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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 890 Black Monster Read Novel

Chapter 890 Black Monster VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 890 Black Monster VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan ordered the agile wolf to return to the recruiting space.

If you take this huge wolf with bright blue hair with you, it will immediately make it clear to the Black Church that the guys here are about the same, why did the golden rati hunters come here.

The agile wolf told the guys the direction, and Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue went ahead.

How do you know which direction you should move? Rongsheng asked in surprise.

Why ask so many unnecessary questions? Do you want to find Wang Xu Xu or not? Mo Fan answered the question.

Rongsheng said nothing more, but only continued to follow Mo Fan.

The outbuildings located behind the main building of the estate were not luxurious and wealth, it even seemed that the attendants themselves didnt actually look here.

Through several passages and stairs, the wolf from the recruiting space informed Mo Fan that the smell of blood was coming from here.

It took time to study the space in which they were. The carpet of the corridor was dark red, and there were many doors in the corridor itself

The agile wolf also said that the smell comes from the double sliding door. Moving closer to her, Mo Fan saw traces of blood on the white wall, and he seemed to have the impression that the traces were left by his lips. If you dont take a closer look, they can be easily overlooked.

Mo Fan pushed Mu Ning Xue and quietly said to her: This is the blood of Wang Xu Xu, traces left by chance. There was a wound on her skin, and since the footprints were small, according to the height of the tracks, the wound on her arm Ning Xue, he was able to easily determine the approximate location of the wound.

The smell of blood stretched all the way, so Wang Xuysu herself went here.


Xuysu, are you here? This is Rong Rongsheng began to shout loudly.

Mo Fan hastened to shut his mouth with his hand: Dont scream! It is possible that she is being held by force, and if they hear your voice, then she will not be greeted even more!

Rongsheng opened his eyes in horror, but silently nodded his head.

Mo Fan began to check the doors, realizing that there were no locks on them. He opened the heavy door to the living room and there was a roar along the corridor.

There were no lamps inside, and Mo Fan could hardly make out the interior decoration, the large table and the curtained window.

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There is nobody, but I sensed something, Mo Fan frowned.

The smell of a black monster and a monster of a curse is something that deeply cuts into the memory of any person. Mo Fan, who so often crossed with the Black Churches, could easily recognize this fragrance.

Apparently, it has not been aired here for a long time. It stinks so much, said Guo Wenyi.

Yes, and it seems that this smell is getting more disgusting and worse, added Rongsheng, plugging his nose.

Mu Ning Xue, who was standing at the door, said: The smell is heard outside.

Mo Fan also felt that the stench was becoming more saturated, and the flow of smell intensified from the side of the corridor and the door.

There is something there! Mo Fan hastened to run to the door and close it.

From closing the door along the corridor there was a sound in response to which a heavy run was heard, which was getting closer!

What is it? Guo Wenyi and Rongsheng turned pale from these sounds.

Quietly, do not make a rustle. It seems weve come to the right place, said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan brought three people closer to him, trying to hide their breath from living people.

After a while, the sounds began to be heard right from under the door, from where someones movements were now heard.

Guo Wenyi stood at the door and could see what was happening in the corridor through the thin crevice between the parts of the door. She said that she saw a big black monster with four legs and a brutal look!

The hair on her head stood on end, as she recognized in this beast of the monster that then was eating the horse before her eyes!

He was exactly the same! Exactly!

Guo Wenyi was sweating coldly: who knew that the most terrible fear of her life would come true right here, in such close proximity to her!

A black monster, said Mo Fan to Mu Ning Xue.

After about a minute, the sounds outside the door began to fade.

Rongsheng and Guo Wenyi retreated to the table in fear.

What what was that? asked Rongsheng.

A little fluffy, you should not worry like that, Mo Fan was laconic.

The black monster was no longer a big danger for Mo Fan, but when something he wrote in pants from such creatures. The fact that they ran into a black monster indicated that they had already stepped on the tail of the Black Church. If they attract their attention now, then they can incite a whole bunch of black monsters and curse monsters!

Mo Fan was not afraid of animals, most of all he was bothered by poison, which, apparently, was in his body too. The Black Church can activate this poison, and then the problems begin!

They came to the place of the Black Church. It was also true that Zhao Pinlin turned out to be an adherent of this organization Mo Fan showed it with gestures to Mu Ning Xue.

You will stay here. Do not make noise, and moreover, do not leave this place until I return, said Mo Fan to the others.

Mu Ning Xue, although she used wind magic, could not hide so much as good as Mo Fan did with the shadow element, so he decided to move forward alone.

Be careful, said Mu Ning Xue.

Remember, in in which case, do not disclose your idsoul essences. Poison is the greatest threat, said Mo Fan.


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