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Chapter 9: Kill without mercy

After killing Aso North Sword, Li Yuanba swung his hammer and shouted: “Run in and capture the royal family!”

After that, he rushed into the palace hall first.

Tens of thousands of soldiers in the reincarnation of Xiancheng followed Li Yuanba’s back and flooded into the palace hall like a tide. Wherever they passed, corpses were everywhere.

Ten minutes later, the emperor waved his flag and surrendered, and many royal families including the emperor were all arrested.

At this time, the world announcement sounded again.

“Ding, Ye Chen, the great hussar general of the Han Empire, occupied the Zhepan Capital.”

The world announcement was repeated three times, shaking the entire World Channel.

“Fuck! We won so soon? It’s incredible!”

“Hahaha, I don’t think the bandits will be wiped out one day, it’s so happy!”

“These thieves are as arrogant as they want to go to heaven on weekdays. I didn’t expect to be wiped out by King Ye You today. It seems that King Ye You is really awesome!”

“I guessed it a long time ago. As long as we, King Ye You, squeeze the thief to death, it’s as easy as squeezing a handful of ants.”

“By the way, I heard that the emperor of the dog sun was arrested, and I don’t know. What did Ye Youwang plan to do with them.”

“Nonsense, the Emperor of Dogri must be going to kill him. If it were me, I would definitely make him unable to survive, but to die. Pay the price for previous aggression.”

“Yes! Let the emperor know that our Great Eastern is not easy to mess with! Must be paid for by blood! Otherwise, I am the first to disagree!”

At the same time when the World Channel was going viral, an urgent report was passed on the Great Hall of the Han Dynasty.


The soldier knelt on his knees, clasping his fists in his hands and said: “The emperor, there is a battle report from the front. We have a great victory. The millions of soldiers on the bank were wiped out by King Ye You. Even the capital city was destroyed by King Ye You. Catch hundreds of royal families along with the emperor.”

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Liu Hong heard the words and said with great joy: “King Ye You deserves to be the hussar general of my Han Dynasty, and in just a half day’s effort, he can wipe out the folds. This is the fortune of the Han Dynasty, my blessed general. !”

“Congratulations, your majesty, expand your territory, and be blessed!”

The ministers all knelt down and said in the same voice.

“The ministers were flat.”

Liu Hong waved his sleeves and said loudly: “Proclaim my will, reduce taxes by 30% across the country, and congratulate everyone! In addition, I will send tens of thousands of cattle and sheep to King Ye You, and I will personally reward millions of soldiers!”


The ministers heard the words and said, “My emperor, Sage!””

The speed of message transmission has always been very fast. When the Han Dynasty celebrated the entire nation of Ye You, King Ye You’s conquest of the Zhanpan Capital, the Indonesia, Nanguo, Tianzhu Kingdom, and Citigroup who received the news were all shocked. There was a lot of discussion in Kunouchi.

“Unbelievable! Zhepan was actually lost in the middle of the Han Dynasty flipping hands. I thought that it would be the Han Dynasty that would eventually be lost. What I never expected was that in the end, I would steal the rice from the bank, and even I would catch it. In just half a day, I was completely wiped out. It seems that the strength of the Han Dynasty cannot be underestimated.”

“Yes, our country of Tianzhu had mobilized heavy troops to go to the border of the Han Dynasty. I wanted to wait for the power of the fishermen to gather the fishermen when the Han Dynasty and the Zhepan river clam were fighting. What happened was that, in the end, Zhanbian didn’t even cross the border of the big man, and was counterattacked all the way into the mainland by the big man, breaking the capital in one fell swoop, and the country was destroyed!”

“Who said no? Damn, we are still in Indonesia. We wanted to take advantage of the great man’s crisis to get some benefits. I didn’t expect the great man to have nothing to do. When we were destroyed, if we knew that, we might as well send soldiers and big men to attack the discount bank, and we would definitely make a lot of money.”

“Don’t force it, Zhepan was so powerful that it was wiped out by the great hussar general Ye Youwang. Where can our small countries compete with the Han dynasty, everyone should hurry up. The big man becomes a minister, pay tribute every year!”

“Yes, yes, now Zhepan has been wiped out. If we no longer claim tribute to our subjects, our countries will definitely be wiped out next. Don’t say anything, our country will send people to the big man now!”

Ye Chen, who is in the Xiancheng City of Reincarnation, naturally did not expect that this victory would indirectly lead the countries around the Han Dynasty to pay tribute to the court, but what he thinks more is the addition of luck.

Soon, the system rang out with a crisp sound.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen for getting 40% luck!”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen’s brows frowned.

Now that Zhepan has been wiped out, and 10% of her luck, Ye Chen has obtained 80% of her luck. Where did the 20% luck go?

Is the remaining 20% ​​luck in Xu Fu’s body, and only if you kill Xu Fu will you get the last 20% luck?

It should be

Thinking of this, Ye Chen became more and more sure of this inference.

After all, Xu Fu is the hidden big BOSS, and only by destroying Xu Fu, the ultimate big BOSS, can he get all of them. Luck.

Thinking about this, Ye Chen immediately looked at Xu Fu, who had been locked in by divine sense, and then smiled coldly.

Can you escape this disaster if you escape to Mount Fuji? It’s ridiculous!

Just as Ye Chen was about to leave for Mount Fuji, Li Yuanba’s urgent report came:

“All 103 members of the royal family, including the Emperor, were arrested, and asked for what to do.”

Hearing Li Yuanba’s urgent report, Ye Chen thought about the invasion of the East by the bandits back then. His eyes flashed, the cold light shone, and the decisive order:

“No mercy!”

When they invaded the East, none of these thieves had done a good job, and the main brains were those of the royal family. Now, if you captured these royal family members, why did Ye Chen stay to raise the tiger if he didn’t kill? Is it troublesome?

Don’t say it is too cruel, the war is so cruel. If Ye Chen loses today, Ye Chen has every reason to believe that these thieves will also kill him mercilessly.

“Yes! I will do it at the end.”

Li Yuanba took the order and immediately slaughtered all 103 members of the royal family, including the Emperor, and then looted them The national treasury moved all the treasures and money back to the reincarnation city of Xiancheng.

After killing all the members of the royal family and evacuating the Zhepan Treasury, Ye Chen stopped staying and ordered the generals to clean up the mess and came to Mount Fuji alone.

Xu Fuhun reveals the weirdness. Ye Chen believes that ordinary soldiers can hardly harm Xu Fu to a certain extent. Now only by himself can he kill Xu Fu on Mount Fuji in one fell swoop. In the last 20% of Qi Luck, he won the Nether Scepter.

Of course, besides the Nether Scepter, Ye Chen believes that Xu Fu, who has lived for thousands of years, must have many unexpected treasures on his body.


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Chapter 9: Kill without mercy – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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