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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 679 A fiery sword! Read Novel

Chapter 679 A fiery sword! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 679 A fiery sword! VERSATILE MAGE

Flames circled around. The brown-red and bright scarlet flames succeeded each other, cutting off their borders.

Mo Fan’s fist vibrated a little, he no longer remembered what time it would blow a raging flame from his fist, with the same cultivation level, the energy of the nebula of the element of fire would have already exhausted itself long ago!

The Little Flame Belle still had not left the body of Mo Fan, which enabled him to use her power.

Let him and killed an entire mountain of skeletons, but even so, it looked as if the ranks of their army had not thinned a drop. Mo Fan looked up and saw that even if he uses high-level magic, it is still lost in white knuckles.

This time a dozen phalanxes of skeletons came closer and closer, and in each of them there were fifty to sixty fighters!

It’s not clear how these skeletons turned out, everyone had a skull of an adult, and a heavy bone ball grew on their ridge, which apparently to take off, in addition, it was connected by bone chains hanging from the shoulders, and it is with them that they wield in battle, waving a braid yanym ball around them!

One or two of the skeleton with the kernel does not represent a great danger, but five or six hundred of these skeletons, waving a bony ball can then outweigh the outcome of the battle in their favor.

Mo Fan and the Flame Belle had already destroyed thousands of undead that were not far from them, now these skeletons with nuclei appeared in front of them, around which white weighty bone balls flew with a whistle!

Mo Fan exhaled heavily and rushed to meet ten squads of skeletons built in the phalanx.

Having a Little Flame Belle inside, Mo Fan could leave a trail of fire behind him

He rushed forward, and a fiery whirlwind followed him, Mo Fan seemed to saddle it, and it pushed him with tremendous force!

Having overtaken the first skeleton of the skeletons with the core, Mo Fan suddenly jumped, and rained down on them several dozen small fireballs, which, in impact, merged into a huge block of fire!

* Whistle *

A block of fire flew to the ground, leaving a stunning tail of fire behind it. all over the earth!

* Rumble! *

The next second, a lump of fire scattered shards in all directions, and the shock wave of fire spread around Mo Fan, dropping everything x skeletons that fell beneath it!

The fragments and the shock wave were just a prelude to the power of the fire block, the real force was in the lake of fire formed.

The raging flame followed the shock wave, instantly scattering a few tens of meters, then hundreds of meters, and the skeletons of the servant level instantly burned, it was enough for them to approach the lake of fire by a meter!

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Mo Fan still fought very little in conjunction with the Little Flame Belle, but he understood that if the Little Flame Belle at such a childhood could do similar damage, not inferior to the power of the fiery witch, and besides, he himself is not very good to use her power, then what will happen next when she can fully use call your body.

But now you can’t count on much, burnout is very fast, and you have to use secondary sources of energy, and Mo Fan’s body is not able to withstand this full power!


* Boo! *

Only after destroying one phalanx of skeletons, others immediately began to surround from all sides, they randomly waved bone balls, sometimes dropping them to the ground with a noise.

Mo Fan dodged the blows of bone balls, he had to keep moving all the time, because his snake chain mail is absolutely useless against this type of weapon, and hitting it will be enough to crush the bones.

Into the shade!

Mo Fan quickly went into the shade, and separating it, carried away.

Skeletons possessed some kind of intelligence, and having lost their goal, they immediately began to hammer balls on the ground.

Mo Fan was naturally motionless, after he separated the shadow and carried away, he noticed that furious skeletons with nuclei crowded in one place and there were just a bunch of them!

This situation was too cruel, and the ordinary magician would not survive in it at all.

Destroy them all!

Thoughts of Mo Fan and the Flame Belle that entered it, they were similar, she collected all the raging flames, and gave Mo Fan the opportunity to change his appearance and form.

Mo Fan realized that fire rose or a fire threat flame is not capable of moving on its own, the magician can only, using the stars, create fire magic that matches them, but the little Flame Belle is an elemental being, therefore able to control his element with thought, the source of the Flame Belle’s flame is limited, but now the new fire galaxy of Mo Fan gave him a tremendous amount of magical energy, literally saturating it with the energy of the elements!

Flaming sword!

Mo Fan only thought, though he did not know exactly what he needed to do, he only pushed the elemental galaxy with it.

A spark lit a bright flame, dancing frantically, accumulated in front of Mo Fan, with time becoming higher and higher! flaming sword!

Throughout the blade of the sword a blinding flame played, the blood-red color of a fiery rose. On top of the sword were visible fire patterns of dark maroon color, as if obtained from the flame of a fire threat

Destroy them!

The roar came from the shadow of Mo Fan, and the fiery sword whistled toward the skeletons with the cores.

The power of the fiery sword was great, its flame simply wiped the skeletons off the face of the earth, instantly burning them

The fiery sword left behind only scorched earth, on which cadaverous crystals were visible that supported the bones.

Those skeletons with nuclei that stood far away also did not survive, they were all surrounded by flame, too dying after their final death for a few more minutes!


A short exposure on the levels of magic.

Levels of magic 5: initial (初阶), medium (中 阶), high (高阶), high (超 阶 / 高强) and spells (禁咒) (something beyond the standard magic system). It is divided into four types: elemental, white, dark (black) and change. Demonization, until recently, was not part of black magic on the Chinese wiki. By cultivation, a standard magician can develop 3 levels of each element of magic of primary and secondary levels, then only with the help of souls. Each level has its own way of creating the type of composition of the stars and their number, for example, for higher-level magic, a star galaxy is created from seven star clouds, during the composition of which high-level magic is formed.

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