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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 872 Order for Darkness Read Novel

Chapter 872 Order for Darkness VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 872 Order for Darkness VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan made no sound, he only began to listen very carefully to the continuation of the story.

As soon as everyone began to rush Guo Wenyi, she continued: Since there was a pasture nearby, I thought it was rather grazing cattle. So I didn’t attach any importance and continued to walk.

You walked alone at night, didn’t think that something could happen to you?

Girl she did not pay attention to the comments and continued: Before I had time to go far, it seemed to me that something was moving in the grass from two sides. I saw some very thin man. He was lying on a horse. At first I thought that the horse was injured because I smelled the blood. However, it was worth a closer look, and I saw how this man was eating a horse. He ate her right like that!

As soon as she said this, everyone’s hair stood on end!

The horse’s belly was torn. All the insides were scattered around. That strange man kept eating, as if he were some kind of demon. I was seriously scared I stood there for ages, listening to how it chews food. I don’t know if it noticed me or not, but I began to step back step by step. It was the hardest road in my life. It always seems to me that it can come back for me. It seems that I will see a face stained with blood. I thought it would eat me, too, said Guo Wenyi.

While the girl was telling this story, she too much indulged in memories, why her voice trembled, as did her body.

A lot of time has passed since that day, and she still sees it all as if it were only yesterday. Today, she decided to tell at least someone about this story to alleviate her burden.

It was obvious that Guo Wenyi was sure that she didn’t think so.

Are you sure it was a man? Definitely not a monster? My brother said that some monsters live near us, can live in water or in desert lands, or hide in darkness. I think you could meet such a creature, said Rong Sheng.

I I myself am not sure well, he had arms, had legs, he looked like a human being. It just smelled very badly from him said Guo Wenyi.

Mo Fan and Lin Lin looked at each other quickly. They immediately understood each other.

Tell me, where did you see him? Asked Mo Fan.

In a pasture near the town of Zhenming, The girl said.

So that’s why you all insisted that you won’t go there! said one of the guys.

Yes. I am very afraid of going there and I advise you not to go.

History and only. Why make such a story true? In that town a lot of interesting things. We will go there too. There is the final part of our journey, said Zhao Pinling, not believing the girl.

What I told is true!Guo Wenyi declared angrily.

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Yes, even if it’s true, so much time has passed. Surely hunters caught this creature eating horses. There is nothing to be afraid of, said Zhao Pinling.

It also scares me a little, maybe we won’t go there? said one girl. She was very much nothing. Many guys from the group tried to take care of her.

It was worth Zhao Pinlin to notice that Wang Xu Xu was afraid that he immediately decided to seize the moment.

Okay, let’s do this : I’ll ask the manager to hire hunters to accompany us, will he? said Zhao Pinlin.

So it costs a lot of money, right?

It’s okay, there are magicians in the house

Will the hunters accompany us? Zhao Pinling, you just have an incredible family! said Wang Xu Xiu.

There is nothing special about magicians. They are also people, they also want to earn extra money. It’s a trifle to pay for their security services, Zhao Pinling became very pleased at the girl’s words.

Well, that’s right.

It was worth Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue hear that they will be protected by magicians, as they immediately felt uneasy. However, what Zhao Pinling said was true. Hiring magicians is just a matter of money. Some very wealthy families and clans hire magicians because no one in the family does magic. And there usually serve if not weak mages. Some of them even reached the highest level of magic.

Mages need money too much. The more money a magician has, the less money he has. Almost immediately, everything is invested in witchcraft. This is especially true for hunters, they usually spend little money on artifacts without any hesitation. And this is not surprising if you come across a very strong monster then you will often regret that you did not buy better protection!

Most of the people in the hut did not take the stories told too close to their hearts and continued to have fun late at night.

Throughout the night, Zhao Pinling looked for a convenient moment to speak with Mu Ning Xue. However, Mu Ning Xue did not begin to tell the story and immediately went down to the mountains and back. There was nothing wrong with her.



Tranquil Lane in Shanghai. Attic of Clear Sky.

The attic was small. The windows have been sealed for more than six months. Even the rays of sunlight did not fall here, which made the attic look gloomy.

The room was completely dark. However, two lights suddenly flashed. They looked like eyes.

*** Crunch ***

The bones and joints began to make noise. The owner of the luminous eyes began to walk around the room.

The parquet was already very old, so the old man sitting on the floor below, who was studying some pearl, took off his glasses and slowly raised his head up.

The girl woke up, the old man Bao gasped.

As soon as the old man finished this phrase, a human silhouette appeared right in front of him very quickly.

There is something dark and evil in the attic! Very strong! Are you completely out of your mind? I couldn’t sense that such evil spirits live in the attic? said Ling Qing angrily to the old man and looked at the ceiling.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. She is just a servant of one great demon. Ay-ay. You were so alarmed by her smell. It seems that she really was able to be reborn. She slept for more than half a year, I see, it’s really reborn, said old Bao and smiled.

Lang Qing wrinkled her eyebrows.

Don’t worry, she has no bad intentions, continued the old man Bao.

Ah! She’d better not catch the eye of someone from the magical court, they won’t understand if she’s a bad vampire or a good one, said Lan Qing.

You shouldn’t say that. She is now guarding the area. The number of crimes committed by blood relatives has decreased many times. Do not be so insensitive, better help her. Get her ID. Where there is light, there will always be darkness. Instead of completely eradicating the darkness, it is better to let it exist, but exist in order, old Bao said with a smirk.

What about the Black Church then? Asked Qing Qing.

Ah! Yes, they are not people at all, but cattle. You don’t need to think that they are people! Old Bao said sternly.

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