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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 854 The Gray Mummy Read Novel

Chapter 854 The Gray Mummy VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 854 The Gray Mummy VERSATILE MAGE

The breath of an element of necromancy!

The breath of necromancy spread throughout the district, and the creatures of this element can usually only move within it.

The thicker this stench becomes, the more ghosts grew stronger, which differed from ordinary summoned animals in that they could have risen from the dead in this breath of death, just like skeletons.

Apparently, Said called the corpse, because at first appeared from the darkness its head, then hands, and finally it showed himself completely!

The growth of this corpse reached three meters, his whole body was wrapped in gray bandages that did not fit snugly in the places of the eye sockets, nose, and mouth.

The eye sockets of this creature gaped in darkness, they had no eyes, there were no lips in the mouth. This growl came from the mouth with yellow teeth.

The mummy in gray bandages showed up completely and now stood right in front of Said like a small giant.

This creature was clearly unfriendly, as she rushed into battle immediately after Said pointed to the target.

His speed was very fast, and in pursuit he looked as menacing as a ten-meter monster!

* Knock

The gray mummy was very smart: in a few moments she was already ten meters from Dong Fang Le! And the stones from her sharp jumps simply turned to dust.

Now all the power of the mummy was concentrated in her hands you could see how she throws something at Dong Fang Le. It was the fist of a mummy.

Dong Fang Le did not even imagine that the mummy would attack him from a distance of ten meters, and somehow awkwardly released his defense.

His shield was semicircular, so it perfectly protected its owner from all sides.

The blow heavily fell on the semicircular shield, which made it vibrate. Following the blow, another blow followed, which was able to break through the defense and hit directly on Dong Fang Le.

Now Dong Fang Le reacted much faster. Realizing that the shield would not protect him for a long time, he activated his armor, which instantly covered his body in brown.

The blow knocked the magician five meters! even more. Seeing that in such a short period of time his ward had already used two whole protective artifacts, he began to unwittingly swear.

Of course, the element of necromancy is very specific and rare in nature, but even it can be resisted. If Dong Fang Le began to attack earlier, he would not have lost two defenses in such a short time!

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Don’t let your emotions go! shouted Bai Dongwei, realizing that at that moment he couldn’t say anything better to his student.

Dong Fan Le himself understood what a difficult situation he was in, so, turning around, he moved away for some distance from the gray mummy.

After this, the actions of the gray mummy became even more accurate. Dong Fang Le released a flaming fist, but it turned out too soon.

The gray mummy dodged this attack without any problems.

A flaming fist outlined a wide arc in the air, slowly covering the space. Even if the mummy was too close, she could still dodge.

This Said mummy was obviously very familiar with human magic: these her light movements, thanks to which she easily avoided attacks, simply hit Dong Fang Le. Now he randomly released entry-level magic, wanting to get away from the gray mummy.

Although the mage’s fiery emissions were of the fourth stage, they were no use. Even if they fell on the body of a gray mummy, they simply flew through, burning a hole.

With quick steps, the mummy appeared right in front of Dong Fang Le. She raised her gray leg, from the blow of which the magician flew up into the air.

* Ringing

The brown armor of Dong Fang Le was metallic, and the kick of the gray mummy’s leg showed that the leg was also as if cast from metal!

The magician was thrown very far. Although his defense was of the highest quality, a gap was created on her from the blow received!

Tin! muttered Dun Fang Le through gritted teeth.

Now let’s see! Dong Fang Le, overcoming the pain, created an elemental system, and the flame began to flare up actively on his right hand.

Burning fist nine dragons!

Serpentine fire became crawl in different directions from the magician. These dragons rose into the air, as if cutting fire through space.

Nine dragons headed toward the gray mummy, absorbing it with their flame.

Well, how do you feel? Hot, isn’t it? Dong Fang Le grinned wickedly.

He continued to continuously release magic, giving the enemy no chance to hide.

Said stood by, where the magic of Dong Fang Le couldn’t overtake him.

Dimples were still clearly visible on his face, the presence of which indicated that he was still smiling!

In his blue-blue eyes some thought flashed, and he shouted at the gray mummy, which burned out in the fire so that she could attack the magician!

The mummy rushed to run towards Dong Fang Le with the fire.

He has nowhere to go to hide, and a collision with a mummy became for him a collision with a truck the guy was thrown right on the barrier!

Now Dong Fang Le’s armor could not stand it.

Blood flowed from his mouth, his face was deathly pale, and his bones seemed to be broken in all possible places.

Slack! Said grinned.

Bai Dongwei exhaled, barely restraining curses. He called for a healing magician for Dong Fang Le.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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