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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 849 The Totem Tradition Read Novel

Chapter 849 The Totem Tradition VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 849 The Totem Tradition VERSATILE MAGE

After the dark talisman reassured Mo Fan, asking him to wait a few days, Mo Fan began to wait for Mu Ning Xue to go with her to the state security office.

From Lin Lin for now there was also no news, and Mo Fan went to Hangzhou to look at the cute, sexy and so desired Tang Yue, and also to visit the big, scary, and very old totem snake, which was also very cute in fact. In his head, Mo Fan was still thinking about the wooden fish of Zhao Man Yan, which did not bother him.

Upon arrival in Hangzhou, he found Tang Yue standing on an island in the center of the lake. Boarding the boat, he sailed towards the island, because the local totem guardians all knew him well and did not interfere with him.

Tang Yue read a book and sat next to the snake, periodically glancing at the shore, as if saying that everything is fine.

I never saw the teacher Tang Yue so flirting constantly calls, sends messages, said Mo Fan, coming up. He poured himself tea, showing that he is not a stranger here.

Now I am a member of the magical court, not like you, a loafer, that is staggering everywhere oh, yes, shouldnt you be in the national team? Now it seems like international internships should be taking place, right? Tang Yue asked.

I returned to take a walk.

Well, okay. Tell your teacher the current situation of your cultivation, according to my feelings, your magical energy has become much more powerful, said Tang Yue, looking narrowly at Mo Fan.

Fire at a high level, lightning will soon be on high, the call is under the influence of external circumstances, the shadow is at the peak of the middle level, the space is at the initial level Mo Fan said bluntly.

Tang Yue already knew almost everything about his cultivation, including demonization, which Tang Zhong and Leng Qing told her about. She was his own man, so Mo Fan did not hide anything from her.

Your element of lightning should develop approximately the same way with fire, why are you slowing down? asked Tang Yue.

That is why I came to visit the teacher Tang Yue, so she told me about the breakthrough to a high level in great detail. My element of fire made a breakthrough somehow strange, so I really couldnt survive this experience, said Mo Fan.

And just for that? Tang Yue looked at Mo Fan, trying to understand the true reasons for his arrival.

Most importantly, I wanted to see the teacher Tang Yue, I have not seen each other for a long time!

This you couldnt even say it.

But you are clearly not being modest.

Dont shy away from the answer, Tang Yue looked directly at the boy.

Heres the thing Last time you gave me a system convolution, well, the one that can help release magic once, even if the magician is not at all able to make elemental systems. So, I wanted to know if you can give me a cloud bundle for high-level lightning magic? Mo Fan was clutching his hands.

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Such gizmos are the secret jewels of Lin Yins magical court, and they are not for distribution. Initially, the magician himself must masterfully master the elemental systems and star clouds of all the elements that he is armed with, and such scrolls can only harm, causing addiction Tang Yue was an excellent teacher, so she immediately explained.

-Tang Zhong-is not the chairman? Secret, not secret let him tell me to be given 70-80 pieces of these little things Mo Fan said with a grin.

After these words, Tang Yues eyes went wide!

70-80 pieces yes this guy imagined that these scrolls are plain A4 paper, which is sold on the street for a penny!

3! The most you can get is three scrolls! Tang Yue said menacingly.

If Mo Fan had not done a great service to Hangzhou, the Lin Yin magical court would never have agreed to provide him with such items!

-Five! I really really need it!

Four, and no more!!! Tang Yue has already gritted her teeth.

Come on, go four, so four, Mo Fan smiled like a sly fox.

And thats because I know that you came without malicious intent, said Tang Yue.

Ah, yes, Ill show something, look, you can read it or not, Mo Fan took out the phone and showed the image on it.

Mo Fan showed her the inscriptions that he photographed on a wooden fish. He waited until he saw Tang Yue, because these inscriptions looked very much like the inscriptions on this island.

At first, Tang Yue thought that Mo Fan wanted to fool her, but after she saw this ancient language, immediately grabbed the phone from his hands and began to carefully read it.

Where did you get this? After a long time, she began to ask anxiously Tan Yue.

In a Japanese monastery. I heard from people on the team that this contraption is a very rare vessel of a high order, inside which there is a whole world, and you can even contain an evil spirit, said Mo Fan.

Thats right, right. Demons can appear in these vessels, and if they are there for a very long time, then their strength is simply amazing. These inscriptions are very similar to the letters used by our long-standing ancestors, it refers to another totem animal, said Tang Yue.

Another totem? Mo Fan was stupefied.

Yes. It refers to the extermination of a very ancient totem. In the whole country at the moment, only one totem has survived a snake. And if it were not for Lake Sikhu, which can completely hide it, and not for our work of the tribe of the guardians of the totem, then the serpent would not have survived to this moment. However, in ancient times there were a lot of different tribes in the country, and on the territory of Huasia * (the ancient name of China) there were many different totems that are now called deities! Todays magicians are very weak, and little educated culturally, because these totem animals are different from other magical creatures, because they always lived in peace with people! They use their powers to protect the human race! Tang Yue said.

But after all not all totem animals were exterminated, here the snake remained. So, this wooden fish is no use? Is this not a historical monument? Asked Mo Fan.

No, no, no! This little thing is very important, and not only because of its historical significance, but because it conveys to us, the guardians of totems, an important tradition, added Tang Yue.


Hearing this word, Mo Fan seemed to fall into an ancient fairy tale.

Tradition says that the totem animal did not die, said Tang Yue.

Not not dead Doesnt that sound too exaggerated? Of course, I understand that totems can live very long, and even can live like snakes for several thousand years, but if this animal has not died, then it will rewrite all the laws of science! Exclaimed Mo Fan.

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