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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 873 Hidden stronghold Read Novel

Chapter 873 Hidden stronghold VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 873 Hidden stronghold VERSATILE MAGE

Blue-blue sky, bright green grass. This beautiful morning dispelled the fear of last night. In addition, a hunter joined them. No one left a feeling of concern after Guo Wengyi’s story. Picking up their belongings, the mages headed for Zhenming.

Two-thirds of Zhenming were occupied by pastures. Basically, there were raised cows, horses and sheep. Before my eyes was a peaceful picture of grazing cattle. Here, the Yangtze River flowed into the sea.

Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Lin Lin merged perfectly with the youth in the town. Having a preliminary agreement with Zhao Pinlin, this gave them a good excuse to visit this town.

On the other side of the main road leading to the town, there was a manor in which there was an elite private club. Shanghai rich people came here every weekend. Besides the fact that the estate was in an ecologically clean place, it also had a golf court, a winery, a European restaurant, a dance floor, a hotel, an archery area and a hippodrome This place was truly luxurious!

Zhao Pinlin made a lot of efforts to bring the magicians here, despite the story that Guo Wenji told.

Entering the manor on the pasture, they were immediately met by a sightseeing bus. From the entrance to the main building of the estate, it took 20 minutes to walk. The style of the entire estate was Western European. They say that the investor is a foreigner. Sculptures were made even at the fountain in front of the main manor house.

Mo Fan hasn’t been in such places and everything seemed amazing to him here.

Mu Ning Xue had a stone face. Such a situation aroused in her disgust and fear. Since the Mu clan was a noble clan whose influence was spread abroad, their headquarters in Bo was made in exactly the same style.

Wow, I didn’t think there was such a great place! Zhao Pinglin, and you live here? said Wang Xu Xu excitedly.

At first, Wang Xu Xu’s expression was completely calm, but after this situation pressed her down, she could no longer be as distant. Living here is like living in a fairy tale. One can easily imagine labyrinths from a hedge, a servant dressed in European costumes, bright red soft carpets, a beautiful princess bed with a white canopy, a balcony on which to spend beautiful nights illuminated by moonlight

There are three estates here, in one of them my father has a share, Zhao Pinglin answered.

His voice was quiet enough, and there was no certainty in the words. And all because of the owner of the estate, which always remained in the shade. Because of him, Zhao Pinlin had only the right to visit the estate, as if he were a tourist.

The private elite club located in this estate causes the greatest suspicion. Lin Lin said in a whisper to Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue.

Previously, Lin Lin thought about various ways to get here. In the end, there was an elite club that could not be entered without being a member of this club. But being ordinary visitors to the estate, they could not become members of the club. It was hard enough to get here for reconnaissance, but Lin Lin could not even imagine that Zhao Pinglin would undertake to help them in this matter.

So, let’s not relax, pretend to be a good tourist. You need to be alert here. Mo Fan said.

From here to the town of Zhenming 50 kilometers, so if something happens, you need to quickly figure it out so that the news does not spread outside the estate. said Lin Lin.

Not only did these estates capture a huge plot of land, but without exaggeration it could be said that they were cut off from the outside world. And if anybody from the Black Church is hiding here, they only need to find out that they are being monitored and the magicians will have nowhere to run!

Mu Ning Xue also knew that it would be difficult to call someone here or to help, so she acted like the others she didn’t look around and walked along the road with other tourists.

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Dear tourists, come with me. The rooms are already prepared for you. Mr. Harmut is a very hospitable person and he wants everyone to feel at home upon entering the territory of his estate. Therefore, do not be shy if you need something, then let people in suits with red bow ties know about it. They will fulfill any of your requests. Said the butler politely, dressed in a tailcoat.

The old butler repeated several times they will fulfill any of your requests and it is unclear whether any secret meaning was hidden in these words. In any case, these words scattered the imagination of the students, who were now staring at the girls-servants, and a flood of secret desires poured into their heads. On the second floor there was a living room where tourists gathered together. A girl in a red suit told everyone about the structures on the estate and handed out maps showing the location of each object in the estate.

Each building in the estate is at a decent distance from each other. Before you want to visit something, let me know, I will send you a tourist bus. If you need anything, you can call me. My name is Carly. the girl called a foreign name.

Lin Lin sat with the phone in her hands, rummaging around on the Internet. She sat with an absent expression, as if she were all indifferent. But entering the names of the butler and Carly, she immediately found information about them.

As a hunter, Lin Lin had the authority to find information about each person and his position in society.

-This Carly-an ethnic Chinese woman who has foreign citizenship.- Lin Lin said quietly.

Yeah, but she is not a magician. said Mo Fan.

Lin Lin put down the phone, taking a sweet expression on her face: Sister, are there boats here? Well, that is, not boats, but cruise ships, on which you can cross the sea? In addition to riding a horse, I would also ride a boat!

Hearing the angelic voice of Lin Lin, Carly smiled joyfully.

The girl replied, laughing: Boats at we have at here, but cruise ships come out to sea once a season, the next time now it will be only in a month.

Huh? And I won’t have a chance to ride at all?..

Yes, but even if you had time for such a liner, you would still need a special foreign document, since we notify the relevant authorities about our tourists. answered Carly.

Eh It’s a pity Lin Lin sighed.

Carly left the room, smiling.

Mo Fan quietly showed Lin Lin a thumb in approval.

Since this estate had an international cruise ship, it was the best way to escape for Salan. As for the special foreign document, who knows what Salan is capable of? One has only to come here and the path abroad is provided. The rich have different methods and many connections. Mo Fan believed that sending the right person abroad was not a huge problem!

Thus, this estate is now under suspicion!

So Salan! The magical court blindly believes that the Black Church in Shanghai is uprooted due to the fact that Xu Zhao Ting made the name of the blue deacon publicly visible. As a result, Salan fled abroad precisely from Shanghai! Turning the most dangerous place for him into the safest!

Most likely, it was a hidden strong point that only Salan knew about!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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