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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 842 Selection Day Read Novel

Chapter 842 Selection Day VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 842 Selection Day VERSATILE MAGE

Come on! I told you so much, but you cannot even tell me what happened in Xi`an. The world is still still full of people who are digging to the truth. After all, who made the myriad hordes of undead retreat? Is it true that Salan was detained? And the fact that he escaped? How did the Black Church make the undead appear in broad daylight? Is the fiery spirit a man or a summoning beast? Is it true that there are those who were able to get into the zombie abyss? Are they still alive? To all these questions, I accidentally found out the answers from Zhang Xiao Hou that I had blabbed them out. From him, I learned that you put a lot of your efforts into all this, and I think that’s why you could get into the national team. Is this how relations between brothers develop? You ask me and you get an answer to everything, I ask you questions and I don’t get nichrome, Zhao Man Yan swore.

Mo Fan did not believe that the person standing in front of him was Zhao Man Yan.

If he tells him about what happened in Xi`an, then the whole world will know about it the next day!

Zhao Man Yan was offended when saw that Mo Fan was about to leave.

The door to the room was shut. Zhao Man Yan sat on a chair and looked out the window, from which stone constructions in the vicinity of Tokai fortress, as well as the seashore, were perfectly visible.

Oh Jiang Shaoxuy is still plainly unknown, Mu Tinyin to hell with her. Is there only Nan Rongni left, or does she have a tough guy? The Nan Rongni family, Zhao Man Yan was talking to himself, but when he said this, his voice suddenly broke off and his face suddenly changed expression.

Clan Nanzhong aren’t they the best versed in the magic of sea creatures?

Do you think Nan Rongni purposely pretended not to be able to distinguish children’s crying from the sounds of a whitish crying monster?

Zhao Man Yan negatively uploaded his head, making it clear that he had already thought up too much.

A cool wind blew into the room. Mu Tinyin, who was wearing a shirt with straps, opened her eyes sharply. The light of the setting sun illuminated her eyes, giving them a new color.

High level I reached a high level in ice magic!

She began to burst into laughter, forgetting about everyone the formal formalities she was taught at home. She hoped everyone could hear her joy.

With only one single galactic vein, she was able to reach a high level!

Now she, Mu Tinyin, was able to to bypass Mu Ning Xue, who will be wandering in mid-level magicians without a galactic vein for a very long time!

Heaven was again on her side, because, starting from this day, she will become the only favorite of the whole Mu family! Now everyone’s attention will be focused on her, because she will become the model for the entire Mu family, and she will have great glory!

In the end, I won! Mu Tinyin clapped her hands, from which ice crystals fell.

Now, with a breakthrough to a high level, other magicians can also teleport with their elemental systems and constellations.

Mu Ning Xue, in fact, has already used the magic of such power, but she has not yet reached a high level. A similar power in ice magic was achieved due to her previous advantages.

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I want to see how to change my attitude towards her, it’s a pity that I need to continue, Mu Tinyin stood up and took a deep breath, rejoicing how wonderful everything is all the same!

Subsequently, there were several more tides in Tokai fortress, but they were not as strong as the very first. After many in the team had already reached a high level, and the level of overall combat efficiency had grown significantly, the achievement of four stars no longer seemed a big problem.

Although the general level also grew, the time to leave Japan was also approaching inexorably.

Mo Fan, let’s get together, the leaders have arrived! Zhao Man Yan woke up his friend.

Mo Fan, having extended his eyes, put on his pajamas and went out into the hall.

Five leaders whose age has already exceeded forty years, stood in the lobby, and their view was very serious.

Mo Fan looked around: everyone was already here, waiting for when they would begin to distribute resources.

This had nothing to do with Mo Fan, because he was just a substitute, and therefore he didn’t have such awe either.

You showed yourself to be very united, there were no misunderstandings, said Feng Li with an air of pretense.

Indeed, not bad, they were even able to survive a strong tide in Tokai fortress. According to your captain Ai Jiang Tu’s report, did Mu Ning Xue prove herself the best? laughed Song He.

Song He was the director of the imperial university, and he was very worried about Mu Ning Xue and hoped for relief from Feng Li for her.

Feng Li, casting a glance at the audience, said: It seems that only Mu Ning Xue has not reached a high level.

Mu Ning Xue did not answer.

Head, I want to say that, in my opinion, Mu Ning Xue plays a very important role in the team. Since she has not reached a high level, I believe that we can provide her with our resources, and then she can become a high-level magician, because she really showed herself very well, said Jiang Shaoxuy.

Mu Tinying, hearing this, frowned.

Is this Jiang Shaoxuy, is she sick or what? Everyone needs galactic veins!!! After all, upon reaching a high level, magicians become masters of three elements, each of which needs to achieve a high level!

She always speaks slander, and today she decided to pretend to be a share-girl?

-I understand, however, the rules are the rules, and the new member of the team will already be in Japan, tomorrow will be here. Mu Ning Xue, you can pack your things, tomorrow you will return home with us, said Feng Li.

Sung Hae expressed helplessness on his face.

The other three leaders said nothing too.

I already packed my things, only I would like to ask the managers a question, said Mu Ning Xue.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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