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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 869 Country house Read Novel

Chapter 869 Country house VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 869 Country house VERSATILE MAGE

Let me ask you why you are visiting Chongming Island? the service officer asked politely.

Everything was very strict in Chongming. It feels like you were in another world. On this island, every visitor was carefully examined.

This is my girlfriend, and this is my little sister. We came to travel. We are already fed up with Shanghai, so we came here. They say that many places are ecologically clean, Mo Fan answered calmly. He was wearing the kind of clothes people put on for a vacation.

Brother, brother, I want to ride a horse! Said Lin Lin and jumped. The officer’s face warmed up with such a sweet expression.

Do you want to ride a horse? Then you should visit Wanfeng city. There’s a huge ranch, said the officer with a smile.

What, can you really ride there? But is it possible to do this somewhere except Inner Mongolia? Asked Lin Lin.

Haha, of course there is where. There are huge pastures in several cities. Now they supply fresh meat. Once you try, you will immediately realize that all imported, all forged meat can not be compared with ours! You definitely came to the right place, the officer in charge said cheerfully.

While he was talking, he checked their identity cards, but it was obvious that the officer did not suspect anything unusual.

Thank you, Uncle, Lin Lin said, and smiled sweetly.

What kind of uncle I am, I’m not even thirty yet, the officer laughed.

Thanks to the young uncle

* ***

As soon as they passed control, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue immediately looked at Lin Lin.

However, Lin Lin had already managed to return to her face the usual look. That’s for sure an actor who deserves an Oscar!

On the bus, Lin Lin immediately turned on her minicomputer. The sounds of knocking keys were heard. Mo Fan immediately wondered what she was looking for there.

I already checked all the local trading companies. Those for which there are no questions, I have already eliminated. However, it seems that the city that the officer spoke of is closely connected with the state. However, most of them are private property. It seems that they have no problems either with production or with the sale of goods. However, they can easily turn out to be fake, Lin Lin said.

Even before arrival, Lin Lin prepared herself well and analyzed all the cities.

Since they could have been without excess noise to transport Salan abroad, then they are engaged in trade. If we filter out all the unsuitable, only six will remain. They all belong to wealthy families, Lin Lin immediately identified and marked on the map the six most possible companies.

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The closest city to us is Wanfeng. They sell tuna there, we’ll go there, said Mo Fan and pointed to one of the marks on the map.

The bus drove quite slowly when they arrived in Wanfeng, it was already noon.

Wanfeng was the most ordinary town with convenient infrastructure.

Mu Ning Xue and Lin Lin dressed gracefully, which is why Mo Fan almost forgot why they came here. However, Mo Fan was not the only one who noticed this beauty, passers-by also paid attention to the girls.

As soon as our heroes arrived at the tuna enterprise, they accidentally got lost and examined it. The place did not raise any suspicions.

They still checked several places in this city, and then decided that this place was beyond suspicion.

The Black Church was still hiding in busy cities. If they do not give themselves away, then they are difficult to detect. Moreover, we cannot let the church find out about our plans. Should they find out why we are here, our chances that we will leave here alive will come to naught, said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue nodded in agreement.

She was well aware of how the Black Church can hide in quality. It is worth recalling Yu An and Mu He, who have been part of the family for many years and no one would even have thought of them.

Let the members of the Black Church and cruel people, but their ordinary life is no different from life any other person. They are like an inconspicuous time bomb.

We won’t rush to the next town, we’ll stay here a day, Lin Lin said.

Since they said that they had come to have fun, it means at least to pretend, otherwise, they can be bitten. As Mo Fan said, the main thing is not to let the Black Church see through them, otherwise, the danger of the event will increase by ten, or even a hundred times!

They stayed in Wanfeng one day, tasted delicious dishes. With all his appearance, Mo Fan showed how happy he was to be here.

When the night fell, Mo Fan offered to rent a hotel room.

The girls agreed, but discussed that they sleep separately from Mo Fan.


The next stop was the town of Pingyi, which, like Zhenming, was based on cattle breeding. Travelers looking for picturesque nature often come to such places.

Before they had time to enter the city, they noticed that there were pastures on both sides of the road. However, these pastures were not similar to those in Inner Mongolia. The local pastures were well-groomed and extremely beautiful.

A pleasant green color for the eyes, so alien to the inhabitants of megacities. People on the bus could not stand it and gasped in surprise.

Wow! Wow! For the first time in my life I see such a large meadow! How beautiful!

And I said that you won’t regret it! said the young man in glasses with a gold frame.

Look! There you can see a very beautiful building in the distance! It seems that someone lives there, said a girl sitting by the window excitedly.

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