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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 894 He Found Us! Read Novel

Chapter 894 He Found Us! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 894 He Found Us! VERSATILE MAGE

I don’t know her name, but her hair is blond, her face is small, her eyes are brown. Once I saw how she was wearing attire with a red bow-tie. And then Zhao Pinglin accidentally let slip that he had met her at the bar and I thought that she worked there as a waitress. Zhao Pinglin treated her very respectfully, as if he were her servant. said Wang Xuyxuy.

Wang Xuyujsu decided to describe Mo Fan in detail how the girl looked, hoping that this would help him.

Adept in gray or deacon in blue? Mo Fan began to consider it.

As a rule, if the Black Church accepts new members, then an examination is carried out by an adept in gray and, based on the abilities of the new church member, a decision is made. Then the newcomer gradually enters the ranks of the church members.

Under the suspicion of the deacon in blue, and now this waitress is the key point of the investigation. Only it will be difficult to find, for sure she went underground and does not stagger around the bar anymore Mo Fan said to himself.

Whatever the case, he cannot help Wang Xuysu anyway. He used to blindly dash from side to side, but now he has a certain direction in which he needed to move.

It will be good if this is really a deacon in blue, the reward for him will be very high. All for the sake of money!

I have limited your suffering, and my magic will last quite a long time. But if one of the members of the Black Church comes here, then you need to pretend that you are excruciatingly painful so that they do not suspect anything. said Mo Fan Wang Xuyxuy

But you will not leave me? there was a request in the eyes of Wang Xu Xu, but she no longer suffered. Having stuck in this black water for a long time, she wanted to see the sunlight, to see her friends and relatives.

I won’t give up Mo Fan shook his head.

Thank you

Not yet at all, now the biggest problem is the poison, which killed so many people. Therefore, it is impossible to predict what will happen next minute.

You have already helped me, and I am very grateful to you, answered Wang Xuysu. the lake was worse than death, every minute lasted forever. But the help of Mo Fan gave her hope, gave her strength not to give up.

Oh, if we could all leave here safe and sound, said Mo Fan.

Closing the doors of this house, Mo Fan returned to the same path that he was walking on.

But unfortunately, two adepts also passed very close to the magician. Mo Fan thought a little what to do and decided to continue on his way. In the end, he found out who is the deacon in blue, having heard the conversation of the adherents. In addition, he understood how the problem of poison could be solved.


Dark Hall

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Rong Sheng, Mu Ning Xue, and Guo Wenyi were waiting in a room plunged into darkness. The dark beasts were still wandering around the street, trying to find the smell of a living person.

Guo Wenyi stood by the door, looking out the door slit. Suddenly, a gray creature appeared on the corridor with strange patterns on its body. It slowly approached the door, behind which there were magicians

This creature did not look like a dark beast, but its eyes were even worse. Rong Sheng looked at him inadvertently, and the mage’s body immediately got goosebumps.

That gray cursed beast walked where the mages were. Its sense of smell was more sensitive than that of a dark beast, so it smelled of people, making strange noises.

The gray beast made an inviting sound.

Hearing this sound, Mu Ning Xue immediately went to the door.

He seems to have found us! Rong Sheng was horrified.

Mu Ning Xue closed her eyes to understand what was happening around. She found that the dark beasts are currently gathering near this place. The smell of their terrible bodies was already heard in this living room, plunged into darkness.

It feels like this damned beast was calling brothers, because he had found three magicians.

Mu Ning Xue went to the window and saw that they were tightly sealed. Even if the magicians tried to escape through the window, then for sure on the street these monsters would be waiting for them.

I thought, since we killed the magicians, now it’s clean. It turns out that a few more rats made their way here. Someone heard a voice outside the door, it was very familiar.

Rong Sheng and Guo Wenyi looked at each other, Rong Sheng quietly said: Don’t you think this is Zhao Pinlin’s voice?

After that, someone knocked out the living room door and the magicians heard the stench of these dark animals, which caused vomiting.

Guo Wenyi began to hide at the table, she trembled with fear. The living room included monsters with black skin. A sickening smell came precisely from them.

Among these dark beasts was another, covered in gray patterns. He was twice as large as the others, and his bright green eyes were fixed on people. He had not yet approached the magicians, as it seemed to them that he was about to tear them to pieces!

A man in blue clothes was standing next to this damned beast. When he saw Rong Shen and Guo Wenyi, his face took on a strange expression. But when the man realized that Mu Ning Xue was still among them, he was very happy.

I didn’t think and really didn’t think How many times did he ask me to catch this girl, and then she herself fell into our networks. This will speed up the implementation of his plan!

Has someone invaded our territory? Kill them! a man in gray clothes slowly walked into the room, examining the situation with his eyes.

Leave me these magicians, I know them. laughed Zhao Pinlin.

As you know, but don’t waste time. We need to do what we have in mind. The poison is ready, only working hands are needed. And before people from the magical court arrive here, we need to make these magicians a massacre, ha ha ha! the adept in gray clothes laughed out loud.

This adept in gray clothes liked to kill, his eyes immediately lit up with that thought alone.

Why don’t we kill everyone? asked the adept in black clothes.

Dork, if we kill everyone, how can ordinary people escape from here?

Brilliant! the adept in black crouched in front of the priest.

Newcomers, deal with these three as quickly as possible and return to the temple, said the priest in gray.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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