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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 845 I am also leaving the team Read Novel

Chapter 845 I am leaving the team too VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 845 I am leaving the team too VERSATILE MAGE

The old mans voice was very evil, and everything seemed to be about to jump out of the phone and gnaw Guan Yuyu throat.

Guan Yu stood in the same place, and he was forced to interrupt the telephone conversation, because Mu Ning Xue came up to him.

I I , Guan Yu certainly could not have foreseen such a situation, and he did not even know how to behave before Mu now Ning Xue.

I came to tell you that you misunderstood me, I dont need anyones help, Mu Ning Xue said calmly.

She was on the drum how Guan Yu understood everything. She had absolutely no interest in him, and his proposal did not change this attitude in any way.

Only now, upon hearing this telephone conversation, she changed her face a little.

Mu Ning Xue, dont get it wrong, my grandfather is not one of those people who will listen to someone you believe me most importantly, I will definitely help you. Wait until I become famous after the competition in Venice, and after that I will definitely take care of you but now now you have to be patient. You can return home and wait for me for now, Guan Yu said hastily.

Youre not worth it, I will deal with my problems myself.

You wont manage it yourself, everything is too confused in this matter, you need to wait for a good opportunity, said Guan Yu.

That is why I am returning home, I will succeed! firmly cut off Mu Ning Xue.

These words were spoken not for him, but for herself.

She is not going to listen to the words about the notoriety of their clan from the lips of some small family, people all over the country are unfriendly towards them.

Her last name is Mu, and the famous Mu clan has nothing to do with it. She is from the Mu family, period. She wont change anything.

Shell deal with everything!

After lunch, to everyones surprise, it poured in icy rain.

All of them gathered in the evening on the road. The guys from the team stood at the gate, escorting them.

Of course, they were universally respected, but given their experience and rank in the country, they could be of great help to students.

Mu Ning Xue stood next to the leaders, she didnt say anything and was not particularly happy.

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Wait, wait!

As soon as they were about to leave, I heard voice of Mo Fan.

Student Mo Fan, what do you want? Sun He frowned, he noticed that Mo Fan was holding his packaged things.

Im coming back, too, said Mo Fan.

Why should you come back? In a few days, you will set off for a new challenge! angry Feng Li.

Take in my place a person from the state guard, I will also leave the team, said Mo Fan.

As soon as he said this, everyone around me was stupefied.

Leaves the team!

Is that what you can say?

All those present, except Ai Jiang Tu, were under constant pressure, because a place in the team is given for a reason. By their presence here, each of the guys expressed the aspirations and hopes of the people who stood behind them and accompanied them on this difficult path to magical society from the very beginning.

But Mo Fan throws this out!

Kuram ridicule!

Kid, repeat it again! Feng Li put on his mustache.

I want to leave the national team. Oh yes. Since my place has been vacated, I give it to Mu Ning Xue, is she now in state guard? said Mo Fan.

Feng Li literally turned red with rage.

What place does this boy take the national team for? He thinks that he can act here, how can he please?

He was put into the team without even asking the opinions of five leaders, and now he leaves the team just like that???

Mo Fan, I ask you, do not make jokes with us like that. Better come back to yourself, and never again come to my eyes! Head Feng Li could no longer restrain himself.

Why worry so much? I have already said that I will not stay here. I agree with Mu Ning Xue, leave voluntarily, and then return with defeat. You yourself said that the state guards who have proved themselves have every chance, and that means that everything just wont end like this, said Mo Fan.

He simply turned over the general perception of everything that was happening.

Is he really that stupid? The guys at that cost joined the national team, and now they should look at it.

In fact, such huge resources were provided for the national team that two magicians with the same level will develop completely differently if one of them is on the national team, and the second is on the state guard.

Mo Fan, stop joking already. This is not something that can be chuckled so easily. Come on, apologize to the leaders, and forget about it, said Zhao Man Yan.

The spirits of the ancestors of the Mo family are not only waiting for Mo Fan to return in the rays of glory from world competitions, they also think about his future. Mu Ning Xue will return to the country, marry and give birth to a child is that funny??? How will he then achieve it!

I already packed all my things, see you next time! Nan Jue, Jiang Shaoxuy, I will remember you, Mo Fan was already standing next to the leader Sun He, throwing his junk on his shoulder.

Song He was simply stunned.

-Feng Li, let off the steam first, this is, -Song Hae fawned on Feng Li.

Why am I going to be angry? If someone wants to leave the team, I will only be glad that the team will lose such unspecific people who are not able to make a decision. Come on, get out of here! cursed Feng Li.

Head Feng Li, where should I dump this if I fly to China with you? You still need to help me buy a ticket and not reveal my identity, said Mo Fan.

Now, Feng Lis eyes actually jumped out of their sockets. Exhaling, he said to the one who was standing nearby: Take him with us!.

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