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Chapter 860 Jump Up VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 860 Jump Up VERSATILE MAGE

A sword-mummy slowly raised its black sword. She stared at the girl.

Her fat body took another step, followed by another sword attack!

This same blow again!

As Bai Dongwei saw this movement, his heart beat faster.

The other students felt about the same. This sweeping mummy caused a cold shiver for almost everyone.

Mu Ning Xue had the feeling that she was blocked by some kind of force, which made her unable to move.

She did not give free rein to her feelings, took control of all the ice chains that were around, and moved opposite herself.

The chains began to twist, forming a solid wall through which even air could not pass. Mu Ning Xue was aware of the destructive power of this sword, so if the dead man tried to attack, she immediately built a defense!

The sword struck directly against the wall protecting Mu Ning Xue.

Each chain of Mu Ning Xue was ten to twenty meters long. The chains joined together were very strong, but even their strength was not enough to withstand the attack!

The sword launched a vertical strike, after which the ice chains immediately scattered into many pieces! Even such a powerful defense could not match the mummy’s sword. However, after the sword hit the ground, a shock wave swept toward the girl.

Mu Ning Xue’s body was immediately covered with a snow-white radiance.

As soon as the radiance disappeared, it became clear that it was nothing but a spiritual shield!

The spiritual shield took upon itself the whole attack, it was seen how the whole his strength was directed against direct attack

As soon as this happened, many of the audience breathed a sigh of relief.

No matter how, but Mu Ning Xue was able to withstand this attack. Usually, attacks by a sword-like mummy are accompanied by bitter consequences.

Wow! Yes, he’s even where it is! Li Yijun involuntarily exclaimed.

It is quite difficult to withstand such an attack. Even magicians with defensive spells would still have to use several defensive artifacts at once.

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Mu Ning Xue used many ice chains, making the attack much weaker. And a guarantee of one hundred percent protection was the use of a protective magical artifact.

Create so many ice chains in such a short period of time No wonder she was in the team. She is truly strong and cold-blooded, Bai Dongwei said approvingly and nodded his head a little.

One thing is power, another thing is fighting spirit. It also greatly affects the battle. Take Dong Fan Le for example, he was so surprised that he could not even defeat the gray mummy.

So you won’t achieve anything!, The self-confident state began to return to Said, as well as his smile.

The sword-like mummy was not as mobile as the gray, but the difference in strength was obvious. The sword-bearing mummy took the sword with both hands and stopped it at the level of its own lower back.

After that, the sword described an arc of one hundred and eighty degrees.

*** The dead man mooed ** *

The mummy moaned loudly, after which the sword began to increase in size! The size of the sword was now about fifty meters!

The length of the sword immediately shocked all people. The battlefield was considered quite spacious, it was about two hundred meters. And now the sword of this mummy occupies a quarter of this arena. The sword was so large that some students sitting on the podium tried to evade it.

Of course, the sword could not hurt people on the podium, special barriers were put up for this purpose, but the reflexes of magicians anyway made them react.

Too terrible, this sword too terrible! There is no doubt that missing one hit of such a weapon is punishable by death.

Since the sword has become so huge, so how can I evade attacks now?

Mu Ning Xue was also scared by such a large weapon. But the numerous experience of battles with monsters at the level of the ruler did not allow the girl to lose her temper.

A wind path had already appeared under the girl’s feet, but even this speed could not be enough to dodge.

Mu Ning Xue had nowhere to evade: she cannot fly back the blade is too large, she cannot dodge either to the left or right side, because her sword strike is likely to be horizontal!

Mu Ning Xue gritted her teeth, then formed an elemental star system and changed the direction of the wind flow.

After which the girl jumped to a height of five meters

Even though the attack with the sword will be horizontal and it can be evaded from it, the girl will still be hit by the shock wave that follows.

It’s a bad thing, she doesn’t have enough speed and jump height to dodge the attack, said Bai Dongwei excitedly.

The teacher calculated that the girl needed jump very quickly to a height of about twenty meters, then she can dodge.

And Mu Ning Xue lacked neither speed nor the height of the jump. It was hoped that her defensive artifacts could save her from this attack!


Mu Ning Xue herself felt the danger of the situation. The wind beneath her feet became even more furious. At the same time, an ice chain formed near her body. Since the ice had not yet melted, it was not difficult to create a new ice chain very quickly.

The ice chain immediately flew to Mu Ning Xue’s feet, forming a support.

She did not reach a high level of magic, so it was difficult to jump to a height of more than five meters

The girl immediately used a new support and a wind element to rise to a great height

Mu Ning Xue was immediately thrown into the air at great speed! She was now at an altitude of more than twenty meters above the ground!

*** Crack! ***

At that moment the sword broke the ice chain, and so easily as if it were made of hay!

The shock wave immediately swept over ten meters in different directions, it’s good that Mu Ning Xue could evade it, otherwise, her beautiful body would be torn to shreds!

All the people from the rostrum looked at this scene and could not believe their own eyes!

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