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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 857 State Guard Unit, Mu Ning Xue Read Novel

Chapter 857 State Guard Unit, Mu Ning Xue VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 857 State Guard Unit, Mu Ning Xue VERSATILE MAGE

Now, at one glance, any person would understand how serious everything is.

Yue Tansin came to her senses several times, but immediately afterwards fainted again. Even that man with the healing element looked grim!

But how can you attack so hard. Really, the teachers have not taught you that you need to know the measure everywhere! One of the guys exclaimed angrily.

You are not magicians of the element of necromancy, how do you know if I can completely control the dead Said answered coldly.

Don’t you really want to apologize? Asked Bai Dongwei.

If one of the participants does not die or will not damned, then his opponent does not bear any responsibility. Fight is a fight, there can not do without injuries. If she was not ready for such consequences, then she should not have joined the state guard unit at all. You can live perfectly in the greenhouse conditions of a school or university. Our teachers said that we should be well prepared and fight at the proper level. Even if it’s just a duel between two magicians, you need to fight as if you were fighting not for life but for death with a fierce monster, said was unhappy that so many people criticized him.

Who knew that the girl would not only be weak herself but would also use a cheap protective artifact.

If every time after he injures a person, he will apologize, can this already be called a real battle? Apparently, these people did not understand the essence of fights. Yes, and they dragged some morality here.

You are rude and uncivilized! You still have one participant, the only thing I can promise you is that I will not fight at full strength. I didn’t think you were so weak here. So be it, I will give you a discount, but then you do not need to point to me and say all kinds of nonsense. What an absurd country! Said was not going to apologize, on the contrary, his words were saturated with sarcasm.

Bai Dongwei was angry that his face was shaking. He turned toward the students and wanted to choose the next one. Having examined everyone, he came to the conclusion that everyone except Lu Ilin would end this battle with the same outcome as Yue Tansin.

Teacher, let me, said Mu Well Jiao.

Even she was embarrassed at how they disgraced themselves in the face of more than a hundred students from different institutions. His corpses are very strong, you’ll just spend time and you won’t be able to win in the end, Bai Dongwei understood the girl’s natural desire to prevent her country from disgrace, but the teacher was not a fool. He well understood that a girl with the main element of plants and a side element of wind would not be able to cope with such an adversary!

Then let’s go. I may not succeed, but I will not allow this guy to commit such atrocities! said Li Yijun.

Bai Dongwei shook his head. Li Yijun was weaker than Dong Fang Le. And only one gray mummy was able to defeat him

However, the problem was not the gray mummy, but another, sword-bearing mummy. According to the teacher’s feelings, her strength was approximately equal to the level of the commander-in-chief.

This Said is really arrogant and self-confident, but he should be given credit, he is very strong. No wonder he came to fight alone!

But we can’t give him the competitive badge like that! Said Li Yijun.

Not only people from detachment of state protection, but also all students felt resentment. To be defeated with such shame, and even in your own country.

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Bai Dongwei has never been a target for bullying, but looking at the students again, he was convinced that they were not strong enough.

Even if he sends someone to fight, the result will be the same. It will be a shame on his head!

Enough, give it to him, said Bai Dongwei, gritting his teeth.

Master Bai, but how can that be?!

We have already lost so many badges said Li Yijun.

I say we give it means we give. Remember today’s lesson. If any of you fall into the national team and meet in a battle with them, you should know: it’s better not to catch my eye without a good fight! Bai Dongwei angrily said.

A lot of people bowed their heads, such battles were not the first time, and etiquette was respected every time, everyone was polite. Lost it means they lost, all the same, everyone will live in peace and harmony. However, there were always representatives of some countries who behaved about as arrogantly and arrogantly as this guy from Egypt.

Can I try?, A very calm, cold, emotionless voice came out.

Since all eyes were on Bai Dongwei and Yue Tansin, no one noticed the appearance of anyone’s silhouette.

You are not from the state defense detachment, there’s nothing to blather, said Bai Dongwei impolite.

It was like seeing her somewhere, someone sounded.

Mu Ning Xue!, surprised exclaimed Mu Well Jiao. She was the first to recognize the girl.

Mu Ning Xue?

I heard that name somewhere!

E * your mother! Is that the same Mu Ning Xue?! The one from the imperial university, what is the best magician with an element of ice? Exclaimed excitedly one of the guys who was above.

Mu Ning Xue was not hard to find out. Her silvery hair reached right up to her buttocks, she had snow-white beautiful skin. Most guys from a single glance at a heart beat faster. Yes, they didn’t even dream of seeing such a beauty in a dream!

You are you Mu Ning Xue?, Li Yijun was stunned.

He was also from imperial university. He had heard more than once about Mu Ning Xue, that she was extremely beautiful and cold. However, these rumors only diminished these qualities significantly!

And, I remember, I received a report today that one of the members of the national team dropped out and will come to join the state defense detachment, it’s probably you, said Bai Dongwei.

Yes, if we allow the competitive badge, we can say that my first day is a failure. I just can’t put up with it. Moreover, this man has crossed all borders! Mu Ning Xue said calmly and coldly.

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