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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 877 Dreams Come True Read Novel

Chapter 877 Dreams Come True VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 877 Dreams Come True VERSATILE MAGE

The level of cultivation of Fenduya is not low. Mu Ning Xue, being a little bit away from Mo Fan, could even feel it.

Mu Ning Xue did not have the ability to hide at all. Mo Fan using the shadow element could hide them, otherwise the commander of the hunters would have sensed something was wrong.

However, they were too close to these two, so Mo Fan had to hug Mu Ning Xue for the magic of the shadow to spread to her. As a result, Mu Ning Xue flushed from head to toe.

You werent angry, please! I would also not want to be so close to you, because the guys have something that sometimes we are not in control, hehe! Mo Fan apologized.

Mu Ning Xue, realizing that it is not yet possible to change the situation, said in a cold voice: Lets talk about this next time!.

The cold went towards Mo Fan, and the nearby branch was already beginning to become covered with a crust of ice. Mo Fan did not have time to react, but the wind abruptly demolished this branch, and it, having hit, broke into pieces. Mo Fan involuntarily exhaled.

You say the thing, the thing Mo Fan was very embarrassed, there seems to be something here, since Carly hides him like that. I will have to tell Lin Lin to dig around here.

Yeah, Mu Ning Xue nodded her head.

Do you think this Carly could be under suspicion? Asked Mo Fan.

I think so, said Mu Ning Xue.

Why?Do you think she is under suspicion because she sacrifices herself for the sake of the reputation of this estate? Mo Fan asked again.

Is there only an image of her naked body in your head? the girl said coldly.

Nooo. How can you say that about me? When you are near, no other girl is capable of captivating my gaze. said Mo Fan. That was only part of what he wanted to say. In another part, there should have been something from the category while she is dressed.

Will Mu Ning Xue believe this?

Carly guessed the very first of our presence and not the commander of the hunters. She is a magician, otherwise she would definitely not be able to hear anything, because even the hunter did not suspect anything. Here is such a simple logic, didnt it ever cross your mind? said Mu Ning Xue.

Wah! Yes, my little wife Xuexue was so smart! admired Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue just looked at him as an idiot.

Upon returning, Mo Fan transferred land samples to Lin Lin.

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She immediately went into the room where she took out her equipment.

Mu Ning Xue returned to her room. She didnt care about the fact that she had recently witnessed people in the forest indulging in amorous pleasures, but she wanted to quickly remove and throw out this black silk shirt so that she would no longer be in such a situation with such a fool!

How can he be so unscrupulous???

Mu Ning Xue had already changed clothes and wanted to take a bath when someone knocked on the door.

When she opened the door, she saw Zhao Pinlin. She saw that recently he was striving to be closer to her, and even pressed himself into her room in the middle of the night. She was still seized with an internal disgust from the situation with Mo Fan, and this one, apparently, was even more unscrupulous.

Why is Zhao Pinlin so fond of fooling women?

From the very beginning, this Zhao Pinglin actively flirted with a girl named Wang Xu Xu, and now he is trying to drive Mu Ning Xue to her, and even came to her room in the middle of the night. The same moron as Mo Fan!

Is something necessary? Mu Ning Xue said impatiently.

Um no, nothing special. Just wanted to ask you, do you like to look at the night sky? Just on the roof, I found a room where you can admire the stars very beautiful! Its just sad that its not interesting for one to look at the stars, said Zhao Pinglin.

Mu Ning Xue, holding the door, looked out the window.

Zhao Pinglin also managed to look at the window from which it was so dark that there was no talk of any stars.

Mu Ning Xue said, I am sleeping.

After that she slowly closed the door.

Behind the door, Zhao Pinlin rested his nose on the closed door, after which his arrogant gut began to seize anger.

He turned around and stomped in the direction of the bar.

What do you want, Mr. Zhao? Asked the waitress with the red butterfly.

Any drink, he said.

After a few sips, he again called the waitress and said: Go to the second floor and call from there a girl named Wang Xu Xu. Tell me Im waiting for her here.


The waitress was just about to go as Zhao Pinglin rose from his seat: Okay, Ill go down myself, but you prepare here to look more or less romantic.

As you say, sir.

Zhao Pinlin went upstairs.

He put himself in a little order so as not to catch the eyes of other people with an angry expression on his face.

Giving his smile, he knocked on the door of Wang Xuysu.

The door immediately opened, and he saw a familiar male face!

Zhao Pinglin, s looking for Van Syuysyuy? Rongsheng laughed.

You how did you end up in her room? Did she let you in? Zhao Pinglin just went nuts.

He angrily looked at the fact that the buttons on Rongshengs collar were not fastened properly, and he was still leaving Wang Xu Xuyis room!

Rage completely covered the eyes of Zhao Pinlin. He could not have thought that the glory of a womanizer would let Rongsheng jump over him, and from the very beginning, he sought out Wang Xuysu!

From the point of view of Zhao Pinlin, Rongsheng could only claim Guo Wenyi and her kind!

This hit finally finished the guy.

He angrily pushed Rongsheng and stomped toward the bar!

Idiot, idiot, idiot! Zhao Pinlin was furious.

Mu Ning Xue didnt buy it, he also lost Wang Xu Xu. He spent so much money on an alumni meeting, maintained so many connections, and eventually got to such a state!

Zhao Pinglin drank glass after glass.

He was the only one in the bar a visitor, so his inner anger immediately caught his eye.

A waitress with a red bow tie, understanding the situation, approached him: I will keep you company, what do you think?.

She spread her hair, took off a butterfly her brown hair framed her face, and so she looked much more attractive. She also unfastened three buttons on her shirt who can stand?

Zhao Pinglin was at the limit. He was embarrassed by the fact that he had so lowered to the level of an ordinary waitress, however, when she saw her instant transformation, he fired up with desire.

I saw you, you are a regular customer. Good guy, but you have too many problems that piss you off. We can chat and I can do whatever you want. Maybe you heard something about this place where dreams come true the waitress smiled slyly.

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