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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 855 Sword Mummy (Part 1) Read Novel

Chapter 855 Sword Mummy (Part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 855 Sword Mummy (Part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

This carrion, in size it is not large but has much power. Carefully follow his feet, attack the place where he stands. If you get hit, then turn into the same thing as Dong Fang Le, said the girl with short hair and black-rimmed glasses.

Dong Fang Le went much faster than planned. This Egyptian team is very strong, because it’s very difficult to resist such a gray mummy even the fourth-stage flame couldn’t do much harm to her.

Yes, he is to blame. It was necessary to attack from the very beginning, then there would be no such situation.

Who goes next?

I will go. Plant magic will make it easier to deal with this mummy, said the same girl with black-framed glasses.

Mu Well Jiao also owns a plant element.

Compared with her, I’m more experienced, the girl said heatedly.

She moved forward, adjusting her wide glasses.

Bai Dongwei was still furious.

Yue Tansin, do you want to fight him? Sure of victory? Asked Bai Dongwei.

Yue Tansin nodded her head.

Said, seeing that the girl was rising in the arena, became more interested.

-I can’t make a concession for you, so prepare your defense in advance, -Said Said to the girl manfully.

As the girl expected, this mummy was only three meters tall, but had tremendous strength.

For example, if a three-meter man rushes, then it will not be difficult for him to break an ordinary person’s head, if a metal mummy bears on you, the effect will be even more terrifying.

This metal corpse is very heavy, therefore it can attack mages only from a distance of ten meters, which happened in the case of with Dong Fang Le when his defensive artifact made a hole.

Besides this, there is nothing dangerous in this gray mummy and terrifying.

Yue Tansini closely followed the gray mummy. Her plant element magic was silent, and she tried to tie her little stars so that the adversary did not see it.

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The gray mummy was not original in its actions, so it also rushed to attack the adversary.

Apparently, the mummy saw what was happening at the feet of Yue Tansin, so she moved toward her, jumping each time to a height of ten meters. After each such jump, the earth in that place simply cracked at the seams the mummy was really very heavy.

Yue Tansin began to step back, now and then glancing at the gray mummy. At one point, she raised both hands into the air, and in one motion sent a green light to the ground where the mummy was.

The earth, washed out in this way, began to sprout vines.

Liana growth!

Yue Tansin continued to release magic, and the sprouts of creepers continuously climbed out of the ground, and the plants that had already sprouted continued to harden and acquire sharp spikes!

Creepers persecution!

The girl was calm. She didn’t let her plants attack until they had fully ascended to be fully armed.

This is the essence of the magic of the plant element: plants cannot be of special benefit until grow fully.

Mature vines rushed towards the gray mummy.

From such intrusive plants it is almost impossible to hide, and vines from all sides began to cover the mummy.

Grab her!

Yue Tansin stood in the middle of her plants, not even feeling a bit of fear of the gray mummy. She made a hand gesture, telling the vines to pierce the mummy as soon as she rushed toward the girl.

The vines were like the sinister pythons that completely surround their victim, clutching the rings of their powerful body around her. Having tied the legs of the mummy, they threw it to the ground.

The mummy did not have time to touch the ground, as several vines appeared from there, which firmly tied the victim to the ground.

Gray mummy tried to resist. She tore several plants, but new ones appeared in their place. The mummy seemed to be in a plant trap and could not even make a few movements.


So gently you can knock down the iron monster! Cunning!

Seeing the success of Yue Tansin, the rest of the students were very happy.

Unlike Dong Fang Le’s tactics, the gray mummy in the arms of Yue Tansin’s magic was like a puppet!

The lunar forest is a dungeon!

The girl decided not to give the mummy the slightest opportunity, so she immediately switched to the magic of mid-level plants. Now the gray mummy has really ended up in a plant cell!

Bai Dongwei calmed down a bit. Yue Tansin also maintained icy calm and wise battle tactics.

At first, she did not resort to mid-level magic, because the dungeon is also not infinite, therefore it requires that the victim be well fixed.

Plant magic is very different in attack from other types of magic: the most important thing here is the balance of power. The victim should gradually enter the set traps.

There are very few plant mages in our area Said continued to remain calm even in this situation. He did not think about his mummy that he was trapped, but simply uttered however, the fact that you so calmly dealt with one of my ghouls suggests that you are much smarter than the previous magician.

What other tricks do you have? Yue Tansin shouted.

I have no other tricks, only dead people only now I want to find out how many of them you can handle! Get it! Said shouted.

The dark hole reappeared, but now a large bone sword appeared from there!

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