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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 878 I Will Be By Your Side Read Novel

Chapter 878 I Will Be By Your Side VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 878 I Will Be By Your Side VERSATILE MAGE

Zhao Pinglin went with the waitress to another part of the room. At the same time he was overcome by doubts and lust.

The coverage here was very weak. The waitress closed the door, making sure that no one else was there. Zhao Pinlin, who was very angry just a few minutes ago, was now filled with passion when he saw curls and a thin waist of a girl in this twilight.

In this nook Zhao Pinlin pressed the waitress against the wall, exposing her body.

The waitress was breathing loudly, and seducing Zhao Pinlin, she said: Take your time. If you just want to vent all your emotions, I will not mind, I just want to give you an even more unforgettable experience.

After hearing these words, Zhao Pinlin began to eagerly kiss the girl.

They both breathed heavily while taking off their clothes. The sounds of blows against the wall were heard, and in the dim light their silhouettes flickered, which were reflected in a small window. anger again began to lump up to his throat.

Appearance, origin, intelligence he excelled this Rongsheng in everything this Wang Xuyxuyu, that, blind???

The waitress slowly dressed, but the clothes did not really stretch.

Do you feel better? If you’re smart enough, then you have to understand that this is only an aperitif, the girl smiled.

Seriously? I see that you really won’t let me get bored tonight, Zhao Pinglin smiled back.

The two of them moved on and then entered a room where strangers could not enter. There was a carpet in the room, and a fireplace was burning on the wall of the painting.

Have a rest, dream, said the waitress, holding out a bottle of medicine to Zhao Pinlin,

I have no interest in drugs, said Zhao Pinglin, nodding his head negatively.

Calm down, this is not a way to cheer you up, the woman said.

What’s your name? asked Zhao Pinlin.

Fan Shaoli, having said this, she already poured the remedy and sat down next to the guy. A provocative light burned in her eyes, as if saying: Risking a drink?

Zhao Pinglin did not want to feel female contempt again. Remembering Mu Ning Xue’s cold gaze, he took a sip.

After that sip, he began to feel dizzy, and the room went around in his eyes.

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He shook his head, trying regain his mind, but found that he was no longer in that dark room, and that girl named Fan Shaoli was not on the horizon either. He got up and realized that he was in a room very similar to his room, Wang Xuysu sitting on the bed, who was chatting with someone in Weixing (* Chinese analog of WhatsApp), smiling.

These are your dreams. Everything is exactly as you wish, came the voice of Fan Shaoli.

Seeing Wang Xu Xu, Zhao Pinglin became ashamed. However, when he again heard Fan Shaoli’s seductive voice, he, having lost all reason, headed toward Wang Xuyxuy.

Fan Shaoli sat next to her and heard the guy shouting a woman’s name. She laughed.

She knew what bothered him the most.

However, unfortunately, she could not keep up with his dreams, in which he acted very swiftly.

Well, okay. He is already mired in all this, and now he has no chance to get out. Now the real action will begin.

Just was it a hallucination? Zhao Pinglin slowly came to his senses. His body was sweating, and a sinister smile shone on his face.

Yes, Fan Shaoli answered with a smile.

Not bad.

Not bad? But what if I tell you that now your dreams can become a reality? Don’t you want to settle accounts with that pair of shameless people? I can help you turning the picture from your illusions into reality, said Fan Shaoli.

Are you kidding?

Do you think so? This is a gift, very soon you can begin to act everything is ready. Of course, if your thoughts are even more rapid, then I can help you with that silver-haired girl, I will be on your side, said Fan Shaoli.

Will you be on my side? on the guy’s face appeared surprise.

First take the first step, and then discuss everything again, said the waitress.

But I don’t want to.

It’s not that you don’t want to you are simply afraid of the consequences. Relax, you won’t be anything. Of course, if you just wanted to pour all your grievances on me, take a hallucinogen then go away, you spent my time today, said Fan Shaoli.

Zhao Pinlin could not bear it if he really can to realize what he saw in his dreams is simply wonderful!

In the morning a trainee in the form of a maid knocked on the door, calling for breakfast.

Rongsheng, no matter how look at you you giggle all the time. Did something wonderful happen yesterday? said Mo Fan, clapping a guy on the shoulder and sitting next to him.

Rongsheng and Mo Fan were similar in such matters. Rongsheng whispered in his ear: Brother, just don’t spill anyone. I am in a relationship with Wang Xu Xu! Last night in her room I moved to the second level!.

Second level? What does it mean? Asked Mo Fan.

Fuck! You look so cool, but in fact so innocent! The second level is the chest, chest you understand? And the third is lower! said Rongsheng with interest.

Ah, I understand, answered Mo Fan.

Today I’ll try again. It turns out that she was interested in me from the very beginning, and I thought that she liked Zhao Pinglin in short, expect good news from me tomorrow morning!- Rongsheng giggled.

Mo Fan only wanted to praise him when two silhouettes appeared at the entrance to the dining room, looking at which one could say that these people are in close relationship.

The smile on Rongsheng’s face sharply petrified!

Mo Fan also froze in surprise.

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