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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 840 Those Standing Behind Read Novel

Chapter 840 Background Those Standing Behind VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 840 Background Those Standing Behind VERSATILE MAGE

Mu Ning Xue did not want Mo Fan to waste his resources on her. She clearly understood that the rivalry in the team was just beginning. The closer they are to Venice, the more crazy the fight will be. And after all, the galactic vein is only the beginning.

If it is so difficult for her to catch up to everyone at this stage, then everything will only get worse!

You are the most unusual person in our team. No one knows who supports you, no one knows where you got such power. You could only rely on yourself all your life. Therefore I hope that you will understand my refusal, said Mu Ning Xue.

She hoped that she spoke quite accurately, hoped that Mo Fan would understand that it was not a galactic streak. The girl didnt want to drag anyone along, she had her own plan.

Mo Fan sighed heavily.

What moron said that the girl would throw herself into your arms if you give her one hundred million yuan.

What nonsense!

And if the girl already has one hundred million, then your one hundred million for her is nothing. Then you need a few billion, or even more!

Your element of lightning has probably reached a peak, so said Mu Ning Xue.

Good and what do you plan to do? Mo Fan asked.

Mo Fan did not demand to accept the gift. It was already difficult for him to say so many things to Mu Ning Xue. He has said fewer words to her over the past month than today.

Mo Fan, of course, was worried, but he was not stupid. Seeing her reaction, he was filled with hope.



As soon as Mo Fan returned to Tokai fortress how he immediately burst into Zhao Man Yans room.

Zhao Man Yan cultivated, so he got scared when Mo Fan opened the door loudly.

Bro, why are you are you doing?, Zhao Man Yan looked at Mo Fan, and he had a bad feeling about it.

Wow, you infection did you make a breakthrough?, Mo Fan immediately noticed the changes in energy, Zhao Man Yan and therefore was surprised.

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Yes, I spent three galactic veins. First close the door, Ill tell you something, said Zhao Man Yan, as if he remembered something.

Mo Fan was in a fog, but he closed the door. The guy could not understand what kind of secrets these are?

I deceived my father, said that I could make a breakthrough only the third time. He wanted him to give me one more I generally wanted to give one to you, but the inspection noticed that I was scolded on what the light was, said Zhao Man Yan heavily.

Three yes you you will ruin your family while you are in the national team, said Mo Fan.

I took risks, trying to buy four pieces. At the meeting of shareholders they already wanted to agree, they said that I was spending resources too much your mother, are you even listening to me? Im trying to help you. Werent you going to help Mu Ning Xue? I still have some stocks. Look at how much you have and run, buy her a galactic vein. She will definitely be moved and will rush into your arms. You can still earn money, but the girls heart may not work. Besides, with your abilities, its easy to make such money, said Zhao Man Yan.

The corners of Mo Fans mouth began to twitch.

This Zhao Man Yan touched him right for the living! His gift has just been rejected!

Mo Fan took out a vein and showed it to Zhao Man Yan.

He, in turn, turned his eyes to the little thing and showed a thumbs up.

I came to ask you, what Mu Ning Xue said is true? Are there rich families and organizations behind each of the participants? Asked Mo Fan.

Just try to say that you are not an idiot I wont believe it! Did you really think that we, young magicians, will be able to attract the attention of the whole world? These competitions are rather competitions between families. Each of the families launched a lot of money, reputation, and now, these competitions are the ultimate goal. Yeah, what kind of dumbass are you, how did you not understand that? Are you and I from the same world? said Zhao Man Yan contemptuously.

Mo Fan became unpleasant. How did he even know about these things? How does he know that the competition is so fierce

For example, this Jiang Yu, do you even know who is behind him? Zhao Man Yan realized that Mo Fan is not obviously, therefore continued.

And who? asked Mo Fan.

A team of imperial magicians. Hes the brother of Panlay himself! Replied Zhuo Man Yan.

The magicians of the imperial palace are the most powerful sorcerers in the country. Some of them are members of magical associations or representatives of a magical court. Someone who, and they certainly understand a lot in magic.

In addition, Zhumen is one of them!

But you wont say so!, Mo Fan was amazed.

And Li Kaifeng! Yes, if he is kicked out of the team, then not even a month will pass before all the magic schools south of the Yangtze are closed! Absolutely everything! Continued Zhao Man Yan.

How is that?

When you were at school, remember that the school had different magic instruments? Which were given to those whose family could not afford to invest a lot of resources in magic So, all these magical things were provided by the father, grandfather and previous generations of the Li Kaifeng family. His family is the saviors of all of China. Its hard to imagine how many beginning magicians received their support, said Zhao Man Yan.

Oh, yes, I am also one of them, said Mo Fan, remembering how his talisman swallowed school magic instrument.

We dont even need to talk about Mu Tinyin. She is from the Mu family. They have people in all major cities of China, they own many factories, said Zhao Man Yan.

After listening to Zhao Man Yan, Mo Fan remembered Mu Zhou Yun. He was a big man in Bo. But he is just one of the branches of the Mu family. It seems that there are a huge number of people like him in the Mu family.

If you think about it, it becomes scary. Indeed, for him sixteen years ago, the city of Bo was a whole world.

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