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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 850 Mascot is Responsible Read Novel

Chapter 850 Mascot is Responsible VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 850 Mascot is Responsible VERSATILE MAGE

It’s true, 1000 or 2000 years ago, our ancestors kept a record of the dead totems. They even made sketches of their bodies, which collapsed from decomposition like lime. Their remains lay on the ground, slowly plunging into the earth. Tang Yue said without any laughter.

From her description, Mo Fan could have perfectly imagined that the ancestors of Tang Yue did indeed record the deaths of totem snakes.

But is everything alright with him? Mo Fan pointed to the water, seeing that the two nostrils of the totem snake appeared on the surface, which, like a whale, threw water into the air.

But in fact, the head of the totem snake was much larger than that of a whale. The sight was magnificent. It is also good that Si Hu Lake was large enough, otherwise it would not have fit this huge snake body.

They can, so to speak, die, but if one condition is met, then the animals can rise. answered Tang Yue.

What is the condition?.. Maybe you need to collect seven pearls? Mo Fan came up with an idea for an idea.

Um Well, almost! Tang Yue nodded her head.

The guy started to laugh, and Tang Yue nodded his head.

That is, wooden fish is one of these pearls, if you collect six more, can you summon or resurrect a lost totem beast? asked Mo Fan.

Hearing about six wooden fish, Tang Yue found this funny. As if Mo Fan was talking about something happening in the cartoon, and not in real life.

Once again, no. I am also very new to the methods of awakening and resurrection. I only know that a totem vessel is a key concept. Only under the condition that you have a totem vessel, you can continue to take steps in the direction of resurrection. And, only according to a certain order and ritual, can a totem animal be resurrected or awakened. answered Tang Yue.

But didn’t Zhao Man Yan have such a thing? It has already recognized him as its master, said Mo Fan.

A totem vessel is either passed down from generation to generation or is hiding in some secluded place. In general, the conditions under which a totem beast can wake up are rather complicated. For example, the totem vessel your friend has can only awaken a totem beast if it becomes a high-level vessel. All this is very difficult

Well, can you still find a way? asked Mo Fan.

The guy could not stand it and looked towards Lake Sihu. Remembering the striking fighting ability of the totem serpent, Mo Fan’s heart began to beat more often.

If this beast belonged to some person, this person could become the ruler of the world.

If at the time when the rocky tyrant who almost destroyed Xi`an existed, Mo Fan would have a couple of such totems, then he would quickly steal the vile nature of the tyrant. And Xi`an would not be on the verge of destruction.

Zhao Man Yan accidentally got a totem vessel. After all, they have a huge fortune, with his money, he would definitely be able to awaken the totem if the guy had a secret meaning. Then the Zhao family would become the most powerful in China.

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That is, the totem vessel is the main component? asked Mo Fan.

Yes, only the totem vessel knows what it takes to awaken the totem animal. In fact, if totem animals had not experienced a difficult period of molting for them, when their body weakens and it becomes easier to kill them, after death they themselves could turn into vessels. It is a pity that after all these animals died and there were no chronicles about their resurrection and awakening. If there were any notes, then they could really help your friend.

And really sorry. exhaled Mo Fan.

Oh well, all this is very foggy and vague. By the way, over the past thousand years, other totems did not appear, although the totem vessels scattered around. Resurrection is not an easy thing. Tell your friend not to be greedy. If he manages to keep this vessel with him, it will already be wonderful. Tang Yue said.

Yes, yes, I will tell him. answered Mo Fan.

After spending a bit with the totem snake, Mo Fan left Hangzhou.

In the hands of the magician there were four system convolutions of the lightning element that Tang Yue gave him.

Sitting on a high-speed train, Mo Fan took out his dark talisman, time and time again watching him. And the talisman did not understand what for his master was staring at him.

Okay, you need to stop thinking so much. Mo Fan hid the talisman, then got comfortable in the comfortable chair of the train.

The talisman really respects my feelings. He said that he could move forward in a few days and did it.

If nothing happened, the talisman would be considered a system vessel that would allow Mo Fan to accelerate in cultivation by 7-8 times.

It’s also good that Mo Fan has more elements than other magicians. But on the other hand, if he had 3-4 elements, like the others, then the speed of his cultivation would be as fast as a rocket.

Director Xiao showed respect to Mo Fan. Knowing that he needed to cultivate the element of lightning, she immediately gave the magician a chance to go into the three-stage tower, thereby greatly helped Mo Fan. The lighting element is already reliable enough to move to a new level.

The galactic vein is the main component, and the dark talisman has digested part of the energy of the eternal lotus. In addition, the three-stage tower made it possible to compress the component parts of the lightning element along its perimeter, which is equivalent to the fact that Mo Fan has an element area. Under these conditions, it is difficult to fail.

In addition, Mo Fan has already become a high-level mage. When you have a high-level spiritual energy, it also allows other elements to advance to a high level.

Sitting in a three-stage tower, Mo Fan felt the greatness of the lightning component in a circle of ten meters, it was worth only holding his hand in in the air, as magic was born right away.

Taking a deep breath, Mo Fan tried to cheer himself up.

If all else fails, his loss will be about 100 million, impossible had to fool yourself that everything was fine.

Okay, thank you dark talisman.

After all, the talisman brought him life for the benefit of a beautiful magical world, because he is responsible for everything that he does on his magical path!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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