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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 841 An Influential Man Standing Behind Mo Fan Read Novel

Chapter 841 An Influential Man Standing Behind Mo Fan VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 841 An Influential Man Standing Behind Mo Fan VERSATILE MAGE

Ai Jiang Tu, Nan Jue one of them will be a representative of the northern detachment, the second the western one. The guy representing the southern squad was swept away. I myself saw that his strength is really powerful. If the national team allowed two children from the military school to become part of the squad, then perhaps they would replace us. said Zhao Man Yan.

When the conversation touched the military, Mo Fan involuntarily remembered Zhan Kun

What about Jiang Shao Xu? the more Mo Fan listened, the more he began to worry.

I haven’t figured it out yet. This girl is hard to understand. Even I, not understanding people at all, can say for sure that she is strange. answered Zhao Man Yan.

And Nan Rongni? Asked Mo Fan again.

Nan Rongni belongs to one of the oldest noble families of magicians. Initially, the Nan Rongni clan did not have strong competitiveness. They left a little from my clan Zhao and from clan Mu. But Nan Rongni is a magician of healing, and that’s enough. There are very few healing magicians, but if there is a healing magician superior to her, then she will no longer be able to compete. Nan Rongni is the hope of her home. And I don’t even know, after these competitions, whether their house can rise to a sovereign kind.

What is the difference between a noble family and a sovereign family? Mo Fan was a curious kid, since I began to ask, it was necessary to find out everything to the end.

Zhao Man Yan hit his forehead, he lost to Mo Fan. How this guy managed to get to the highest level of magic, because he doesn’t have a noble family, he doesn’t have a patron, he also suffers from IQ!

As you explain, a noble family before this was a generation of large feudal lords (now businessmen) who have a huge influence within the country. And the influential clan is the largest feudal lords or, at present, businessmen who have tremendous influence at the international level. The sovereign house of Nan Rongni has rolled downhill in recent years. Our family Zhao bought a lot of enterprises from them. Therefore, the moment you asked Nan Rongni to leave the team, making room for Mu Ning Xue, it was very stupid of you. Even if she were not a magician of healing, she still should not leave the team. Zhao Man Yan went on explaining simple things to Mo Fan.

Oh, okay. I think too simply. Said Mo Fan, laughing.

But you don’t feel that your strength is like a wave. If you go a little back, you have to spend even more money. How do you get magic items and tools? And all this nonsense about cultivation and giftedness from nature! If I put on some kind of protective chain mail, then you will not be able to drop a hair from me! said Zhao Man Yan.

In your words, I’m some kind of weakling. answered Mo Fan.

In fact, for a gifted magician like you, you really need a patron. You find someone powerful and tell him that you own five elements. Let him make you a real high-level mage, let him buy you magic tools And I think such a person would gladly agree to invest a round sum in you. Hmm On the other hand, only a noble clan can pull a high level, but only an influential clan can master a higher level. I really don’t understand why you are wasting money on strengthening stars. After all, where you can invest this money is much more than all of your stars! seriously said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan was simply forced to strengthen the stars. Now he is rich and this money was enough to support Mu Ning Xue.

-I am used to relying only on myself-I’m looking for money myself, I’ll outfit myself and kill monsters myself. This is your mother life. After listening to your stories about the influence of your family, I quietly cultivate, not hoping for anyone. Life is not as simple as you think. said Mo Fan.

Yes, you are not at all like us, the golden youth. However, a huge number of owners of large enterprises began the same way as you, from scratch. answered Zhao Man Yan.

I like to listen to you laughed Mo Fan.

Therefore, the influential person behind you no longer needs to help you. said Zhao Man Yan.

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What else is such an influential person?

Mo Fan was shocked. An influential person is behind him, but he himself didn’t even know about it?!

You think how much money was spent to push you into the team? And no one even squealed after you got there. This person is clearly very significant! Zhao Man Yan has already raised his voice.

Mo Fan sank.

Your mother, have you forgotten how you ended up in the national team? After all, you lost the election, but as soon as the election ended, you immediately got into the national team. Previously, there were only two spares, but with you it became three

Brother, I really don’t know who is covering me. Han Ji called me, and I came. Han Ji is the chairman of the bell tower magical community. Does he have a high level of patronage? Asked Mo Fan.

Chairman of the magical community on the bell tower Sounds cool. But it is unlikely that his influence would be enough to just push you into the team. Most likely, behind you is a more significant person who cuts the road for you. answered Zhao Man Yan.

Hmm Of the influential people, I only know Zhu Meng and Han Ji, and even then, Han Ji is a more significant person. I don’t know others Mo Fan zealously recalled, but really couldn’t remember anyone who could be considered an influential person standing behind him.

In any case, it should be state security magician or something similar. And the fact that this man still has not shown himself, means that he appreciates you very much and does not want to violate your lifestyle. This man clearly appreciates you because of the events in Xi`an. And, I have some information that the fiery demon and the rocky tyrant had a fierce battle. Have you seen that demon? This is clearly some kind of magician. Or who do you think it is? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

I was in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang and did not see anyone I realized Mo Fan. Qin Shihuang?

Fuck, there’s no use talking to you. Mo Fan reluctantly told the events that occurred in Xi`an.

The events that occurred in Xi`an are top secret information. Zhao Man Yan has access to a wide information network, but he could not figure out anything meaningful about what happened in the Ancient Capital.

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