Edit Light Novel Novels, Ranobe and Manga

Freedom to Edit!

To have the opportunity to share your Thoughts, Experience, Knowledge, and Wisdom with the whole World is a Great Privilege!

For such an Editing Task you need:

  • Time
  • Competence
  • Technology & Support

It is Freedom, included in these three factors, that allow a Man to manifest his own:

  • Creation
  • A wealth of Inner Peace
  • Linguistic Flexibility
  • The relevance of the description in the Native language.

We have taken care of such Freedom so that everyone does what he pleases!

Read, Edit, Improve!

How to Edit Light Novel Novels, Ranobe and Manga?

To edit, just press the button to enable editing mode – in the photo below.

Edit Light Novel Novels, Ranobe and Manga

After clicking the edit button, a button for editing a specific paragraph will appear next to each paragraph.

Edit Light Novel Novels, Ranobe and Manga

After you have chosen which paragraph to edit and clicked on the button, the editor itself will open.

Edit Light Novel Novels, Ranobe and Manga

In the text editing field, you can correct whatever you see fit and then send the text for moderation – Green button.

If you mistakenly select the wrong paragraph – Red button to cancel.

After sending the text – the text is moderated, after which it appears on the site. Moderation takes place in the morning, evening and during the day – you won’t have to wait long.

Replacement of names and foreign words :

There is a tool for mass replacement – change in edit mode.

  • names
  • cultivation levels
  • sect names
  • places
  • weapons and items
  • much more …

It is enough to change one name to another several times (if this occurs 5 or more times) – we will replace the incorrect name, or title, or term in the whole Novel.

Or write in the comments of the chapter itself what needs to be replaced en masse in the whole Novella (“WHAT” exactly replace it with “WHAT”) and we will replace…


You can write anything and how you want, observing generally accepted standards of Morality and Ethics.

It is clear that in various short stories there are obscene expressions – please close some of them with asterisks – it will be more colorful 🙂

Any Links and “Advertising” in the text will not reach the moderator – they are removed Automatically.

The main idea was that if a book, for example, is read by 100 people, and in a book, for example, 1,500 chapters – one person needs to put 15 chapters in order, at first minor flaws like the gender of the main characters – he, she, have, has, etc. The text will become clearer. And when the text is all clear and without jambs – the time comes for Creativity – you can give it an artistic look that will delight everyone. 

I myself read and edit… The “EDITOR” itself was initially conceived as a tool for my own use, but the result is something more...

Thank you all and enjoy the editing!

If you have any wishes for the EDITORs functionality, you can write them in the comments below.

19 Chapter Messages | All comments for this Novella:

  1. I haven’t found a novel called “The Kingdom’s Bloodline” on this site. Is it possible to add it? The first 580 chapters are officially translated, while after that the rest is MTL.

    Pretty please?

  2. Suggestion:

    You could make something like a “trusted member”, who can edit without going through the moderation step? Or has access to more powerful tools?

  3. Hi! The end of the 2875 chapter is missing…(what happened at the wedding night. It wasn’t so “spicy” to take it out.)
    I read on another webside, but this translation is better apart from that . Thanks! 🙂

    1. Write in the comments of the novella itself. I can’t see which novella is missing a chapter… Thank you!

  4. Hello here again
    Please in Bringing the farm to another world can you change ” Zhao ” to ” Zhao Hai ” cause it is the character’s
    name people like me who have been ( no offence ) reading on other sites and it makes me uncomfortable.
    Also related to my previous comment please change ” head of the wood clan” to ” Zhao hai ” and if it is not too much trouble also check the gender pronouns it really gets on my nerves and ruins the reading experience.

  5. hello i found about this site today and really love the whole idea about the editor.

    in Bringing the farm to live in another world i want to change ” Head of the Buda clan” with ” Zhao Hai ” everywhere because it is easier to read and just makes more sense to say the name of the main character instead of his position as the head of his family.

  6. Actualmente me encuentro leyendo ( OMNISCIENT READER’S VIEWPOINT en Español ) hasta donde yo he leído puedo decir con seguridad que aquí en esta pagina es donde la traducción tiene más coherencia, aunque también tienen ciertos errores que me gustaría corregir, actualmente me encuentro en la capítulo ( 21 ), comento esto ya que tal vez sea una molestia tener que ver cada edición de mi parte, pero no deben preocuparse, seré totalmente profesional en el nivel ortográfico.

  7. Amazing,I really am more and more amazed by this site. After so long today I got to know that there is a feature to edit wrong text.I will invite my friends to use this site for reading . Most of them will be happy

  8. Hi, I just wanted to ask how to change the name of a character for the entire series…

    In FFF-Class Trashhero, I want to replace the name “spirit addict” to “drug spirit” (more playful and makes more sense). Btw I don’t want to change “first spirit” since that is used correctly…

    Not sure how I will hear back… maybe by email?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Thank you Albert for joining our team and making the novels better! We’ll be making changes shortly …

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