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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 868 The Seven Cardinals Read Novel

Chapter 868 The Seven Cardinals VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 868 The Seven Cardinals VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan understood. During all this time, the minions of the Black Church have already managed to calculate and check all the members of the magical court in Shanghai. And since no one from the magical court knows exactly about the members of the Black Church, they cannot take any actions.

In addition, the magical court cannot block the island, because the members of the Black churches can use people as hostages. Therefore, the best solution is to hire strong hunters in this matter.

This time you have to act alone. I will secretly help you. However, you should understand that I and my people will not be able to get too close to the island. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, we will not be able to respond immediately. Therefore, don’t delay it, said Lin Qing.

Mo Fan nodded, and then said: Wait a minute, but we have not agreed to take up this business!

So what are you asking then? the girl asked viciously.

I just wanted to know some details. If it is really so dangerous there, then I’m afraid that

There are levels of secrecy in magical court. If someone receives information, they may arrest him. Do you want to spend several months in a magical court? Lin Qing said unfriendly.

Mo Fan did not know what to say.

After all that was said, he thought that it’s all specially tailored by the girls.

Alright, alright, first tell me how many there are there, Mo Fan said.

It is not clear yet. Since there is a whole company there, then no less than forty, answered Lin Qing.

And how much is the reward? Asked Mo Fan.

Adept in gray clothes five hundred thousand. The priest in black is several million. The deacon in blue is one hundred million and two hundred thousand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s alive or dead, the main thing is that the person’s status is confirmed or there is undeniable evidence, said Lin Qing.

Is this a reward for each person? Asked Mo Fan.

The Magical Court establishes a certain reward for the capture of Black Church members. Hunters, when they have no orders, even undertake such tasks. Every year a three-digit number of hunters who hide their names helps us. And since this time the place of the nest of church members is Chongming Island, the reward is much higher. It’s all because the number and strength of these people is unknown, the girl explained.

For the manager in blue is only one hundred million and two hundred thousand? It’s not enough, said Mo Fan.

Usually the deacon in blue are powerful magicians, so this price is really low.

This time we provide information and help. In addition, if you succeed in grabbing the deacon in blue alive, then the price will rise to two hundred million. It will be important to find out what place he occupies in the hierarchy, said Lin Qing.

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Is there a higher price for catching alive? Asked Mo Fan.

Of course. A living deacon in blue is very important. We need to get information from this deacon about his subordinates, and after that it will be possible to go to other deacons in blue. And after that, the cardinals will not be so far. Unfortunately, not all deacons in blue have the privileges that Deacon Hujin had, the girl said.

As soon as Mo Fan heard that they give more money for a living deacon, his eyes caught fire.

He and Mu Ning Xue just need money. Once they grab one man, Mu Ning Xue will immediately have enough money for a high level of magic.

Although a galactic streak is not enough to catch up with the national team, but this is already something.

Wait, you just talked about cardinals in the plural, is there really anyone else except Salan? Mo Fan asked hastily.

Lin Qing nodded.

Initially, she did not want to talk about this, but recalling that Mo Fan had already helped the magical court several times in the fight against the Black Church, she said: Salan is only one of the Cardinals. It is said that the Black Church has only seven cardinals. Among them, absolutely nothing is known about the age, gender and status of four of them. The magical court has information about two of them, because they have already gone through some cases, but it’s extremely difficult to capture or kill them.

Mo Fan did not know what to say, he just looked at Lin Qing.

He really thought, then the most important person in the Black Church is Salan. But it turned out that a person who is able to accomplish something that happened in Xi`an is just one of the seven cardinals. Are there really six more terrifying people like that?

A few cardinals are not in China, so you should not worry about them like that. Moreover, among all the cardinals, Salan is the most gifted criminal. Unfortunately, he took root in China. Even if we succeed in destroying it, at what cost said Lin Qing.

Salan Mo Fan heard this name too many times. One had only to recall how many noble people died trying to destroy this man, how the guy’s fists clenched.

This man awakens fear and hatred in the hearts of many people. Mo Fan was already so close to this man, but still did not know who it was.

It is necessary to destroy Salan. A huge reward has been set for capture him alive, said Lin Qing.

Yes, Mo Fan answered.

To make it easier to find the minions of the Black Church, Lin Lin will go with you. Mo Fan, I’m passing Lin Lin to you, Ling Qing said very seriously.

Normally, Ling Qing would never have sent Lin Lin to such a dangerous mission. She perfectly understood the danger of such a mission, and how the Black Church does not forgive such acts.

However, Ling Qing also understood that without the help of Lin Lin, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue would be very difficult in such a complicated case. Even if it were written on the forehead of the church members who they were, it would still be difficult to find them. And without any notation, even more so.

Without Lin Lin they can’t cope.

It’s good that this is the last group of the Black Church in the country. In order to destroy the last followers of the church, Lin Qing was ready to send the little girl on this mission with an iron heart.

Don’t worry. I swear on my life, everything will be fine with her, said Mo Fan.

Oh, well, you got scared, said Lin Lin, sipping milk. Then she got up and walked away.

Mu Ning Xue, be careful. I know about your situation, so I want to warn you. Do not obey your feelings. This operation is very important, said Lin Qing.

Normally, Lin Qing is calm and decisive, this behavior is unusual for her. She is very worried about the operation. Mo Fan is indeed the most suitable candidate for this mission. Although he is not a member of the magical court, he is very firm in his intentions to destroy the church.

In fact, there was another reason why the magical court did not dare to send its people to this operation. However, without solid evidence, Lin Qing would never have voiced this reason!

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