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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 862 Unable to Fight the Ice Mage Read Novel

Chapter 862 Unable to Fight the Ice Mage VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 862 Unable to Fight the Ice Mage VERSATILE MAGE

A large sword flew at a height of 4-5 meters as if it understood the thoughts of Mu Ning Xue and her adversary.

As ice frost covered the space around, for Mu Ning Xue it became easier to use magic.

The ice has covered the earth in several layers. Seeing how much the black sword rotates in the air, Mu Ning Xue used the ice element to build ice mounds in front of her!

The ice mounds seem to have grown from the ground. Their height exceeded seven meters, and on three sides they created excellent protection.

A large black sword could easily destroy the first icy elevation, however, when it collided with the second, it was possible to see that its speed was noticeably reduced. Now the sword no longer rotated like a whirlwind.

The sword plunged into the third hill, which reached 7-8 meters in thickness, but he could not pierce the ice even by a third!

Said is stupefied!

How can this girl use magic that goes beyond the capabilities of the elemental system?

Icy hillocks?

Whether it’s about ice magic of the initial, intermediate or high levels none of these magic has a protective function! This is something innovative!

The mummy’s sword is the creature’s strongest attacker, but he couldn’t even cope with these three mounds!

Said didn’t know that Mu Ning Xue uses this technique to fight creatures at the level of ruler. The ferocious blue beast is far superior in its power to the sword-like mummy, so then Mu Ning Xue could not resort to this chip.

The thicker the fog of ice, the stronger the girl’s magic strengthened.

You aren’t you a mid-level mage? he shook his finger at Mu Ning Xue Said, proceeding with malice. She is definitely hiding something!

Even among all the high-level ice magicians that Said had met all the time, he did not meet the wizard who possessed such element control!

In the end, what happens??? The magic of Mu Nin Xue is completely different from the usual magic of an ice element! a voice was heard among the state security guards.

She was also a magician of the ice element, why is Mu Ning Xue’s magic so fast and powerful?

That’s right, it is incomprehensible even to the mind! The sword-like mummy is actually equated in strength to a creature of the level of the ruler, how does she get it? Li Yijun’s voice was heard.

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But she is really very cool! Absolute control over the elements! Her ice magic is so multi-layered that very soon the bones of a sword-like mummy will freeze through!

Discussions began among the crowd of young people. All of them came to the conclusion that the girl’s magic definitely goes beyond the capabilities of a mid-level mage!

This is an ice sphere, it is a natural talent, Mu Well Jiao said.

Only during the internship did Mu Well Jiao learn that Mu Ning Xue was a natural talent. Then she fought with Mo Fan, who, in turn, is a born mage of two elements. It was then that Mu Well Jiao thought to herself, what magical heights these two could reach, and she did not lose they were both in the national team!

C sphere? a voice was heard.

Many people heard about the sphere, but not everyone saw it, because they say that even high-level magicians cannot use such a lotion.

A mid-level mage who uses superpower is a real demon from the national team!

According to insider information, Mu Ning Xue was suspected of being associated with the Black Church, because in fact, she is one of the most powerful members of the national team, and today she came to the state guard, very on time! Look even at this Egyptian, he’s about to run away!

So he needs it! Almost killed a man and didn’t even apologize!

Mu Ning Xue, this is a guest who came from afar, do not go too far! It will be enough if you do not let him achieve his goal! someone shouted that he was facing the arena.

If you think about it, Mu Ning Xue was a member of the national team, and now helps the state guard how could she be suspected in connection with the Black Church?

Ask the bastard the heat!

Go ahead, Mu Ning Xue!

Offended by the disrespectful attitude of the foreigner, students now perked up after Mu Ning Xue began to gain the upper hand in the battle.

Mu Ning Xue, unlike everyone else, kept calm.

Now that her ice covered the arena with a thick layer, she was an undeniable advantage.

There was no trace of Said’s self-confident smile, yes and his confidence in his own forces has noticeably diminished.

Now he re-examined his rival, as he was convinced that her strength was the level of the national team.

He did not want to lose, as in this case, all of the Egyptian team will lose the competitive icon.

Said fell into meditation. He understood that now he could not hope for a sword-like mummy, and now he could only use his last chance.


Mu Ning Xue did not think for a long time as Said did, and hastened to intensify her ice magic to completely freeze the mummy.

The sword-like mummy was now moving very slowly all parts of her body were extremely heavy and stiff.

The girl began to slowly approach the mummy, because this is how she could enhance the effect of her magic.

At some point, the mummy could not get off the ground and turned into an ice sculpture. The whole platform was covered in ice, even the place where Said stood.

The mummy couldn’t even lift a finger, turning into a pile of icy withered meat.

Mu Ning Xue went near the mummy and looked at Said with a cold look.

Said no longer gave out deadly chants, which meant that he had only two necromancy creatures.

He still had a huge number of small carrions, but if they were called, they would instantly freeze on this icy arena.

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