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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 885 Black Blood Takes Life Read Novel

Chapter 885 Black Blood Takes Life VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 885 Black Blood Takes Life VERSATILE MAGE

Diverge everything in rooms! There is nothing to look at! the guests, indignant, slowly scattered around their numbers.

Everyone thought that something serious had happened, and then they just caught a bunch of prostitutes. Even the police do not get involved in such matters, and these hunters magicians have nothing to do!

They scared me to death! Guo Wenyi spat, gently patting her chest.

Yeah, I thought there was some kind of giant monster, otherwise why would you send a thousandth detachment of hunters.

-Ha ha ha, when did the hunters manage to combine the position of fighters with evil spirits and fighters with prostitution? Tomorrow all the news will be only about that.

Pan Jin, hearing the words fighters against prostitution, immediately got furious. Throughout his life, he was not so disgraced. When he returns, he will deal with this scum who gave him false information!

And the owner of this estate, the inventor, hid a group of prostitutes so well, as if they were members of a Black Church. Even if the police wanted to find them, they could not have done it. said the boy the hunter.

And why are you numb, grab these girls with you and go! Pan Jin is tired of looking at these girls, lined up in a row, who have brought him so many problems some of them cried, some aroused pity for their appearance.

Yes, yes, I wanted to The boy knew that the squad leader was very angry now and did not dare to continue his sentence. At the time when he needed to call other people from the detachment to take the girls away, something seemed to be stuck in the guy’s throat, he could no longer speak.

Suddenly, the guy’s throat pierced the pain, the guy screamed, spitting out some mucus. But who knew that this clot would turn out to be blood!

The guy spat directly in Pan Jin’s face. How dare this wretch spit right on him! The squad leader was already furious when he realized that his face was bleeding! The boy spits blood!

Blood! Black blood!

It feels like blood in my throat was choking a guy, he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t even breathe.

What happened?

The boy spits blood!

He is wounded, rather, he needs a magician of the healing element Hui Shaw!

The boy spat again, it was visible on the ground a big clot of blood, it covered a lot of space.

The magician of the healing element was far from this group of detachment, the guy was already lying on the ground when Hui Shaw arrived at the scene.

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People were in shock. Black blood still came out through the guy’s throat. It was as if sewage was flowing along a ditch, but it was not a ditch it was a guy’s throat and not sewage, but black blood!

The healing magician used healing butterflies. However, they circled the little boy, not knowing where to start.

Healing butterflies needed to find a wound, but there wasn’t even a scratch on the guy’s body!

This is poison or a curse! Hui Shaw raised his eyebrows as a sign of surprise.

Rather save him! cried Pan Jin.

Hui Shaw shook his head to indicate that he was here of no help.

The boy was convulsing, but then he gradually calmed down and calmed down

About 100 hunters-mages could do nothing, standing in a daze. Fright was reflected on their faces.

After the guy stopped spitting blood, his body turned black and looked withered, as if he had spit out all the blood that ran along his veins.

After the guy turned into a mummy before everyone’s eyes, his body continued to blacken, and, in the end, it looked like charcoal, ash fell from the ground! As soon as the wind blew, this ashes scattered in the wind.

The hunters froze in place.

For no reason!

Man, who was still alive and healthy half an hour ago, died for no apparent reason!

Boy, boy, wake up!!!! Pan Jin screamed with all his might.

Died And it is not even clear why! It was a terrifying sight.

The commander, he most likely, was poisoned. His blood remains on your face, you need to quickly erase it. the bearded hunter pulled out a scarf and quickly wiped the blood from the commander’s face.

The bearded hunter was numb He wanted to say something, but could not utter a word.

He felt that there was saliva in his throat, so he spat and saw that he was also spitting black blood! He spat at his feet and the grass that was on the ground immediately turned black and dry.

The hunter’s face turned white with fright

Beard!!! Pan Jin suddenly realized what was happening.

Hui Shaw! Hui Shaw!

Other hunters also quickly realized that the bearded hunter had the same symptoms, so they called the healing magician again.

The bearded hunter’s throat started to move It was obvious that black blood was trying to break out. Seeing what happened before this with the boy, the hunter tried to restrain himself and not to open his mouth. His cheeks became more and more, as if about to burst!


In the end, the beard could no longer control itself, bloody a fountain several meters high burst out. The hunters, standing next to the beard, fled wherever they could.

Hui Shaw fussed, running around the hunter and trying to find the reason. But he could not find anything, his clothes were saturated with black blood, and the magician began to fear that the same thing would happen to him.

A stream of blood flowed from the throat of a bearded hunter, he fell on his back. And, like the previous guy, he also began to blacken

After the hunter spit out all the blood, his body dried out and turned black, as if charred.

Through for several minutes only the skin and bones remained of the bearded hunter, his body looked like a lump of coal

After the bearded hunter died, everyone thought that he was just careless, touching the poisonous blood on face of the commander. But after that another man died.

Commander, commander Lee Min he another hunter ran over to report another hunter with the same symptoms.

Commander Pan Jin broke through the crowd of hunters to find Li Ming, as he noticed that the hunter who reported on Li Ming tried to say something, but could not make a sound. A stream of black blood began to break out of the throat of the hunter!

Still did not have time to recover from the death of the beard, the same thing happened again next to them!

In that the place was in a terrible atmosphere. The infection rate was incredibly fast. As if some invisible devil was rushing among the hunters and killing one after another. Very quickly, the hunters noticed that among them there really was a toxic demon! People continued to die! ..

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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