bent down.

Mo Fan had time in time, he felt how a limb swept over his head, after which several hairs from his head slowly fell to the ground.

An attack was immediately followed by a third limb, which also did not hit Mo Fan, but made him doubt the success of the operation. The only thing that Mo Fan could think of now was that he had to dodge all attacks, otherwise he would die on the spot.

At a critical moment, ice chains appeared that grabbed the body of Mo Fan and pulled back. The guy fell to the ground, rode on uneven ice, his buttocks asking for mercy, but this is better than missing a blow from the beast.

Although the monster attacked again, fear immediately sent the pain away. The guy’s heart was beating so hard that it seemed to be jumping out of his chest.

Can I really rely on you? Mu Ning Xue cried out angrily. She really wanted to throw Mo Fan in the jaws of the monster.

Missing came out, give me another chance, said Mo Fan in response and laughed awkwardly.

Mu Ning Xue loosened the chains, freeing Mo Fan.

Daughter, you can’t do that, the ability is cool, but you need to combine it with something. For example, with a blazing fist or a fiery sword, Mo Fan did not scold the Little Flame Belle.

His Little Flame Belle is vulnerable, should he say the wrong word and she’ll immediately be offended.

Little Flame Belle herself knew that in such a dangerous battle it was not necessary to try new techniques, but they already tried all the old ones, and it turned out to be ineffective.

And you can make fire wings again?, Asked Mo Fan.

Little Flame Belle immediately nodded her head, but did not tell Mo Fan that with her current level she could only use this ability twice. Will become stronger he will be able to use more and more often.

Mo Fan understood what the meaning of this new ability is.

The fire accumulates behind him, after which there is an explosion, which pushes him forward with great force.

However, these wings were unsuitable for a full flight, except for attack. The more feathers explode, the stronger the blow will be.

These fiery wings have several layers and look like real wings. Only the difference is that this ability does not allow you to fly, but it does give Mo Fan or the Little Belle a single crushing blow.

Despite how exactly this ability will be used to attack or to retreat, it will become a good trump card in the sleeve of the magician. Of course, we still have to work on the technique.

The wings appeared again behind Mo Fan, but he did not use them frivolously. He needs to think carefully about what kind of attacking magic he will combine with, and most importantly, how he will back down. Now that his armor has suffered such serious injuries, he needs to be very careful. Mo Fan has no chance to miss an attack.

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