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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 737 Return to the Shore Read Novel

Chapter 737 Return to the Shore VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 737 Return to the Shore VERSATILE MAGE

The poison poison grotto / bee sting * spell (mid-level magic of the poison element) can be called all-pervasive. Hiding in a wind disk, magic penetrated the wound of a red cracking monster. At first, he did not feel anything, and only after the monster there was a feeling that thousands of small particles were biting his gut then he realized that it was a poisonous effect!

The bee’s sting is a very specific spell. These little bees no matter what level a creature, servant or ruler belongs to, having penetrated an open wound, they make it start to decompose! The poison was so powerful that even the scaly cuirass could not bear it!

This monster, of course, was smart, but he was far from the cunning magicians. Guan Yu and Zu Jiming together used their magic, which had already begun to act. Now even medium-level magic could inflict serious damage on the monster.

Shadow spikes: sting!

Li Kaifeng took the next task: six shadow spikes flew into the monster’s body!

The red cracking monster cleverly dodged, and these spikes pierced a piece of ice.

The monster’s eyes suddenly turned extremely red, and the water below seemed to start moving.

Then the water began to form a wave, the monster roared loudly, controlling this water.

After my spiritual torture, can he still control the water? Asked Ai Jiang Tu.

The red crackling monster now didn’t pay much attention to magicians, since he had already suffered from them.

His huge body fell down onto the ice, which immediately split. The monster was in the rushing water. He sailed deeply, so that even his silhouette could not be seen.

Choi Xu, who was considered a strongman in water battles, wanted to rush after the monster, but Ai Jiang Tu stopped him.

Don’t go down into the water, he is definitely waiting for this, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Choi Xu just nodded his head, stopping his urge to rush after the monster.

Did he run away? asked Zu Jimin.

Probably the way it is, we

Zhao Man Yan had not yet managed to finish, as a huge shadow appeared over Mo Fan!

* Knock *

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Everyone turned their heads and saw a tornado breaking through the ice, rushing towards Mo Fan.

This attack was unexpected, no one had time to prepare, so there was no one to give Mo Fan protection either.

But Mo Fan was not weak either, and sensing something was amiss, he immediately resorted to shadow magic.

The monster, realizing that his attack failed, threw his evil gaze at Mo Fan, who was already forty meters from the previous place.

This monster of the level of ruler was eager for revenge! He had not forgotten the nine-dragons falling fist that tore his protective cuirass which was why his first target was Mo Fan! Mo Fan was very fast, otherwise this tornado would simply turn it into mincemeat!

Have the courage not to blame it! Mo Fan cursed, pointing at the head of the monster with his hand.

Purple lightning appeared from nowhere, and, sparkling in the air, fell on the head of a cracking monster.

The monster quickly flipped over, and lightnings struck the place where until recently there was a sea monster.

Mo Fan did not hide: here they were a whole team. Very soon, the magic of wind, lightning, fire, ice and stone surrounded the monster. Although he tried to hide, many wounds appeared on his body.

Seeing that even more powerful magic was falling on him, a cracking monster hastened to sail away, using his tornado to drill ice.

Even through the ice, the monster could easily follow everything that happens on the surface, waiting for a convenient opportunity.

* Rumble *

Again there was a loud sound now the monster decided to attack Zu Jimin, who used his poisonous magic against him. It’s good that Zhao Man Yan and Nan Jue managed to quickly react and release protective magic in the direction of the guy, he still had his protective armor on. However, Zu Jimin was still seriously hurt.

* Rumble*

While everyone was busy with the injuries of Zu Jimin, the monster attacked again, breaking through the ice. Now he turned his sharp claws towards Nan Jue.

Nan Jue managed to dodge, but there were deep scratches on her forearm, from which blood was now oozing.

This the monster is too cunning! He does not attack us openly! Guan Yu was indignant.

We must annoy him, but for a start let’s all go back to the boat, otherwise the number of wounded will grow rapidly, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Destroying a creature at the level of ruler is not so easy. He swam underwater, looking for opportunities to attack stealthily, and then again went into the water. No one dared to rush into the water after him, because in his natural environment he would definitely kill them all!

The magicians who destroyed all the sea monsters, now could not figure out the last of them the one that was higher level.

Zu Jimin was seriously injured, and upon returning to the boat Nan Rongni immediately began to treat him with healing magic.

The wound on the forearm of Nan Jue was terrifying however, the girl herself was so adamant that, even bleeding, she warned everyone that the monster could still attack.

-. Please go back to the city Bird! commanded Ai Jiang Tu.


The red cracking monster is very cruel and vindictive in nature. Returning to the lair and discovering that we have killed all the sea monsters, he will definitely decide to take revenge on us! said Mu Ning Xue.

Now we are retreating. Let’s hope that he will be forced to take revenge on our land, the only way we can defeat him! said Ai Jiang Tu.

That’s right, here we have no chance to defeat him.

Can he really penetrate the Bird City for revenge? What will happen to the residents then? asked Nan Jue.

This is unlikely. The fact that they eat human babies suggests that these monsters somehow found holes in the city’s security borders. Let’s wait while Jiang Yu explores this issue and finds these holes. We will sit right at these holes and wait until the monster pecks on the hook.

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