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  1. could you add Become a concubine in one night: Your Highness,please love deeply, i would like to edit in english.

  2. Could you please add more chapters for reincarnation Paradise (轮回乐园) there is about 4000 more chapters since it’s last been updated.

  3. Hola buenos días tardes o noches.
    Podrían poner la novela “Way of the Devil” me gustaría leerla por aquí

  4. Hola buenas, quisiera saber si podrían poner la novela “I Just Won’t Play By The Book” me gustaría leerla por aquí, no me importa si la traducen en ingles me encanta leer en esta pagina

  5. First I wanna Thank Goblinsguide for its wonderful service . I asked for novel (asending the heaven as evil god) and it was posted in a week that was amazing but the translation was not good it was a little disappointment I am reading from Goblinsguide for 2 year but that was worst translation I have seen in Goblinsguide maybe coz that novel was added in hurry anyway.
    I want “Lord of Glory”(荣光之主) to be added soon too . Thank You

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Our translation often depends on the literacy of the authors themselves.
      We have an Editor for improving texts in own language.
      Join in editing and make improvements to texts for each other…

  6. hi i wanted to suggest a japanese web novel since i have seen very little otome on the site.

    this is the original name of the novel.


    (The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower)

    I would be very excited if they add it since the novel is a few years old but the translations are stagnating.

  7. Hi Devs,
    Thanks a lot for your MTL site.

    You should be able to translate the novels that have been dropped, such as
    “The Path Toward Heaven” (大道朝天) from Mao Ni and
    “A World Worth Protecting” (三寸人间) from Er Gen, these novels have many fans, but the translators discarded them arbitrarily.
    Thanks in advance…

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