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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 893 Local Leader Read Novel

Chapter 893 Local Leader VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 893 Local Leader VERSATILE MAGE

You can only complain about your unhappy fate! the adept with big teeth found a chair and sat next to the damned lake.

I I did nothing Let me go let go someone spoke in a hoarse voice.

A good soak in the water, it will be useful for you. And the sooner you get used to the new environment, you can avoid the fact that every night you have to gnaw off pieces of skin from your body. the adherent was still in his place, he spoke with pity, but was not going to help the girl.

No no I don’t want to turn into such a creature, it’s better to kill me, kill me

Why not do this, you can assume that you have already died, and your spiritual energy is locked in this damned lake, said the big-toothed adept.

The punishments of the Black Church are the most cruel and terrible in the world. This big-tooth was a simple man. Accidentally insulting an adherent in gray clothing, he had to join the ranks of the Black Church.

If you became an adherent, then there is no way back. And if you become an enemy of the Black Church, then you do not have to live long!

Can it still be saved? suddenly someone’s voice was heard.

This big-toothed adept was blunt. He turned and saw a black shadow, subconsciously he took this shadow for another adept and said: It is possible, before the curse ceremony is carried out, it can be considered an ordinary person You were also unlucky, since they sent here.

No, I came to collect the money. the black shadow appeared before the adept, she gently patted the big-tooth on the shoulder.

As soon as the big-tooth wanted to do something, he immediately felt that an electric current had hit his body.

-You the adherent could not utter a word, from a sharp shock of current his face was convulsed. It seemed to him that termites bite inside him, it was so painful that it was impossible to even move!

In the hands of Mo Fan there was an electric arc, which he constantly lashed.

The smell of burning meat began to spread through the air, the big-toothed adept fell to the ground, his body was black and looked like a piece of rotten meat.

It was obvious that the big-toothed was not a magician. After several strokes by an electric arc, his body could not stand it, and his heart stopped.

Mo Fan with a stone face pulled the bottle from the hands of the adept. The fluid that was inside spilled onto the adherent’s body. Soon his body went through the process of decomposition very quickly and after 10 minutes he did not even have teeth and bones left. And the ashes disappeared into the black water of the lake.

You Wang Xuysu? asked Mo Fan.

Yes! .. save me!!! said the man who was in the water.

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Now I can’t save you, Mo Fan said quietly.

Mo Fan was in the den of the Black Church, he alone was it’s convenient to move around, but if he had taken Wang Xu Xu with him, they would have been quickly discovered.

Then kill me, help me free myself said Wang Xuysu.

I already killed one, enough from me Do you feel better now? asked the magician.

As if a little better answered Wang Xuysu.

She raised her head and saw that there was a man’s shadow above the cursed lake, but she did not understand who it was.

Mo Fan used the magic of the element of space, creating a spatial area around Wang Xuyxu, in which the cursed water could not touch the girl’s body. This water corroded the skin, so not allowing her to touch Wang Xuysu’s body, it became much easier for the girl.

Mo Fan opened a water bottle that he carried with him and scattered the water in the air.

The droplets that dissipated in the air fell to the ground and turned into a spring that flew through the air and hit Wang Xuysuyi’s lips.

Drink some water You need to hold on a little more said Mo Fan Wang Xu Xu.

Wang Xu Xu xiu’s body was dehydrated, she eagerly absorbed water.

Is it better now? asked Mo Fan.

Yes, much better Thank you Wang Xu Xu raised her head, struggling to look at the person.

Over the past few days, the girl survived the most bitter sufferings in all of your life. But someone helped her in such a difficult moment, giving a light of hope, now everything was not so hopeless.

Faced with such a situation, girls are better off asking for help as soon as possible, rather than being silent and restrain resentment. Believe me, people are vicious to such an extent that you cannot even imagine. said Mo Fan with sadness in his voice.

Mo Fan knew that Wang Xu Xu was a very smart girl, only her mind was not useful and she could not protect herself. If she had revealed Zhao Pinlin’s terrible nature a little earlier and told Guo Wenyi about this, then all this would not have happened now.

When Wang Xu Xu heard these words, tears involuntarily ran down her cheeks. Because she was wet in this damned water, her tears were black.

Will you leave me here? Wang Xu Xu understood that scum like Zhao Pinglin is everywhere. But she was very afraid that as soon as he left, she would immediately forget that she was getting wet in this lake. She was very afraid, so she tried hard to discern who was standing in front of her. But no matter how much she tried, she could not remember the face of this man.

Mo Fan, looking at her, for some time did not know what to answer.

Magician understood that the worst was yet to come and how could he vouch for the life of another person at this critical moment?

Now and outside the situation is no better than here Mo Fan said evasively.

What happened?

The magician told her the recent events.

Wang Xu Xu seemed to remember something and hurriedly said: There is one woman, she is the leader here!

As soon as Mo Fan heard these words, he as if it dawned.

What did she look like? Do you know her name? Mo Fan asked immediately.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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