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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 874 Visit of the Hunter Team Read Novel

Chapter 874 Visit of the Hunter Team VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 874 Visit of the Hunter Team VERSATILE MAGE

After the disaster in the ancient capital, the magical association, magical court, the military, the league of hunters, and the country’s authorities blocked all borders to prevent the escape of the hiding followers of Salan.

They continued to destroy their shelters, revealing the henchmen Black Church among the common population. The area where Salan could still act somehow became smaller and smaller, several times before he was captured he was a little small.

Unfortunately, in the end, keeping the borders closed turned out to be too problematic, especially because of complaints from foreigners.

The court couldn’t let anyone else go, and when a lot of high-ranking officials who suffer heavy losses press on you and complain that closed borders are paralyzing the economy, you have to bend. Therefore, it was decided to begin to weaken the departure of foreigners from the country.

The court, of course, began to conduct a much more stringent check of those wishing to leave the country of foreigners in order to prevent Salan from fleeing abroad, but this is all it happened.

All the members of the magical court were furious, and the officials who accepted the order to open the borders were completely defeated. But the head of the court understood that they were in a really weak position, the worst in the history of the magical court.

The court has always been fair, and the catastrophe in the ancient capital shocked the whole world, and the fact that the offender is still at large is shame and disgrace for them. Let Salan not be missed for a reason, but to preserve the national economy, because the continuation of the policy of closed borders would entail a number of huge losses, layoffs and increased unemployment.

The rich people dominated Zhenmin investors who have rights to the sea in that zone, so after opening the borders, Salan most likely used this channel and left the country.

Fortunately, the magical court this time was not so helpless, and they were able to block Chongming Island.

There is a thing about which would like to talk with you, Lin Lin, as always, spoke in a tone that was not suitable for her age, especially when she was so cute to eat fruit.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue sat next to each other, and sensed the serious tone of Lin Lin, realizing that she really needs to tell something important.

Salan could escape from here, and even here private property and most people are foreigners, with all the severity of checks, he is here obviously not just to do this, said Lin Lin.

I don’t quite understand something thought Mo Fan, who doeth not versed in the magical approach the court.

At first, I also had suspicions, but I did not dare to show them, because there was no evidence, but when my older sister decided to send us here, I began to doubt, and now I am confident in them 80-90 percent, said Lin Lin.

I’m sure of what?

In the problems inside the magical court! said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue opened their mouths simultaneously, unable to believe what they heard.

Was the Black Church able to get there?? asked Mu Ning Xue.

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It is possible, but only partially. Inside the magical court there are many different currents, between which there is a constant struggle. And if Salan used her connections, then this was enough for her to escape. In fact, Salan is absolutely not required to take risks to lure people to the side of the Black Church. Everyone has their own ambitions and aspirations, it is enough to please them a little, and they will help you without question. To take this estate, there must have been many here who were not members of the Black Church, but they imperceptibly helped it. I think this happened in a magical court, Lin Lin finished her analysis.

But you shouldn’t exclude that the minions of the Black Church got into the magical court, said Mo Fan.

Members of the magical court go through a special ritual of a spiritual oath that a member of the Black Church cannot pass, Lin Lin explained quite intelligibly.

Ahh Can you really trust this thing?

Absolutely. At certain intervals, they all need to go through it again and again, which definitely will not allow the henchman of the Black Church to slip into the ranks of the magical court. Therefore, I think that Salan took advantage of just such an ingenious way. Therefore, in order to avoid repetition, the court decided to secretly send trustworthy people to the island from outside, Lin Lin concluded.

Hearing how they whisper, Zhao Pinlin brought a few cups of black tea.

What are you whispering about? Try the local tea, everyone who comes here should try it. Absolutely nothing like anything, Zhao Pinglin said smiling.

At this time, Carly walked by and laughed when she heard such a presentation of black tea, Mo Fan did not seem to be something surprising, but Mu Ning Xue and Lin Lin obviously liked him.

If nobody is tired today, we can take a walk But first, we need to receive more guests. Make yourself at home, if there is anything, then just tell people with a red butterfly.

Everyone drank tea, and then immediately began to agree on where they would go.

Carly and the butler left for another room, about ten people dressed in uniform were already sitting there.

Oh, we’ve been waiting, we all love guests here, but I see you are dressed in uniform, because most likely you are not just here for a walk? Asked the butler.

We are a detachment of city hunters, we arrived here on business. About a month ago, you had a strange death here, why wasn’t it reported to the authorities? the commander was a man with a scar on his forehead.

Butler and Carly looked into each other’s eyes.

Carly, you go for tea. And you will sit down, and I will tell you everything. It’s not that we didn’t report, but simply decided to postpone this, so as not to wreak havoc on the death of our guests. And we already did this: we notified the local authorities, said the butler, carefully choosing the words.

And you did not check that the monsters could have done this? asked the commander with a scar.


Well, we can check, we are here just for strange missing and other similar things. And since the police haven’t decided anything, it’s worth reporting to our city detachment of hunters! Oh, I don’t know, you are doing business here? To do everything quietly, you need to talk with your boss. We’ll be back tomorrow, prepare everything we need, otherwise, we will have to close your shop! The commander said in a cruel tone.

It was not what you think

Enough, I know that you have a rich man here, don’t think that everything can be solved with money, if we suddenly find out that you are hiding something here In the meantime, we go, the man with a scar stood up and, without touching the tea, took the squad behind him.

The butler stood in the same place, not knowing what to do next.

In another room, Lin Lin frowning, she quickly walked into place.

She overheard the conversation.

What happened? asked Mu Ning Xue.

Enrages! The city hunters arrived. Some asshole called people, and obviously not just like that, but to interfere with us!

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