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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 867 they are all sheep Read Novel

Chapter 867 they are all sheep VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 867 they are all sheep VERSATILE MAGE

Mu Ning Xue was well aware of the plight of things in the family. Will she be able to return to the national team, will she be able to get to Venice all this was unknown.

The only thing she could do to restore her family’s reputation was to uproot the Black Church.

She wanted to do this not only for her own family, but for the Mu clan as a whole. The news that there were followers of the church among them embittered some people. Her cousin was attacked when he went to have fun in the suburbs. This made us afraid that the same thing could happen to her family.

If we prepare accordingly, the risk will be minimal. Mo Fan, I really need this opportunity, Mu Ning Xue had never spoken to Mo Fan this way. She let him know that emotions do not control her, that she says it coldly.

You never met the Black Church face to face, you don’t know how evil they are, how much dangerous, Mo Fan hoped that Mu Ning Xue would be able to understand him. This is not just a reward announcement. The members of the Black Church are animals that are worse than monsters!

That’s why I will do everything as you say, Mu Ning Xue’s eyes lit up, but she perfectly understood that she didn’t have such rich experience.

Suppose I don’t take up this matter, you’ll go to Chongming in search, right? asked Mo Fan.

Lin Lin told a little more than she should. Usually, she took things like that seriously, what has changed today?!

Yes, Mu Ning Xue said confidently.

It was obvious to her that if she if he takes up this business alone, he will definitely plunge into the abyss of death, called the Black Church. She had never dealt with these scum, so she hoped that Mo Fan could help her. After all, he had more experience than anyone else.

Oh, since you say so. Well, then you really decided on this. Then you should remember something. Listen to me completely, do not try to give vent to emotions. It’s really difficult to fight these morons, said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue smiled, and there was such a glow in her eyes that Mo Fan trembled.

Such a beautiful smile really enlivens other people!

At this moment, Mo Fan felt his heart was about to pop out of his chest.

Your mother, yes, he is ready to destroy The Black Church one, two, ten times, if necessary!


After the characters agreed, they went to Clear Sky.

Mo Fan could not let Lin Lin talk about it barely anywhere. I also had to ask Ling Qing and old Bao about this place, to make sure that it was not dangerous. It will also be necessary to find out how far the magical court will allow them to go in this matter.

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Lin Qing was in place. On reflection, Mo Fan came to the conclusion that Lin Lin could only get this information from her. In addition, Lin Qing was most likely secretly eavesdropping on someone. If she wants information, no one will stop her.

Mentor, Mo Fan went to Lin Qing. The girl was standing right behind the bar. She was wearing the servant’s apron, which gave her some charm.

Ah, here you come, what will you drink? The girl asked, looking first at Mo Fan, then at Mu Ning Xue.

Blueberry cocktail

Coke with lemon

It was clear that Lin Qing had not appeared in Pure heaven the girl did not immediately find the necessary things. She made herself a cocktail and set it right in front of her. Lin Lin wanted to grab it, but she met Ling Qing’s very stern look. After that, Lin Qing handed the girl a glass of warm milk, painted with cartoon characters.

Lin Lin clearly did not appreciate such an act and puffed out her cheeks.

Lin Lin told you everything?, Lin Qing didn’t beat around the bush, immediately got down to business.

Did Salan really escape from Chongming Island? Asked Mo Fan.

Yes. This Salan is very cunning. We thought the Black Church was completely eradicated from Shanghai, but we did not take into account the beautiful Chongming Island, said Lin Qing Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue, removing her apron.

It turns out that Chongming Island is the only strong point of the Black Church in China? asked Mo Fan.

It should be so. They are very secretive, if Salan did not need to run away, we would not have known that there are minions of the Black Church there. For ten years, no one suspected that there were their members, said Lin Qing.

Then why does the magical court not take up this case, since you know about this problem? Mo Fan asked immediately.

The island is rather big. It has several dozen cities. Seven hundred thousand people in each. And the Black Church is most likely hiding in some company or factory. We already sent people to check. All the companies there are ordinary. And since the island is independent, it is not difficult to track everyone who comes and leaves it. However, according to our information, church representatives can still be there, can observe people. Should a magical court attempt to get to the island, they will immediately run away. If we scare them away, we won’t be able to find them, said Lin Qing.

Therefore, you are looking for hunters. No matter how powerful the church may be, it will not be able to test every hunter, right? Asked Mo Fan.

Yes, several famous hunters did not take up this matter. They were afraid that the Black Church might settle accounts with them, the girl said in a whisper.

The Black Church was so powerful that even the strongest hunters, who hate and despise them, dare not openly quarrel with them. Only a magical court could afford it. Even some large clans were brutally taught that they opposed the Black Church

All human life goes this way. On the Internet, in the media, in society, daredevils periodically appear who claim that together they can deal with this problem. However, if one of them encounters the Black Church face to face, most of them immediately cease to arise and hope for mercy!

They are all sheep who pretend to be tigers.

In addition, we must have found reliable people who met with the Black Church, said Lin Qing.

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