VERSATILE MAGE / Quanzhi Fashi / 全职法师 / versatile mage novel / Full Time Mage

He woke up in his familiar world, which has changed a lot.

His school became a school of magic, which encourages everyone to become powerful magicians.

Outside the city, many monsters roam.

The world of science and technology has turned into a world of magic! Despite this, his ambitions and position in society did not change. He was the scum of a society with a disabled sister who can’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found out that all people can control only one magic element, but not he, he is subject to more!

Light Novel Quanzhi Fashi / VERSATILE MAGE novel

Mo Fan woke up and traveled to the magical world. Entered Tianlan Magic High School to study and awakened the Thunder Element and Fire Element. When he was about to graduate from high school, he had a magical duel with Yu Ang and successfully defeated Yu Ang and obtained the qualification to practice in the Holy Spring.

After Bo City was designed and destroyed by the Black Holy See, Mo Fan was successfully admitted to the Pearl Academy. Later, Dean Xiao recommended joining the exchange student to participate in the Imperial Capital Academy competition, and in the academy experience, he smashed the blood and got the blood of the demon. After the side effects of the demon system subsided, Mo Fan responded to Tang Yue’s request to protect the totem black snake in the molting stage.

After entering the main campus of Mingzhu, Mo Fan was transferred to the Fire Campus. After that, with Zhao Man Yan, Zhang Xiao Hou, Ye Xinxia, and others, they went to Northern Burning Valley to look for Flame Belle, and accidentally discovered the ghost woman’s conspiracy.

To save the high school friend Zhang Xiahou, he gave up the nomination contest for the goverment’s national competition and went to the ancient capital and jumped into the dark abyss to foil the Black Vatican’s plan of destroy the Ancient Capital.

During the national tournament experience, Mo Fan once quit the national team and temporarily returned to China to accompany Mu Ningxue as a defender of National Trainin Hall, destroying a black Vatican branch during the period.

On the eve of the National Palace Tournament, Astraea cheated Mo Fan a large sum of money and took him to Tyrantt Mountain to pick the soul-seed of the best realm-Tyrantt Wild Thunder, but Astraea ventured to investigate the existence of the Black Dragon Emperor

. In the contest for the treasures of the Academy, Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue teamed up the “Fanxue Pirates Group”. Later, the British Grand Duke Irene joined, and the three won many resources.

In the World University Competition, with Mo Fan’s efforts, the Chinese team finally won first place and won the praise of the Parthenon.

After the praise of the gods, after hearing that Ye Xinxia “killed” Panija and was found to be living with the soul of Salan, facing a sentence (it has been proved to be a conspiracy by Izisha), Mo Fan went to the Parthenon and killed the god of death to rescue Xin Xia.

After Yan Ji was resurrected by Ye Xinxia, ​​she was reborn in the Taklimakan Desert. At the same time, Mo Fan discovered Shi Qianshou’s conspiracy and successfully solved it.

Afterward, at the request of the Speaker of the House of Assembly Shao Zheng, he went to search for the totem beasts sleeping in mainland China, to prepare for future ocean disasters.


Associated Names

  • ADM
  • All-Duties Mage
  • Full-Time Magister
  • Quanzhi Fashi
  • Toàn Chức Pháp Sư
  • 全职法师


  • Chaos

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  1. the chapters are not showing up. from the chapter number 2845 onwards they have dissapeared.
    pleeeeease fix it

  2. cannot wait for new chapters but taking toooooo long, need to add bit more interesting stories and showing mofan acheivements and stuff.
    overall enjoyed the novel.

    1. they will be, but dont know when will update, author is now busying writing the new novel dragon tamer

  3. I love reading this, right now im planning to read the new writings of the author. But, i will be happy if the story of versitile mage will continue to wrote until next generation of full-time mages. My mind still thinking about the questions that impossible to be done. Like, what if the other monters/aliens or any villains from other planets will invade the earth? Will Mofan continue to fights for the sake of humanity? Will other Mages will be like Mofan who have guts to save the earth? Well, I’m just saying, hahaha thank you guys!! hope we are okey? Btw. for the owner of this website, thank you for your hardwork to share this amazing story for FREE… see you!

  4. Sería genial que el autor siguiera la historia y explicará como mi fan llegó de otro munde a el que estaba, y quien era el anciano que le otorgó al pequeño loach, y porque a el

  5. When will versatile mage chapter 3133 will be posted please Post it fast ,I can’t wait to read it .

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