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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 892 Tank of the Curse Read Novel

Chapter 892 Tank of the Curse VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 892 Tank of the Curse VERSATILE MAGE

Yangqiao had a small neck that looked like a foreigner’s neck.

Mo Fan, using his high level mage power, tore this fragile neck!

Yangqiao’s bones clicked, and without any reaction, her head fell to the ground!

The head fell right next to this young man, who was already sure of his death and could not think that he would be saved.

Can you get up? asked Mo Fan.

Mo I can! the young man with difficulty rose, apparently, was very strong. He looked at all the corpses, and tears flowed from his eyes.

Don’t worry, I will help you avenge your family, I could not save them. I hope you understand that they are already dead, but you must live your life very well. Now try to calm down, put on her outer clothing and go to the main building, wait for help there, said Mo Fan to the young man.

I I would like to take their remains, said the young man.

Mo Fan nodded his head negatively: They died, they died. If you take their remains, then you will incur trouble. Do as I say. If I myself had also revealed my hunting identity from the very beginning, I couldn’t save even you today.

With a wet eye from tears, the young man looked at Mo Fan.

After that, he said: Thank you I’ll try not to give you much trouble.

Yeah, I understand. Still, it was not in vain that I risked for your salvation, Mo Fan stroked the young man on the head.

The young man got up and took off her upper cloak from Yangqiao. Putting it on (the good build was the same), he immediately became unrecognizable.

A young man in a cloak wandered toward the illuminated territory.

Mo Fan told him that he should never tell anything to people in the main building the risks are very high, and the poison can start to act at any time.

Mo Fan raised the bottle that Yangqiao had, and he also cleared the place from the corpses so that there wasn’t even a trace of everything that happened here.

Mo Fan did not know how soon the Black Church would find out that this woman was gone but you won’t be able to hide it for a long time.

Having put things in order, Mo Fan went to the side where the priest in a gray robe went.

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For one adherent in a black robe give only half a million this is not enough even for the provisions of the Little Flame Belle, you need to catch at least the priest in gray, so Mo Fan can not miss such a chance!

Yangqiao already figured out everything or not? Asked the gray priest named Lugen.

I saw her heading toward the main building. She must have figured it out, said the adept in a black robe with his teeth protruding.

Ah, well, that’s fine, so she can watch the golden rati hunters. By the way, has the senior priest prepared anything yet? If we stretch out a little more, help may come we already killed several hundred of their people, where else! said Lugen.

I just was at the damnation tank and found a half-dead-half there. There is no more foam on her head, is she the new slave of the senior deacon? asked the adept in black.

The senior deacon usually does not cultivate black monsters, most likely this beast is intended for a convert. There is a lot of foam when the process is not yet completed, said the priest in gray Lugen.

I’ve been in a Black Church for a long time, but only recently I got a black monster hmm.

-Do you want to say that, following me, Lugen, there is no prospect? the priest in gray was clearly angry.

No! No!

It’s so good that there is no guard near the damnation tank, you will go there today! Lugen said coldly.

Yes yes, the adherent in black attire with his teeth sticking out could only obey.

Mo Fan heard the conversation between the two. Hearing that the priest in gray was heading to a dangerous place, he decided not to continue tracking him.

The reservoir of the curse is it really a place where they turn into black monsters? Mo Fan guessed.

This place is not guarded by anyone it’s for the better! This means that black clergymen don’t go there just like that, and it will be possible to deal with this adept.

Mo Fan silently drew up a plan of action, deciding to follow the adept in black robes.

The adept proceeded to an incomprehensible area, which is why Mo Fan actually forgot the way back. A stone door appeared, upon opening of which a terrible stench appeared from the inside.

The adept first cursed, because the protection of such a dirty place wasn’t a pleasant one.

Mo Fan before how to get inside, I specially examined the situation around, making sure that there were no other representatives of the church and listening devices nearby.

Mo Fan followed the follower at a distance of two meters. The fire held by the adherent gave a good shadow in which Mo Fan could hide without problems.

Save save me

A martyr’s voice came from the black tank.

Mo Fan remembered the adherent saying that there was a girl in this pond. Her hair and skin were already irreversibly damaged, but still, it was a girl!

Her voice was already hoarse and more like the voice of a beast!

This situation reminded Mo Fan fate of Xu Zhao Ting.

If black monsters appear in this way, it means that he also had to go through such hellish torments!

This instantly infuriated Mo Fan.

What the hell is this Black Church imagining itself?! What is Salan doing, since his wards agree to turn people into animals?!

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