Read I AM THE MONARCH in English – 나는 군주다

Twenty years ago, Roan fled his home village with the goal of becoming a Great General.

A man who is capable of leading the kingdom’s army. However, during these two decades he could only earn a small amount of money and achieve a low rank in the first corps of spearmen.

In the end, he ended his life as a cold corpse on the battlefield. But somehow Roan managed to cheat death and went back in time – good. This time I must become not a great general, but a monarch…

His past life goal was to become a great commander in chief. However, he became a spearman.

This time, his goal will be the title of monarch. – I think then I’ll become at least a general, right?

In his head, there are memories of what will happen in the next 20 years. Now Roan begins an irresistible march towards his dream…

I AM THE MONARCH – Light Novel

Associated Names:

  • 나는 군주다


  • Cheol Jonggeum
  • 철종금

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